Sean Hannity hit Mitt Romney with this warning. No one could believe what happened next.

Never-Trump ringleader Mitt Romney believes this is his moment.

John Bolton stabbing the President in the back created an opening for Romney to extend the impeachment witch hunt to try and get rid of Donald Trump.

But then Sean Hannity hit Mitt Romney with this warning. No one could believe what happened next.

After the leak about John Bolton’s book claiming the President told Bolton about a quid pro quo involving Ukrainian military aid, Romney seized on this development to demand Bolton and other witnesses testify.

This would extend the impeachment witch hunt by weeks or even months.

Trump haters like Romney secretly desire this outcome because they see the President’s re-election prospects brightening and they hope a longer trial with damaging witness testimony will cripple Trump’s re-election bid.

Sean Hannity saw right through this scheme.

During a recent broadcast, Hannity took Romney to task for collaborating with the Democrats to sell out the President.

“I liked Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney I think would’ve been a great president in 2012. He was the better person to be president. I thought I was friends with Mitt Romney. I don’t recognize this guy anymore. Another one. He has been a huge disappointment,” Hannity began.

Hannity said that since Trump became President, Romney became a different man.

“I’m not today recognizing the guy that I thought I knew,” Hannity stated.

“This sanctimonious Trump hatred is getting old, especially as you watch the president accomplishing everything you said, Mitt Romney, you wanted to have happened in the country,” Hannity explained.

Hannity went on to stick the knife in claiming that Romney’s “personal hatred for Donald Trump” was leading Romney to betray his President, his party, and his voters.

Finally, Hannity put a challenge to Mitt Romney: if Romney hated President Trump so much why doesn’t he campaign for Joe Biden.

“Why don’t you go out and campaign for Quid or Pro or Quo Joe?”

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