Sean Hannity said one thing about Bill Clinton that left jaws on the ground

Sean Hannity and Bill Clinton have a political rivalry that goes back twenty-five years.

Now their feud took a surprising turn.

And Sean Hannity said one thing about Bill Clinton that left jaws on the ground.

News broke late on Thursday that former President Bill Clinton entered the hospital to receive treatment for a non-COVID related infection.

By all accounts, Clinton’s life was not in danger and the former President is recovering.

Sean Hannity covered the story on his Fox News program and wished former President Clinton a speedy return to full health.

“We wish the President well, we obviously have political differences,” Hannity told viewers.

Hannity could not resist getting a dig in at the expense of the Left, who decides who is worthy of respect, dignity, and human life based on their political views.

“But unlike liberals, I actually care about human life,” Hannity continued.

Hannity then launched into a longer monologue about how he puts politics aside in matters of life and death, but cannot say the same for the Left.

“Why isn’t everybody happy that whatever protocol he used in conjunction with his own doctor, that he’s okay and healthy? How many times have I said I want every American in Afghanistan home, I don’t care what their politics are. If they’re coming home to get me fired full-time and work to get me fired full-time, I still want them home. If every liberal that gets covid wants to get well to get me fired because they don’t like my opinions, I still want them to get well. You don’t always see that from the Left. You can look at comments at different times and it’s pretty brutal out there. Especially people that are anonymous in their basement in their underwear,” Hannity concluded.

The latest example of the Left celebrating their political foes’ poor fortune is the disturbing trend in the corporate media of creating news stories out of conservatives who oppose mask and vaccine mandates and contract COVID and die.

Corporate media activists frame their headlines and coverage of these stories to convey to readers that conservatives who oppose Dr. Fauci’s tyrannical mask and vaccine mandates got what they deserve.

Sean Hannity showed how petty and despicable their behavior is with his gracious reaction to the news of former President Clinton entering the hospital.

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