Sean Hannity revealed a bombshell scandal that will destroy the liberal media

The liberal media spent years smearing conservatives as anti-woman Neanderthals.

But now the truth is out in the public sphere.

And Sean Hannity revealed a bombshell scandal that will destroy the liberal media.

Meghan McCain left her job as co-host of The View with more than two years remaining on her contract.

At the time, McCain blamed motherhood and the difficulties in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as to why she wanted to move from New York City – where The View is filmed – to Washington, D.C.

But in an interview with Sean Hannity, McCain revealed the ugly truth about her departure.

McCain explained that the workplace culture at The View was toxic as Leftist co-hosts like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg mistreated her in private and their disagreements spilled out into often-times contentious on-air fights.

But McCain said this was not unique to The View as the entirety of the corporate media sneered at conservative women for not toeing the left-wing line.

“It’s all very personal. Being a conservative woman in mainstream media is deeply threatening. Being a woman who can hold her own on a show like that is ultimately threatening, so it became more and more personal the stronger the show got,” said McCain.

“I felt like the more successful I was on The View… the worse it got for me backstage, and then ultimately it started spilling out on-air,” McCain added.

McCain was also a Never-Trumper who did not vote for President Trump in large part due to Trump’s feud with her father, the late Senator John McCain.

But even being a Never-Trumper won McCain no favors at The View.

McCain stated that because she is pro-life and never voted for Barack Obama, her liberal cohosts couldn’t stand the fact that she intruded on their turf.

In reality, Leftists treat the mainstream media as their domain and they will not tolerate anyone encroaching on their territory who actually holds conservative viewpoints and will challenge the Democrat Party narrative.

So much for the party of diversity and tolerance.

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