Sean Hannity just revealed who can remove Vladimir Putin from power

As Russia escalates its invasion of Ukraine, Americans are wondering how this all ends.

There is one solution.

And Sean Hannity just revealed who can remove Vladimir Putin from power.

Russia entered war crimes territory by using cluster bombs to shell Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

These cluster bombs reportedly killed 11 people, including a six-year old girl.

Sean Hannity used this atrocity as a jumping off point to call for the Russian military to oust Putin from power.

“All eyes are on Ukraine as a bloody new chapter of war appears to be unfolding right before our very eyes now,” Hannity stated. “Civilians are directly in Russia’s crosshairs now.”

Hannity showed the clip of a dead child and urged Russian soldiers to stop taking orders from Putin.

“Her blood is on Vladimir Putin’s hands. So my question to the Russian soldiers tonight, following Putin’s orders and waging this war on civilians and even children — is this the legacy you want for your life? Is this worth it?” Hannity added.

Hannity slammed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as immoral and an affront to decency everywhere.

“Do you have the courage to stand up against this naked aggression against innocent men, women, and children?” Hannity continued.

“Vladimir Putin killed that six-year-old girl. Vladimir Putin started this war. Vladimir Putin is a murdering thug who is willing to kill even children to satisfy his maniacal territorial ambitions,” Hannity implored.

Hannity then said the Russian military were the only ones who could remove Putin from power, as he effectively made himself czar and ended democracy in Russia.

“The Russian military will hear about shows like this. They need to stop taking orders from this murderer. They need to take him out,” Hannity declared.

Hannity stated that since the invasion of Ukraine crossed a line, Putin should no longer be in charge of Russia.

“The world needs to agree that Putin should no longer be running Russia. He’s a murdering, authoritarian thug — killing innocent civilians — and civilized countries need to agree that he must be removed sooner than later and by whatever means necessary,” Hannity exclaimed.

Will the military stage a coup to remove Putin?

There are reports that Russian soldiers were blindsided by the level of opposition from the Ukrainians, as government and military leaders falsely claimed the people would greet them as liberators.

But will the Russian military take the drastic step to oust Putin and put an end to this destructive conflict?

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