Sean Hannity told a truth that keeps Barack Obama awake at night

Barack Obama always knew this day would come.

Eventually the American people would get the truth about how his administration manufactured the Russian collusion hoax.

That became clear when Sean Hannity told this truth that keeps Barack Obama awake at night.

During the monologue of his Monday broadcast, Hannity dropped several bombshells.

Hannity told his viewers that the government had documents in its possession from the earliest days of the Russia investigation that definitively proved that the idea of collusion between Trump and the Russians was fiction.

The Daily Caller reports:

Sean Hannity is predicting the release of 2016 documents this week that will show the Russia collusion conspiracy theory was “always a hoax from the get-go.”

The Fox News nighttime host was holding forth on his Monday night “Hannity” monologue, suggesting the swath of documents contain explosive information.

“At this hour, your Federal Government is in possession of transcripts from 2016 featuring secretly recorded conversations between FBI informants and one-time Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos,” Hannity told his audience.

“According to those who have seen these transcripts, its contents are chock-full of clear, irrefutable, incontrovertible, exculpatory evidence proving the Trump-Russia collusion was always a hoax from the get-go.”

This presents damning questions for the Obama administration and the FBI.

If they knew there was no collusion from day one, why did they allow the country to be torn apart for two years over hoax allegations?

The only answer is that they wanted to see Donald Trump destroyed so badly that they were willing to try and nullify the results of a free and fair election, using fake news and lies in order achieve their goals.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. s in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schacknow. My family rescued me through taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I learned out cults capture people of all ages. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible. I was in Vietnam in 1967 at 18 years old, in combat and that might make anyone seek help, light and an answer. Those who criticize could become also easily led, deranged, addicted, whatever but when I see the hatred and violent words on these right wing sites I was compelled to tell the truth of my life. Maybe it will make one person think about what they are saying and thinking. Most of you would not say this at church, to your doctor, at work or even to some of your friends, you might even have Democrats as friends.

  2. Trey Gowdy says to look at December 2016 for the smoking gun. Top prosecutor and smart. Anyone can make a mistake in their zeal to discover evidence or to uncover corruption. This whole sordid affair seems not to be the case. Five FISA warrants obtained using fake documentation which we all now know the F.B.I. knew was fake. Hussein Ocramma and Hillary’s private e.mail server will play a part in this I am sure. They know Bath house Barry was using an alias to communicate with the queen bitch. Would be interesting to go back to 2015 when this really started and see if they were trading information secretly which lead up to this conspiracy. If someone says this all was just happenstance or accidental, they have either been in a Brazilian rainforest since 2015 or a medically induced coma. Another possibility that is the most likely is they have a liberal brain hardwired to deny truth or factual evidence.

    • You are so right, many of us know this is exactly what happened, yet the main stream liberal media will try to ignore all this data. But it does not take a genius to figure this out.

    • You might be deported with that name, and you are a lunatic with that comspiracy theory. Another Alex Jones listener I bet.

      • Actually there is some more recent news. It all started in the WH in 2012!! It will take awhile for the info to make it into circulation but the info was weaponized then if not before. As soon as the thugs got into office they started the spying on citizens and all manner of evil.

    • From your lips to God’s ears…I pray it is so. This administration is vital to our survival of the America we all know and love. They truly look out for what is fair and good and decent for our people.

  3. I won’t be satisfied until Obama and Clinton are prosecuted on public television. That would be bigger than the Simpson trial. This time the glove fits.

  4. All of the anti-Trump buffoons that tweet here should band together and hold a rally preaching it in front of refugees from Venezuela and see what kind of a reception they’d get. Bet they won’t like it at all.

    • I won’t be satisfied until Obama and Clinton are prosecuted on public television. That would be bigger than the Simpson trial. This time the glove fits.

  5. Long before Donald Trump even thought of running for president, The Demoncrook party predicted he would run. They wasted no time and started a behind closed door think tank to think of ways to impeach him even it those ways are dishonest and illegal. The reason they want to throw him out of office is they despise him and knew he would block their communist agenda.

  6. Olddog, you remind me of Baghdad Bob who was saying they were repeling the Americans while American tanks were seen in the background in downtown Baghdad. You can’t lie your way out of this one. Hillary lost, so all the Hillary collusion and Obama treasonous actions will be brought before the American people. The rats are running and now are telling on each other. They’re just like the Nazis at the Nuremburg trials, claiming, I was just following orders. If you know it’s illegal, you have a moral and legal obligation to refuse.

  7. Please tell me that none of you people really believe this crazy from a TV station founded by an Australian immigrant (you know, that class of people you all seem to despise) that clearly makes all this up on the fly…Just do a little research guys…no one is staying up at night over any of this…

    • Well, if YOU were to pay attention, his remarks are (and have been all along) backed up by those who have actually seen and HEARD these and many other transcripts. It was always a massive hoax, by the evil corrupt Democrat, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Obama and their MANY criminal cohorts. However if you want to keep denying the TRUTH, carry on.

  8. Thgat you favor the ravings of Hannity over the sanity of President Obama shows just how warped the “thinking” of the ultra far right in America really is.

    • Old dog lost his nuts years ago. Clue; Vet threw them in the garbage. When old dogs start eating their own crap and pissin all over they are “put down” as an act of mercy.

    • Take your head out of the sand and get some much needed air theolddog because Obama is the devil uncrated. You have been blinded by the devil.

    • Theolddog , that’s fitting for you , You haven’t any ” Common Sense ” , Liberalism has Cooked what little brain’s you had in The first place and smoking the Pipe has Cooked the rest you simpleton

      • Just looking at your grammatical competence here, Will, it looks like you’re the one who’s been smoking on that pipe…

        • William….So sorry, not really, to hear that you have joined the Democraptic STUPIDIDIOTICS!!! That pipe that YOU are smoking is full of your bullshit! Must taste really good!

        • Not my fault your to stupid to figure shit out on your own , see Liberalism has made you a simpleton William , plus you Libby’s are easy , you can’t help yourselves because you know your wrong , but you can’t admit that , so you start your Grammer BS , THAT SHOWS YOU HAVEN’T ANYTHING on Mr Barr and nor PRESIDENT TRUMP , ITS JUST BS and FALSE ACCUSATIONS , BECAUSE YOU LOST THE ELECTION , NOW HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN SINCE AND YOU BUNCH OF SNEVILING KNUCKLE HEADS ARE STILL CRYING , whining , lying , cheating and full of BS , THANK YOU WILLIAM

    • For olddog to compare Hannity’s comments to the sanity of obama is comparing an honest person to a criminal. The sanity of obama is that his behavior is typical for a criminal. Hiding his records is normal for a criminal. Putting down the police and military is normal for a criminal. theolddog is a POS democrat who defends the actions of a criminal. The value of his statement is of less value than the flatulence of a cow.

    • Sanity of president Obama is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Tell me how did Trump beat a lying murdering rapist protector primary stealing hag

  9. Sad for our country and the American people! To what extent is the Shadow government willing to go? These people are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon wheel track and need to be exposed for who and what they where up to. If your not willing to help, get out of the way!!

  10. Yes Indeed , The Old Hangman awaits their arrival at the Gallows , Judgement Day Has Arrived for The Dirty Swamp Rats , for their Sins against God , Country and We The People !! Let’s just it’s followed though with , at the End of A “Good Short Rope “

  11. The idea of collusion between little d. trump small caps potus and Russia was created by the behavior of trump. Over and over and over. And I have always heard, where there is smoke there is fire.

    Now where this ends I don’t know, and neither do you. But I DO know that it will take years to recover America’s top status in the World. Particularly in terms of moral leadership, which trump has trashed. But scientific leadership has suffered under trump as well. And while we obviously lead in the ability to throw military might around indiscriminately, that loss of moral and/or scientific leadership may come back to bite us when we need allies.

    • TO Eric, I don’t know what world you have been living in or, that FAKE NEWS you listen to, but, I feel sorry for you Eric, you are in for a ride awakening. I have been praying for those of you that believe FALSE information, that you sit back, listen to TRUE INFORMATION AND LOGIC, AND LOVE AMERICA ONCE AGAIN.

    • Did your parents have any children that lived? We as a country will be so much better off without the progressive agenda being implemented ! MAGA! Get beck on the short bus libtard !

    • What? The whole collusion thing was created by Democrats and the liberal media. Trump had nothing to do with it, PERIOD. All capital letters to stress the point the has obviously eluded you. As for where there is smoke there is fire, a bee keeper introducing smoke into the hive is no indication that the bees have something smoldering.

      The only recovery we’ve had to endure is that of feckless politicians that have pandered to the rest of the world because they don’t have any balls.
      And please tell me what moral leadership you speak of that trump has trashed so terribly. Could it be Bidens morality of forcing a country to fire a prosecutor investigating his son holding requested foreign aid hostage until they do so? Is that the kind of “moral” leadership trump has “trashed?” How about giving guns to drug cartels and conveniently forgetting to document them in order to bolster your personal agenda?

      As for scientific leadership, where has that suffered? Global warming? Ski resorts here in Utah have just reported RECORD snow packs with the possibility of skiing all the way till July 4th. Guess that’s why the changed it to climate change, because their models keep getting shot to hell. We’ve had scientific breakthroughs of capturing co2 out of the air and reconstituting it back into a solid form under Trump’s administration, we have our first image of a black hole under Trump’s administration and so on. We’ve brought back solar technology to US corporations instead of China’s yet some how our scientific leadership is lost? Get real; the only “scientific leadership” that is hurting is that that takes government subsidies to come up with what ever claims they’re payed to come up with.

      As for our allies, we have been carrying them for decades and many of them have abused our generosity for decades and Trump deserves an applause for finally putting a stop to it. The only reason half these countries have been able to achieve what they have is because of US subsidies.

      Trump is the best thing to happen to this country in decades, the only trashing of our “moral” leadership has been by Democrats. Trump didn’t create the kkk, the democratic party did, trump didn’t create antifa, the democratic party did, Trump didn’t cause dissention between the American communities, the Democrats and their anti America / anti capitalist agenda did.

      America is far better off now than it has been in decades and you think we need to recover from lack of leadership? Buddy we are doing that right now with Trump in office because the previous “leadership” told us that under 3% GDP was the new norm, that the jobs we lost were never coming back, etc…

      It’s about time we had a leader that stands up for America instead of bashing it. The hatred for Trump you and others like you is the problem, not Trump.

  12. Yeah we’ve been here in the last four or five years that there was never a scandal in the Obama Administration what about Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, uranium one, and the list goes on and on and on but yet there’s no scandals here people! Give me a break! I hope all these people go to prison including Obama if he’s the one who started the whole thing! All these people need to be made examples out of so this never happens again I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat this should have happened in either party! That’s why the Democrats are flailing by the arms and legs right now because they can’t spin a new narrative! Trump Administration will be setting the narrative from now on with the behest of Attorney General Barr exclamation!


    • I agree with all that you said,about the Obama Administration’s actions,these people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and put behind bars for a long time.
      So this kind of thing will never happen again to another President.We the people need to vote to keep our country safe.

  14. Scandal- ????????????????? OBAMA IS FULL OF SCANDALS. Unquestionable.

    Bring a govt-issued orange suit and a set of hand/foot shackles now!

    I mean NOW!

    • You are so correct there is so much overwhelming evidence that should put all these Obama criminals and himself for many life times.

  15. This is a prime example of Obama and the Democrook party that will do anything to win elections including lying, cheating, and making up false stories about their opponents and by slandering them.

  16. They could have The Great Obama on camera saying let’s go get Trump removed from office by appointing Robert Mueller to create a case for removal, and let’s get to it guys, Clapper and Brennan and Loretta and Comey saved Hillary, and I will see to it that they get Trump and all his friends.
    And nothing at all would happen to The Great Obama.

    • Sono Fabich, I think you are more correct than you think. I do not believe anything will come out of any of this. I believe too many congressman/women and congressional staff are involved to their necks, which is why they are trying so hard to find anything that can be considered illegal with POTUS Trump. I believe they will decide that nobody did anything illegal, perhaps against policy, But policy is not law. And as with the clintons they will decide they were only too stupid to understand what they were doing. No evidence of Intent will be the verdict again.

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