Sean Hannity revealed one record Joe Biden just set that will enrage every American

Joe Biden was hoping no one would notice.

That turned out to be a fool’s errand.

And Sean Hannity revealed one record Joe Biden just set that will enrage every American.

Sean Hannity told his viewers that on Joe Biden’s watch, and for the first time in history, America recorded over two-million illegal aliens crossing the border in one year.

This year’s number of border crossings broke the previous year’s record of 1.7 million.

“But we begin with a new record for the Biden administration this year. I guess it’s time to celebrate if you’re pro-open borders, because for the first time in U.S. history, we have now reported over two-million illegal immigrant crossings at our southern border. Breaking, by the way, last year’s record high of 1.7 million,” Hannity stated.

Hannity explained that Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his border czar in March of 2021 only to see her refuse to do her job and make just one quick visit to El Paso.

“In other words, after vowing to address the root causes of mass illegal immigration. Well, and appointing his Vice President as border czar, the crisis has become even worse than you can believe. Now, apparently, Kamala only took one trip to the southern border, which really wasn’t where things were happening. Just a quick trip through El Paso just last year. That was truly not enough to put this in perspective. More illegal immigrants are now pouring across this border than at the time of this video. Take a look at that video,” Hannity added.

Harris claimed she was given this task to only address the root cause of illegal immigration.

But what Harris refuses to admit is that the root cause of illegal immigration is Joe Biden opening the border by rolling back Donald Trump’s successful immigration policies.

Hannity also slammed Biden for abandoning illegal aliens in makeshift tent cities living under bridges.

Ron DeSantis flying illegal aliens to the wealth community of Martha’s Vineyard followed by the military promptly arriving to eject them to a nearby detention facility showed that leftists really do not want to live with the consequences of their support for open borders and unchecked illegal immigration.

“Remember that video now that shows thousands in these makeshift camps under a bridge in Del Rio? Maybe Martha’s Vineyard could set up a few areas in that beautiful island for people that need help. They’re so open-minded and they believe in sanctuary status. And they have a sign all over the place that says ‘We welcome immigrants,’” Hannity concluded.

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