Sean Hannity hit Republicans with one doomsday warning that left viewers stunned into silence

All hell broke loose on the first day of the new Congress.

The GOP broke out into Civil War.

Sean Hannity hit Republicans with one doomsday warning that left viewers stunned into silence.

Conservatives in the House of Representatives banded together and blocked Kevin McCarthy from winning election as the Speaker of the House.

The members opposed to McCarthy pushed for a package of rules changes that would empower conservatives to have a greater say in shaping the policy direction and legislative strategy of the new GOP majority.

But McCarthy rejected the conservatives’ offer, instead preferring to keep power vested in the Swamp.

On his Fox News Channel show that night, Sean Hannity attacked the conservatives opposing McCarthy as threatening to turn the Republican-led Congress into a clown show.

“It is day one of the 188th [sic, 118th] Congress, and House Republicans now are on the verge of becoming a total clown show if they’re not careful,” Hannity stated. “But despite the cheering and elation from Democrats and the mob and the media, it’s not a dire situation – yet.”

Hannity slammed the conservatives opposed to McCarthy for supporting Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House even though he announced he would vote for McCarthy.

“Many of them are pushing for Congressman Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House,” Hannity added. “But Jim Jordan is already supporting McCarthy.”

Hannity then tried to claim McCarthy was a great ally of the MAGA movement and begged conservatives to drop their objections to him.

“Now, tonight I’m putting aside my frustration, but for those of you still worried about supporting McCarthy, I want you to consider this tonight,” Hannity continued. “Sometimes you have to think through politics. Now, McCarthy has already publicly laid out his Commitment to America plan. That is exactly the America-first, MAGA agenda that so many of you I know like.”

Hannity then tried to claim the conservatives opposed to McCarthy had no policy or ideological objection to him as Speaker of the House.

“I continue to ask the holdouts over and over again, what is it you’re looking for?” Hannity stated. “What would help you better serve your constituents at home? I’ve asked many of these members for weeks about this and I rarely got an answer. I mostly got radio silence, a lot of crickets.”

This is not true.

Conservatives laid out a list of demands on rule changes and committee assignments that would shift the balance of power from the Swamp to the grassroots.

McCarthy said no.

And viewers were surprised to see Hannity taking McCarthy’s side.

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