Sean Hannity went on the air and admitted one reality that had all hell breaking loose

Sean Hannity has been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters.

The top-rated talk show host constantly fights back against the Deep State and the Fake News Media’s attempts to stage a coup against Donald Trump.

But Sean Hannity went on the air and admitted one reality that had all hell breaking loose.

On Thursday White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney staged a 40-minute press conference in the White House briefing room.

During an exchange with reporters, Mulvaney claimed the Trump administration withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine assisting in investigations into the 2016 election and possible foreign meddling.

In one brief moment, Mulvaney gave the Fake News Media the so-called “evidence” that there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Mulvaney later walked back his comments, but the damage was done.

And on his radio show, Sean Hannity called Mulvaney “dumb” and said all anyone had to do to establish that there was no quid pro quo was look at the transcript of the call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President.

The Hill reports:

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday knocked White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney as “dumb” and “idiotic” after he indicated the Trump administration held up military aid to Ukraine in efforts to urge the country to investigate a conspiracy theory related to interference in the 2016 election.

“What is Mulvaney even talking about? I just think he’s dumb, I really do. I don’t even think he knows what he’s talking about. That’s my take on it,” Hannity said during his radio show.

Hannity added that the transcript of President Trump’s call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky — which, in part, has spurred House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry over the president’s contacts with Ukraine and efforts to encourage the country to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden — exonerates Trump.

“This is why, I think, some of these people are so stupid. Read the transcript,” he said. “We don’t need a non-whistleblower whistleblower. You don’t need a chief of staff’s idiotic interpretation of things when the president and the president of Ukraine and everybody else can read it all themselves. That’s what’s amazing.”

Mulvaney later said the Fake News Media lied about what he said and that there never was any quid pro quo.

But his confusing comments contradicted the President and all the available witness testimony that there was no quid pro quo.

Mulvaney clearly had no idea what he was talking about and served the President poorly.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I see Sean Hannity is still doing the right thing & supporting the President. I still don’t watch Fox News anymore. Keep it up Sean Hannity. At least their is still a few reporters still reporting news.

    • Hannity is not doing the news, he does his “show” which is about entertaining his followers and making up garbage that they consume like sheeple.

      • Garbage? So now truth is garbage? That transcript is documented proof and yet you dare to say Hannity stating that its factual truth is garbage? WE THE PEOPLE consume like sheeple? Hmmm…well if consuming fact instead of the BS shudda cudda wudda makes us sheeple then I feel good about being one who follows facts not what could be or might be or sounds like etc etc as the left does.

      • No..I have seen and heard the lies and distortion that the MSM is peddling It startedon day 1 of the Trump administration and before. Journalism is supposed to be unbiased and nonpartisan. All the major channels along with the crazed CNN and MSNBC left journalism in the dust 3 years ago.Hannity supports Trump and says so. No one seems to question where Mrs . Clinton was election night,and now we know..her cronies with the insurance policy fell through and she was throwing a hissy fit because that and her dirty dossier fell through. We now have to relive that everyday with her party,the fake media,and these fools in Congress.

    • Actually, it is my understanding that the phone call and what Mulvaney was talking about are two separate incidents and happened on separate dates.

      • were you there as part of a threesome? Maybe Hannity was part of a threesome with Kim Jong Un and Trump – -they have “fallen in love” you know!!!

        • You mean like that thing Barack married. No wonder he was so riled about gay marriage. He had to have it for his monstrous apewoman named Big Mike.

    • I think Mick is not good infront of the camera and being put on the spot by leftist media. Kelly Conway should be the one speaking for the President as she knows how to handle the press and put them in their place. She’s extremely smart and knows how the media turns things around to make you sound like your an imbicile. She’s remarkable with the press and needs to take that job as soon as possible.

  2. I’m a DEMOCRAT and a LIBERAL and I can’t understand how normal people can support a man who is such a transparent pathological liar! Has Mexico paid one cent for the useless border wall? Trump withdrawing US support from the Kurds in Syria was an act of ultimate betrayal! Even his staunchest Republican Party supporters are fed up with Trump’s falsehoods and imperious behavior. Trump is not a Republican! He is a traitor to the USA and has just given the middle east as a present to his buddy Putin!

    • Mexico is paying Their Troops to stop illegals, and to hold those waiting to have cases decided. This cost is much more the cost of border wall and more the any Democrats do to Secure America’s border. And if we are not going to go in and win quickly it is not Our responsibility to hold the world’s criminals not in America. You may as well get use to President Trump he will be in office 5 more years. KAG 2020

      • Yes the president actually stated one way or another he would make Mexico pay for the wall. He has in spades. Forced them to renegotiate NAFTA in our favor saving America Billions and millions of jobs. Mexico military guarding border crossings and illegals from South America.

      • B. S. EXCUSES! You are those fools Trump bragged about who would still support him even if he killed someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue! Does it hurt a little to lose your integrity, become a sheeple and stick your head up Trump’s ass so far? Does it bother you this country was NOT set up to have a king who could get away with lawlessness, and we crafted a system where EVERYONE, even a president, is under the rule of law?

    • IF the Democrats had cooperated with the President, enough pressure could have been put on Mexico that they would have fallen over themselves to pay for the wall. Instead, they switched their previously held position that the wall was a necessity one hundred-eighty degrees and supported a totally open border in the hopes that burying the country in unskilled illegal aliens, possibly also drug runners, possibly murderous gang members, possibly human trafrickers, possibly carriers of infectious diseases, previously banished from this country, working ld all be blamed on the President. If LEGAL citizens had to die in the process, well, that’s just collateral damage, right?

      With a national debt over twenty TRILLION dollars, this country can no longer afford to be the policemen for the world. The only interest that we still have in the middle-east is the probable escape of thousands of ISIS prisoners while the Kurds are busy elsewhere defending themselves against the Turks. Since most of the Muslim countries already hate us, let them spend some time fighting among themselves for a change. They will then have much less time to plot blowing up our citizens.

    • Well if you are willing to support the people over there, go join the fight yourself. People are glad to sent someone else to do their fighting as long as they can sit there ass back at home where they are safe, All the people who want to help the kurks, go over and help them! I am a combat vet and know what war is like. When have you ever been shot at? If congress wants to declare war so be it! don’t BS us vets and our country! Obama didn’t do nothing to stop the war! he would drop pamlets to tell Iss to get out of their trucks we are going to bomb them! What a damn fool he was! So if you want to help them then take a plane and goodluck!

      • Thank you for your service and your post. We have been in Syria for ten years. Nothing has changed except the number of our service people who have been killed or injured. You are correct. If Democrats and Republicans think our presence in Syria are necessary then declare war.
        If you read the letter President Trump sent to Erdogan you will recognize that it is IN RESPONSE to something Erdogan told him. Turkey has wanted to take this step for years, the divide in Congress has allowed them this opening. No reason to leave our troops-whatever the number-in harm’s way not to mention they would wind up fighting a NATO ally.

        • ia that the latest excuse for cowardice and BETRAYAL of an ally? Kurds lost 10,000 people fighting ISIS and we lost 17. Nothing has changed in Syria, Lin? What about the defeat of ISIS and removing their control over certain areas? Erdogan, Putin, Kim Jong Un, even the Saudi Prince play Trump like the puppet and weakling that he is.

          • Hey, keep it up, Ann! You trolls, even if unwittingly, are only helping to assure Trump’s reelection.
            Interesting how your anti-war party suddenly turned into war hawks supporting such endless wars.

      • Otto thank you for your service brother.I agree 100% with you as a Vet of the Viet Nam war we lost 55,000+ american hero’s for what? The commies took over the south anyway.We haven’t been in a usefull war since WW2.Every war since than we lost brave american men and women for nothing,we weren’t fighting for our freedom!I’m sick of seeing our vets being killed fighting other countrys war’s. The USA isn’t the world’s police force!Our great president is right and I stand behind his policy to bring our Vets home. We should be protecting our countries borders.put them troops on our south border to keep out drug dealers and crimmals.Most of these countries will take our money and support but don’t give a f#ck about us.let them fight there own wars.Like you said anyone worried about the kurds go over there and fight.

    • joe can you tell me how much money the drug lords are paying piglosi, chucky and the rest of the dems to keep it open. just look what is going on in cal, its becoming a 3rd world nation. you do know that over 300 of our people die each week from the drugs

    • Wow you liberals really are that stupid!! Trump has done more for the middle class than any president since Reagan. Obama was selling us out and the democrat party has been fighting that since the matriarch of the biggest crime family in America, lost to him. They dint want to give up their millions or their power. This witch hunt is treason. Mueller found NOTHING!!!! So now they came up with other lies! Do you really want America to become communist/muslim?? Wake up!!!

    • No that would be Obama and get ready Trump will win again and I hope Clinton runs again and she will lose again all I can say you should start screaming at the sky now lol

    • Mrs. Lesbian. How many of these wonderful illegal aliens are you personally putting up in your home? How many are you helping out? Just curious, since your such a righteous dude. If you are this blind, to see how the wonderful dems have treated this man, then you are as stupid as you are blind. If Schittforbrains REALLY had all this evidence, then where is it at? Let’s see it. No closed door bs. Take your head outta your butthole, and wake up, before your hero’s turn us into Venezuela part 2.

    • Mmm, not taking sides but liberals don’t stick with the truth either as we have witnessed on the Muller investigation … It is really sad that stupidity= ideology completely proven false but just insist on following it. Maintaining our republic form of government has created economic, political, and military security within the U.S. that has made it the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.
      The intentional semantic infiltration by the Left that our country is a democracy may, on its surface, seem relatively inconsequential. However, upholding the distinction that we are, indeed, a republic is foundational to a way of life that makes the United States the envy of the world.I guess they never thought you this!!!!

  3. Every negotiation is a quid pro quo of sorts.You negotiate the price of a car, it’s a quid pro quo. Once your married every negation becomes a quid pro quo. Really tired of stupid people who follow & don’t make the effort to think.

  4. The media is full of asses and it was displayed. Apparently they can’t read a 5-page document or believe a foreign president.

  5. Pay no attention to the dead, er, I mean, Red Man. He’s nothing but a fool. He hasn’t passed along one speck of accuracy or truth; I just throw up a little bit in my mouth!

      • hannity probably is smart, because he plays all of you like fools and laughs all the way to the bank. He has Trump wrapped around his little finger. Liberals are much better educated and intelligent, which is why Trumpers have to PRETEND they are smarter than those who got into college, completed colleges and who read. Very few book sales are from conservatives because they don’t read much.

        • Melania, you just proved it!! College communist professors have brain washed you!! Did they tell you little millennials your special
          And smart and you can kill babies because the demoncrats said it’s ok? Maybe you should read the Bible and learn history! Good people have died to keep us free. And Jesus died for our sins. The demon party wants to take all of that away!!

        • Melpoopia. We dont have time to sit around reading. We’re too busy working, so you losers can get your “free” iPhones, foodstamps, healthcare, roof over your head, cash assistance, and all the other little goodies the demoncraps use to buy votes. So, sorry we dont have all day to sit around reading. We gotta go to work. Your welcome. I just said your welcome, since us evildoers provide you with all your free stuff.

  6. The trump-ah-hump circus is about to close his big, stupid, mouth down wit his large racist ring followers. His brown nose get-t-ups will soon be left behind when he takes old bow-mouth julie-anna wit him into Russia to be wit snowden. So you greasy heads had better start whining now so you can “get over it”. hahahahhahahahahahah

    • Any Hannity is on the side of evil. His programs specializes in lies that even Fox News debunks. If Trump is “in love” with Kim Jong Un, does that mean that Hannity joins them in that mutual love?

  7. SEAN H: I called all the Dems seaking Potus,as WATERMELONS!
    WHY? WELL they are ALL green [environmentally]on the outside, bur inside they ar3e COMMIE red mush! Just as a watermelon but near as stasty

      • THE SICKMAN is saying he is a moron everytime he comments. He says the same things every time. Repeat, repeat, repeat. THE SICKMAN IS MENTALLY ILL, a good example of a psychopath.

        Trump2020. KAG.

        • No Trump is the example of a psychopath and narcissist. He will betray anyone, including the Kurds. Trump uses people then disposes of them, like his good friend Epstein. Both are (were) sexual predators.

          • I cant wait until he wins again. It’s going to be so funny watching you little crybabies jumping off buildings. Please go to San Francisco to do it, since they love Schitt on the sidewalks. We dont like that all around us. I’m getting my big screen television all setup to record and its surely going to be funny. Cant wait. Also, about that time Hitler, brown clown, Derelict Dick Holder should be up on trial, getting ready for Gitmo. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

      • What I love is all the libs want to take our guns. That will make it nice when the fighting starts! And it will. Love their thinking.

        • Most of you are over 70 – – – so probably cannot lift your guns very long, and you will need to take a nap or grab some medications. Libs will not need guns as our law enforcement people arrest you for domestic terrorism – -or they may have to just shoot you if you do not lay down your guns.

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