Sean Hannity just called out this huge vote-by-mail scandal that will have you seeing red

Americans expect free and fair elections that run smoothly with votes counted in a timely manner.

But now all hell is breaking loose.

And Sean Hannity just called out this huge vote-by-mail scandal that will have you seeing red.

More than a week after the Pennsylvania Primary, and there is still no declared winner in the GOP contest.

Celebrity TV doctor and Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz leads Wall Street hedge fund executive David McCormick by less than 1,000 votes.

Although the best estimates are that there are not enough votes out for McCormick to overcome Dr. Oz’s lead, the state has not counted all the mail-in ballots and doesn’t even have a clear count as to how many remain.

On Monday night, Sean Hannity – who pushed Donald Trump to endorse the very left-wing Dr. Oz – blasted the state of Pennsylvania for being unable to count votes in a timely manner.

Hannity compared Pennsylvania to other Western democracies that count votes for Presidential elections in a single day.

“Now, major democracies all over the world are able to produce nationwide results in a single night when they have tens of millions of people voting, but apparently not Pennsylvania. Now, recently, France determined a winner in their runoff Presidential election in less than 24 hours, despite over 32 million votes being cast. Last year, Canada managed to confirm the results countrywide during a single day in what was a very close election. And in 2016, it took the United Kingdom, oh, about a day to get the final results there during the Brexit referendum, despite 33.5 million votes cast in that election,” Hannity stated.

Hannity blamed the problem on a 2019 law the legislature passed creating no-excuse mail-in-voting, which he demonstrated was patently unconstitutional.

“But now it’s taking the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, what, days? Six days, maybe weeks, to count around a million votes in a Senate primary. So what’s happening here? How did we get to this point? Oh, for starters, the state’s widespread mail-in voting is a big problem. Now, in 2019, Pennsylvania did pass a new law allowing no-excuse mail-in voting, which, by the way, and interestingly, violates that state’s Constitution. The Constitution is very clear on this. Rather than go through the arduous process of having a Constitutional amendment, which is harder than passing a law,” Hannity added.

Hannity noted that the Pennsylvania state Constitution explicitly banned the practice of no-excuse mail-in-voting.

“In fact, the state’s Constitution explicitly states that absentee voting is only allowed, quote, in the event that a person’s duties, occupation or business require them to be elsewhere, or who, on the occurrence of any election are unable to attend at their proper polling places because of illness or physical disability, or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance of a religious holiday, or who cannot vote because of Election Day duties in the case of a county employee,” Hannity told viewers.

Pennsylvania will once again be one of the key states in the 2024 Presidential election.

And the legislature must fix this vote-counting mess so Americans can have confidence in the outcome.

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