Sean Hannity went on Fox News and demanded one apology that left viewers stunned

Sean Hannity was fed up.

The popular Fox News host let his audience know it.

And Sean Hannity went on Fox News and demanded one apology that left viewers stunned.

Sean Hannity reacted to a piece in The New York Times describing how journalists work with private investigative groups like Fusion GPS to seed stories in the media.

The piece detailed how the Fusion GPS promoted the Christopher Steele Russian collusion hoax dossier with the help of the media – who went along for the ride – to hurt Donald Trump.

“As you can see there are no standards in the media mob, no ‘journalistic integrity’ whatsoever. True to form, [a] brand new report in The New York Times detailing, now this is interesting, one little article, showing how Fusion GPS and how all of these private investigative groups, the ones who do intel, they work with so-called journalists from the media mob. They work hand-in-hand intentionally. They did it to smear Donald Trump. They used Hillary’s dirty Russia disinformation dossier that was unsourced, unverifiable, a pack of lies, but the media mob treated it as gospel. In doing so they hawked a conspiracy theory that hurt this country for three long years,” Hannity began.

It was telling that Steele began briefing reporters on the dossier during the 2016 campaign, but no major news organization bit on the story because they could see that the allegations were unverifiable and fantastic.

But it was after the election when Donald Trump won that the media then turned around and began promoting the dossier’s claims as fact despite their previous rejection of these conspiracy theories.

Hannity fumed that if the media wanted to recover some of its lost reputation a good place to start would be issuing retractions and apologies for placing the Steele dossier and its false claims of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign at the center of American life for nearly three years.

“It was all unverifiable garbage. It was all paid for by Hillary and the DNC, and it was all filled Russian lies and disinformation, but our media sourced it for years. So we’re asking tonight, where are the retractions? Where are the apologies? Spoiler alert, they haven’t been forthcoming and they probably never will be. Journalism, I said it in ’07, it is dead and it is buried in America,” Hannity added.

The one reason – and the only reason – the media will not apologize for this hoax is because it hurt Donald Trump and so-called “journalists” hated Donald Trump so much they were willing to lie about him and spread falsehoods if it achieved the greater mission of getting him out of office.

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