Sean Hannity sent Robert Mueller a message that will leave you speechless

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against Donald Trump has dragged on for months.

But time is up.

Sean Hannity sent Mueller a message that will leave you speechless.

On a recent broadcast, Hannity delivered a firey monologue where he declared that the special counsel’s witch hunt against Trump was finished.

He referenced the memo put together by the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee that proved the investigation was fraud perpetrated by the Democrats.

The Hill reports:

“Fox News host Sean Hannity declared that the “witch hunt” against President Trump headed up by special counsel Robert Mueller is done in the wake of a memo circulating among lawmakers that reportedly details surveillance abuses by the U.S. government.

In the monologue of his show Thursday night, Hannity said that news of the memo, which has not yet been released publicly, was a major obstacle for Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“I have a message tonight for the special counsel, Robert Mueller,” Hannity said, opening his show. “Your witch hunt is now over. Time to close the doors.”

Hannity said Thursday that Fox News’s sources point to the alleged abuses committed under the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act program are “far bigger” than Watergate, the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon.

“Our sources are telling us that the abuse of power is far bigger than Watergate,” Hannity said. “Remember, Watergate was a third-rate break-in. What we’re talking about tonight is the systematic abuse of power, the weaponizing of those powerful tools of intelligence and the shredding of our Fourth Amendment, constitutional rights.”

Over 100 Congressional Republicans have viewed this memo.

And they are saying it exposes a scandal that is worse than Watergate.

The call to release the memo reached a fevered pitch on social media as it became one of the top tending topics on twitter.

But yet the memo is still buried in secret by the House of Representatives.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. which just proves the demorats are so dense that thy will believe any lie put out there by thi leaders! In my opinion this is hat mkes upmthe masses who o not think for themselves! O ny of th democrats even stop and think ho foolish it would b to cry on a story bo Trump high we know to b untrue! It lols thm as stupid an dumb! Like bug eyes!

  2. Facts don’t lie but Democrats and libs do!! Releasing the memos are just one step. Second is to put those responsible on trial and the third will be to put them in prision. Clinton’s have broken more laws than we can count but she is still free! Obuma and her can be cell mates. It wouldn’t be too long tho. I’m sure the next DEMONcrat President will pardon them. Either way American deserve nothing less than justice.

  3. Exactly! OUR dollars wasted on fraud. Millions, not just thousands. And whose pockets got filled? Liberal lawyer types. So OUR tax dollars pay Liberal lawyers who then contribute to Liberal candidates. How nice.

  4. Mueller’s team and Rosenstein should reimburse our tax payers before the go to prison for ruining lives knowingly using fake information over and over again, slandering good people, misleading our patriots and hating our United States of America! Isn’t that treason?

  5. Of course the Republicans didn’t want the dossier released. Would you want lies about yourself released? I bet right now there are some in the Kremlin laughing their heads off because so much of the public believed their garbage.

  6. Congress passed the vote on it being made known. Now it is being reviewed by Trump and he has 5 days after he gets it. If he says no, Congress still can release it. But I’m betting that he does it. The Dems meanwhile want their version released. But like this memo, it will have to be voted out of Congress. I’d bet that it gets leaked so that the Dems have something to use against Trump. Because with McCabe being removed, the first card in their house of cards has fallen.

  7. Whoa – Noo way__ E’one should know this. they said 2-3x per week … They’re ‘doin ‘pizza’ on the off, ya think?capish.

  8. Are you mentally ok? There needs to be an investigation but it isn’t on Trump its our own FBI, former President and all his cabinet and cronies including Hillary CLinton. Why wase time and more money on something that is false. You must not live in the same world I do, or you are very misinformed and better start paying attention!! There is alot going on and it has nothing to do with Russia but it does Mueller!!

  9. Did you ‘know’ Jared Kushner indebted to Soros around $250 MILLION big phatt bucks … WH In ‘Thick’ viz-a viz ‘ivank…

  10. I’m wondering where you get your information both man for canned Papadopoulos work worked for Trump so how can anything that they do not be associated with Trump and I think you’re way misinformed

  11. Nope, those women who march against President Trump, do not represent the majority of American citizen women. The person who does represent the majority of American women citizens IS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. He represents the American women more than all the Liberals put together. Why the women who support President Trump don’t march is because we are working or at home taking care of our children, grandchildren, husbands, and elderly parents. Those who march aren’t motherly type women, they are mostly lesbians and women who hate men because of penis envy, like Hillary and Pelosi, and the Hollywood non-moral females or he/shes. The majority of American women citizens love their husbands, love their children, hate abortion, love God, love God through Jesus Christ our Savior, allow themselves as doing the work God created women to do. Even female animals protect their young and nurture them and don’t want them killed. Those ‘nasty women’ who march on DC are all about themselves and how to kill off millions of innocent humans, and hope male babies are among the abortions….. The women who support President Trump support maternal goodness and celebrate the fact that we are female, women, loving mothers, loving grandmothers, loving wives (but get mad at them from time to time) to male husbands, and friends to ourselves and children of God. Women of faith who celebrate the miracle of life, all lives, given by God our creator, and our loving Father to all.

  12. Why is Soros, person with warrents from
    different countries, not be arrested and
    sent back to those countries.
    Reason: democrats need his money

  13. I could not be a lawyer, I am not very good
    at lying. I have heard there is a special
    Course in law school in “How to be good

  14. I totally agree. We are paying again through the nose something that shouldn’t be happening. Where are the republications to say enough is enough?

  15. He was hired to investigate Russian collusion. Russian collusion that happen during the election. If they were truly interested in Russian collusion he would be investigating all collusion with Russia, not just republican collusion. As of yet he is investigating everything but what happened during the election. He has brought charges on 2 people and neither one has anything to do with collusion , and neither one has anything to with the election. If they would have done this same investigation on Hillary she would be in prison for the rest of her natural life, with her husband and Obama in the cell next to her. To answer the question of allowing people their political beliefs is one thing, when you start saying you hate the person you are investigating it’s time for you to go home. Police always say if you have been convicted of a crime and you are a suspect in another similar crime you are a suspect automatically. Muller is not the right guy for this job and every democrat know he is 100% biased. He has never looked for the truth, because he would have to put his friends in jail. Obama, Clinton, Comey and Linch

  16. Uh-oh, Dee … ‘WE’ are Not ‘jumping’ re worst of USA – but, the
    ‘Truth’ Must be told & Corrected…

  17. This site reveals a new American truth: people jump to believe the worst about our country and the values we were raised to hold dear.

    What happened to a country we trusted?No leader was perfect, although more perfect than Trump.

    What happened to learning the whole story even when the details were not liked. Today you jump to guilty based on FACEBOOK “alternative facts”. And now we find out FACEBOOK IS FULL OF LIES SET UP BY RUSSIA.

    When did Russia become our best pal and friend. Since WWII we never trusted Russia. Why now?

    Mueller is investigating. Let him investigate. Ask Nunes a poor quality CA congressman produce his self written message that proves his points.


  18. Sorry – re a “seth”… this is better: & one day Mueller says: i don’t feel too good = Boinck! was it tacobell? hmmm.

  19. Hey Butchy – ‘we’ CAN < Help "bipolar Dee" w/ prayer/thoughts in our minds … this kinda stuff is from a 'someone' who is Mixed up /asking for help Deep down Inside … rite, Dee? …

  20. I totally agree! It’s SICKENING!EVERY single DemonRAT that is pushing for amnesty for the ILLEGALS needs to be ousted, then charged with breaking federal law for protecting their “voter base”!The politicians and LEOs in the sanctuary cities and states that are refusing to obey the law need to be arrested. DemonRAT leaders in CA are now openly encouraging the ILLEGALS to vote, giving them drivers’ licenses.

  21. The people of this country demand to get an exact accounting of how much
    Mueller has spend of our money on his wich hunt

  22. I have been watching Grahams demeanor/body language and he keeps looking down to the floor a lot when he speaks and das not address and look the people surrounding him in the eye….what does that mean????

  23. Dreamers are Surrounding/Protesting at Schmendrick Schumer’s NYC Townhouse… Drudgereport N0W___

    >An Earlier post i said: Chuck/Nancy – You take the DACA etc. welll,
    they are there now. wow. You like it Chuck ??? 0u.

  24. Wesley, Zee, and all of you, ARE TOTALLY RIGHT!!! These pieces of slim buckets are nothing but CORRUPTION to the hilt! And guess who’s been paying for this major ‘research on collusion ‘! WE HAVE! Get rid of chucky, killery, oboomer, maxine, pocahontas.. ALL THE EVIL DEMOCRAPERS, LIBTURDS, snowflakes ETC…… ALL THE MORONS!

  25. I’m 75 and I am keeping my powder dry. Too many lawyers in DC and all government. They are professional lies. They are not taught law, just how to lie and strech the truth. Then the FBI (Fuller Brush Inc) are lawyers when they join the FBI. Get the swamp out of DC.

  26. But I bet there is a copy of them in a government agency. The ones that worry me more are the ones on their personal phones. Those, if they discuss the probe or FISA, should also have been captured. we now know that there is a “Deep State” and it includes the FBI thanks to the printed copies of the e-mails.

  27. Why use handloads on them? I’d use US government surplus on them. .30-06 would work just fine out of the M1903A3 or M1 Garand.

  28. Sean thank you for your awesome reports I feel that against all odds President Trump became president to change and make America Better! That only he can do and sad to say is that he STANDS alone with no support from Democrats and Republicans they are too too old they need to get out or retire Thanks SEAN GREAT REPORTS I watch your show everyday

    Thank you keep up the good work GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  29. I will recruit at least 100 U.S. snipers and marksmen, to form the firing squad. I want to bring my Savage 30-06 with hand loaded ammo, and make certain all rifles are loaded with “LIVE” ammo. There shouldn’t be much left of these “Enemies of he USA”!

  30. Looks like Not Happ’ning … former NSA (& ‘brilliant’ in circumventing info & computers)0ut of USA now – ‘accessed’
    memos – pc taken down numerous x … eom. if u accessed w/savvy, u N0 longer will have a computer on many levels, a New pc won’t suffice…
    let’s see if note this gets thru…

  31. Not so Sure re “Eastbound Train Eureka ” dear ♥ Bess… look at
    N. Va/ Minn/ Long Island, NY + more ( that i prefer Not to name for now…0u.

  32. Leaving CA to the ‘dawgs’ = ‘utterly disasterous’ in ‘Infiltration’ __ but what ARE the Good ppl going to do?
    Live in ‘it’ ??? wow.

  33. DNC/0bama-Clinton/Soros CARTEL ARE Responsible for the Horrific Foreign RITUALISTIC < Drug Cartel 'infiltration'…

  34. Glad you were able to get out of that communist state. I hope that all the good people can secede. That would be a giant bite in the butt for the commies and Nazis that run that so called state.

  35. I agree, I read that at least 1/3rd of Californians are seriously considering leaving, as we did. Sanjosemike (no longer there)

  36. Actually we all owe CREDIT to the working men and women of the United States for voting Donald Trump into the White House.

    Many of these were previously Democrats.

    We must all offer our PROFOUND thanks to these fine people who saved our Country.

    Thank you…all of you. We wish you well.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  37. This so-called women’s march is organized and lead by a Muslim woman who is not an American citizen but an illegal bent on pushing Sharia law in this country. Those stupid brain-dead women who follow her deserve to be under Sharia Law and enslaved. These women DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE WOMEN IN AMERICA. They speak for themselves and only themselves. It’s too bad they are so brain-washed that they are willing to subject themselves to tyranny and slavery for a cause they know absolutely nothing about.

  38. Mueller should be arrested for extorting money from the American People and spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

  39. Forget the Mafia or the foreign drug cartels the DNC and the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel is the most dangerous crime group in the U.S.. Time to use the RICO statuettes against them.

  40. The Dems already knew what was going on with the FBI, and others. The Dems don’t want to love this country. They want to bring this country to its knees. With Hillary, everyone in the Dem party would get what they wanted…bring this country down so we and all the other countries would be on the same level. Trump threatens this with America First. Our founding fathers got up from their graves and the spirit of our country took over. Where would we be if Hillary was President. I shudder to think!!!

  41. $72 million! WTF! Talk about outrageous. One more perfect example of the Swamp bilking the American taxpayer.

  42. There’s more to Schumer than meets the eye. He’s cow-towing to someone…most likely one big funder or many big funders. I just learned that the Little Dick Durbin and Graham bill Trump turned down INCLUDED ALL ILLEGALS and not just the Dreamers. Graham is a RINO and turncoat and shouldn’t be trusted. Trump found this out. LSM/MSM continue to deliver Fake News and tell the public that WE control the Senate. I still say, McConnell, use the Nuclear Option. Forget worrying about the Democrats using it on them if they gain control. They can’t be trusted for whatever reason.

  43. A while back I heard/read that this special Counsel has already spent 72 million dollars. I wonder what have we the tax payers to pay by the time they get done with this witch hunt?????

  44. Mueller is a “dik head” hired by the deep state in their attempt to mobilize a “coup” against Trump and America;; Mueller should be brought up on charges of treason and placed before a firing squad with all of obama’s seditious hacks. BOOM.

  45. Hundreds of text messages between FBI traitors philandering Peter Strzok and extramarital tramp Lisa Page now…LOST??? FBI cannot FIND them??? Lies. Corruption. Obstruction. Theft. Cover-ups. Absence of moral turpitude.

    Schumer Sh*tdown…USD…United States of DACA. NON-VOTING ILLEGALS RULE. Liberal domination. Make that DAMNATION. A nation damned thanks to DACA. The bastard stepchild of the USA…United States of Apartheid while accusations of White supremacy abound.

    Catch&Release. A fishing expedition without rod&reel but, rather, a boat that floats. While American CITIZENS cannot fly coast2coast without a VALID driver’s license and…coming SOON…a PASSPORT…in OUR United States of AMERICAN citizens.


  46. San Jose Mike no longer in CA. My crystal ball sees a mass exodus. Reverse expansion. Eastbound train. EUREKA!

  47. The demonrat party is imploding….and their representatives are screaming in a rage as the truth of their intentions and deeds are coming into the light of truth and righteousness. What we suspected of the demonrats is being proven, now is the time bring judgement upon their evil, rotten, demonic heads.

  48. The truth is finally coming out, and you and the libs can’t take it!
    Yes, let’s get the truth out at last about your corrupt Dims.
    Dee, wake up, already.
    Probably it is a bot from Russia! LOL

  49. Need to surround Congress when in session allowing no food deliveries, see how committed are these traitors. Sick individuals dancing on the graves of patriots of the past.

  50. It’s long past that time already by about eight or nine years. We haven’t had a real American president since Reagan. The straw that broke our backs just left office a year ago and we let him & congress get away with everything they did….

  51. Unfortunately, Mueller will just IGNORE the data. Mueller already knows there was no collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign. Mueller is trying to build an “obstruction of Justice” complaint against Trump.

    Even Mueller knows that the only way Trump can be impeached is by an illegal coup by the Democrats. Even Democrats like attorney ALAN Dershowitz believes this is very dangerous,

    Polls demonstrate at least 50% of Americans want Trump to remain as president. A real civil war could erupt over this.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  52. why cant they jail these crooks probly because the dem wont let them do it there are so many of them hot heads that only want to get re elected cause they like the easy money

  53. It is going to be a lot more than 3.8 million when you add the dreamers, and their families, then you are looking at close to 12 million when you add mom, dad, and siblings.

  54. There are 2 ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true. Which side of Washington do you believe?

  55. What the democrats are doing now is VERY disturbing. What they have done with the IRS,
    E-mail Security, dereliction of duty and treason at Benghazi, and the Uranium One sellout must be made public! The stink of this corruption is beyond description.


  57. Our government thought we were all lambs to slaughter especially under communist Muslim Obama. But, we absolutely fooled them by voting in President Trump. The top layer of the FBI, CIA, IRS and obama’s whole administration including the Oreo himself need to be tried for treason and jailed. They are not above the law. We, the taxpayers need to see the memo, we pay these government politicians their salaries. I hope this info is released before they work on the DACA D reamers as they lied to us on that. 800,000 turned into 3.8 million!!!!!!! The dem communists new math!

  58. Did you not see my post re this on ‘another blog’ as in: Dems ‘refused’ to review … this ‘meat’is over 72 hrs ripe…

  59. Dee, You have a fantastic imagination. The Russian Dossier is already out there! McCain’s aide went to London to get it, he gave it to McCain, who gave it to Comey, who gave it to a friend at Harvard, who gave it to a friend who worked for The New York Times. The “Memos” are about the FISA WARRANTS.” The Emperor’s New Clothes is a Fairy Tale for children.

  60. The only way we will take back Washington is in the voting booth. Anything else will be detrimental to the cause. That’s exactly why the Swamp is trying to organize the women of this country. It’s a sensitive subject because as soon as you comment about it, you’re a sexist/anti-female. As with so many other protest marches, the organizers stir up their population by focusing on emotional issues the group has. This isn’t the forum to debate such issues but the main thing always missing is what the real issues are. As said in the Senate yesterday about DACA and the Dreamers…the percentage of DACA Recipients vs. the population is approximately 0.2%. And Schumer is willing to shut the government down fro their votes and their sympathizers. That’s what it’s all about. Dollars to donuts…I guarantee you that not many understand what’s happening right now because they get their information from the LSM/MSM and listen to Schumer’s rhetoric.

  61. Anyone in an appointed position in the 0bama administration is suspect. Start taking in the lowest ranking ones and you soon will have all of them squealing on higher ups. And it will not end until 0bama is in a cell too.

  62. How about ARRESTING Mueller, for collusion AND fraud? He was FBI director prior to Comey AND a party to Uranium One! He is NOT squeaky clean – -HE IS SLUDGY DIRTY and needs to go down with the rest of the rat pack!

  63. Dee, are you just a child or can a adult actually believe the Bulls-it you just spouted, a brazen fool in print WOW!!!!!!!


  65. Come on people, all this surprises you!!!!! We sit around as a people,let government treat as red headed step kids, and tells they will and they won’t do this or that. Make the mind broke, and body confused queers almost a religion-UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Doesn’t it make you sick to your stomach!! Now judges are telling ministers that they need to get permission to talk about religion (believe that), we need to get back into Government and stop the Bulls-it, it’s just not believeable.

  66. Give it to Diane Feinstein, she will leak it for sure if she is told it is proof of Russia doing bad things.

  67. You mean “Commiecrats”!
    Because that is EXACTLY what they are!

    You have to name the enemy, and call him what he is, or you have already lost!

    There are NO democrats any longer, havent been since they ripped off the CPUSA’s political platform many years ago!

    Today, the CPUSA just recommends that everyone just vote “Democrat”!
    That “should tell you”, everything you need to know about now missnamed “democrat” party!


  69. RELEASE THOSE MEMOS “NOW” Why in hell are we paying those millions of $ @ day to a phony Mueller & Associated Law firm for a PHONY INVESTIGATION (RUSSIA) that was created & paid for by we all know who. I truly feel all of the Bamsters team, his administration, past & present, the complete PROGRESSIVE (LIBERAL) MOVEMENT, HILLARIUS RODHAM & PACK OF WOLVES & some RHINO REJECTS have their fingers in the slime pot. GET RID OF THEM NOW!!! STOP!! WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS. CEASE & DESIST! Lets get it done Mr.Sessions. YU DA MAN. #MAGA

  70. More fake news from fake news

    GOP did not want report about dossier published but want this from fox and ha nitty? wow!!

    Someday the truth will come out and fire and fury will be proved to be true. And tump will be able to attend all his extravagant parties if he can find someone to pay for them.

    Are we soon to see the Emperor in his new clothes? Confused? it is a story found in literature.

  71. I believe once this document is released we will find out not only will democrats heads roll, but those RINO like flake, McCain also. I believe once it’s out, Custer’s last stand will be tame. Get it out in the open, and let the American people be the judge, and jury. MAGA

  72. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  73. What I like about all this is that it’s no longer a wild right wing conspiracy theory.
    We knew this, and so did they, hell, they did it, but we were the crazy ones thinking that the great obama would be anything less than the most honest moral person on the planet.
    They already have their excuses, the Russians did it.

  74. Mr. Hannity YOU are 100% correct Schumer/Pelosi/Obama/FBI/ Muellier and the rest of the corrupt Democrats in DC have committed TREASON and ESPIONAGE and here are the means of such: (TREASON) TREASON against American and our Constitution stands as a criminal act only so long as criminal consequences are visited upon those found guilty in commission of the act.
    Enforcing the law of TREASON requires that we are vigilant in looking for and recognizing those intent on the destruction of the United States, arrest them when we find them, prosecute them, and them punish them as a jury of their peers commands. So WE need to have President Trump enforce these laws, NOW
    TREASON against American and our Constitution ceases to be a crime once we stop enforcing the crime of TREASON. Espionage: the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.synonyms: spying, infiltration Sean they did this and now is the time to pay the price (EXCUTION) We did it to the Rosenberg’s in 1953 so are they any better then the Rosenberg’s? HELL NO! Then may-be we just might get our Corrupt Government under People Control instead of Government controlling the People, and giving Illegals more rights True Americans Citizens. God Bless America and “DEATH” to these Traitors

  75. remember obama traded four or five top terrorist for one american trader and would help the guy trump got back that nearly died we have to remember that if you ask mormon what religion is best they will say mormon dem for dem rep for rep

  76. The democrats already are aware of the memo says that is why they do not need to read it and it’s content is the main reason the democrats do not want it released.

  77. The democrats already are aware of the memo says that is why they do not need to read it and it’s content is the main reason the democrats do not want it released.

  78. Release this information NOW ! We The People have a RIGHT to know what is going on in Washington with our elected officials. If there have been crimes committed , they must be accountable!

  79. ‘Forced’??? Even if OBLIGED, liberal FAKE NEWS will give it 30 seconds of air time 1x ONLY! The SOTU, I’m sure, will make up for the SCHUMER SH*TDOWN…the timing of which conveniently took the spotlight off Trump’s 1-year anniversary of boasting his MANY accomplishments for MAGA while killing Obama’s lame legacy.

  80. Hannity’s intent for sure was to place pressure on ALL involved with the decision to release the information. Too bad O’Reilly isn’t around, you know he’d have this on the highest alert across the country. You know the MSM/LSM won’t cover the story until they are forced to. I’m waiting feverishly for Donald’s SOTU message as well.

  81. There can be no reasonable argument for NOT releasing the memo. Obstruction of justice and truth results if it is not released. There
    is no security or leagal justification for not releasing it. Now.

  82. Confiscate his passport as a start, and then freeze his bank account, along with Soros’s accounts….also, send Soros to Hungary where he is wanted on various crimes.

  83. I find it quite ‘curious’ that Congressional Democrats did not even WANT to see this SHOCKING memo…that those Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted AGAINST releasing this SHOCKING memo to the American public. This SHOCKING memo is, apparently, so TOP SECRET that those reading its 4 pages are ushered into a private room UNDER GUARD and are permitted NO writing instruments of any kind…no redacting! Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have or will out-vote the Democrats. From there, it goes directly to Trump who WILL give his okey-dokey to release it to the American public! And I am salivating!!!

  84. We need to prove that Obama is full of scandals that the liberal media refused to criticize his presidency since his first inauguration. Strange that he even got a Nobel Prize in the first few months of his presidency. He made many strange decisions that had everyone scratching their head

    Remember the Ebola situation? Remember that he wasn’t cool with the police officers that tried to do the job. Remember that he removed top generals for complaining over his expectations. Remember that he helped empowering Iran thru the nuclear negotiations (intentionally?)? Remember he formed DACA without the legislative process?

    The list would go on and on …

    What he did is treasonous. He’s not protecting the U.S.

    Liberal media did nothing. And still do today. Mueller … is clearly anti-Trump that he is trying to steer our attention away from the truth.

    Obama still couldn’t stfu. Obviously he’s trying to protect his policies that left behind. He immediately went to Asia right after Trump completed his Asian trip. He’s a troublemaker.

  85. I heard the democRATS are obstructing the release of this memo..they don’t want the people to know just how evil and corrupt they are… time to fire Mueller and his band of anti-Trump team and release this memo to the public…
    at this point, I do want to see the memo, BUT more than that, I want these corrupt and evil people to be arrested..NOW.. MAKE THEIR HEADS ROLL NOW!!! do NOT put it off any longer.. make arrests and then release the information to Americans… we have a right to know what is going on and demand that the corruption in our government is cleaned out NOW!!!!

  86. I heard that the democRATS all voted not to release the memo.. well of course they did.. they don’t want the public to know just how corrupt and evil they are..
    I want to see this memo.. but more than that, I want their heads to roll… arrest them NOW and start indicting them … time to end this garbage and end the attack against Trump…

  87. When this memo is made public, the entire leftist narrative on President Trump will collapse. Trump collusion and Trump corruption, etc., will just fade away; and the MSM will be forced to acknowledge the real corruption and anti-Trump bias at the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ…the “insurance policy in case Trump won the election. The memo will also probably reveal that Trump’s claims of spying were right all along; and it was accomplished by using the fake Russian dossier to disingenuously obtain a FISA warrant that permitted Trump campaign phones to be tapped. This scandal really is much bigger and more dangerous to the future of our Republic than the third-rate break-in at the Watergate Building so long ago during the Nixon administration. Without a smidgeon of doubt several people need to go to prison! #ReleaseTheMemo


  89. Does anyone believe the Demorats will allow this to end? The liberal news is having way to much traction with it using it to detract what really went on.

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