Sean Hannity proposed this jaw-dropping plan to take out Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated the largest land war in Europe since World War II with his invasion of Ukraine.

This raised the prospect of global thermonuclear war.

And Sean Hannity proposed this jaw-dropping plan to take out Vladimir Putin.

Sean Hannity is increasingly taking aim at removing President Vladimir Putin from office as a means to end this destructive conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

So far, Russia’s immoral invasion has led to tens of thousands of deaths and over one million refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Hannity previously implored Russian troops to stop following Putin’s orders and for the top brass to remove him from office via a military coup.

Now Hannity took his campaign to get rid of Putin to a new level.

On Wednesday night, Hannity declared that the United States should assassinate Putin, claiming that ordering an invasion against an “innocent country” was beyond the pale.

“It’s a simple rule in life. If you invade an innocent country and you kill women and children and men, you forfeit your right to lead a country and you forfeit your right to live. And I hope the people around Vladimir Putin take action sooner than later,” Hannity began.

Hannity admitted that it is currently against U.S. law to assassinate foreign leaders due to an executive order signed by former President Gerald Ford.

The United States operates under this principle for a very good reason.

America cannot lead the free world if it runs around killing foreign leaders.

Plus, doing so would also open U.S. leaders up to potential retaliation.

But Hannity believes the circumstances with Putin are worth revisiting Ford’s executive order.

“Now currently the U.S. operates under a decades-old executive order signed by [former President] Gerald Ford that prohibits the U.S. government employees from engaging in political assassinations. But my final question tonight is when it comes to Putin, is it now time to visit the rule? My rule I like better. New rule. You invade a sovereign country, you kill innocent men, women and children, you forfeit your right to run a country and you forfeit your life to live. It’s that simple,” Hannity added.

“Cut off the head of the snake, the snake dies,” Hannity concluded.

But there is another risk involved.

It could further inflame tensions past the point of no return, especially if the attempt fails and Putin retaliates with a nuclear strike.

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