Sean Hannity won’t be able to sleep at night after this scary discovery about Trump’s trial

The Democrat Party succeeded in their long sought after political goal of convicting Donald Trump.

But this trial and jury verdict were anything but legitimate.

And Sean Hannity won’t be able to sleep at night after this scary discovery about Trump’s trial.

A show trial right out of Communist Cuba 

The level of outrage this verdict generated was such that even RINOs, who usually play to the applause of the liberal media, slammed it as illegitimate.

In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) compared what took place in Manhattan to a show trial from a communist country.

Rubio told Sean Hannity that the spectacle Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg put on reminded him of the show trials he read about in his parents’ native Cuba that took place after the Castro regime came to power.

“This is a quintessential show trial. This is what you see in communist countries. This is what I grew up having people in the [Cuban exile] community tell me about,” Rubio stated.

“It happened in the days after the Castro revolution. Obviously, those led to executions. This, on the other hand, is an effort to interfere in an election,” Rubio added.

The layers of weaponization 

Rubio outlined the level of corruption in the legal system Democrats brought about to rig this trial against Trump, starting with the judge, who is a Joe Biden campaign donor and whose daughter runs a consulting firm that helps Democrats raise money off the Trump trials.

“In this particular case, they found themselves a Democrat judge. This judge gave money to Joe Biden in 2020. His daughter is a campaign consultant for Democrats who’s actually out there marketing ‘Convict Trump’ stuff,” Rubio explained.

Rubio then described how Bragg was a partisan hack who campaigned for office on prosecuting Trump and then invented fake crimes to charge him with.

“Then you’ve got a DA who basically said, ‘I am going to go after Trump and put him away,’ when he was running for office to get elected. He didn’t know what he was going to put him away for, but he promised to put him away for something.” Rubio said.

And finally, no show trial is complete without a jury.

In this case, Rubio told Hannity Bragg could count on a pool of Trump haters from one of the most pro-Biden strongholds in America.

“Then you have a jury that lives in Manhattan, which voted 85% for Joe Biden,” Rubio revealed.

Rubio closed with a warning that if this sham verdict stands, America risks turning into one of the banana republics people flee because a change of a party in power means a literal loss of freedom.

“We cannot become one of those countries where people, once they leave office, are targeted through the court system by their political opponents. That’s what happens in Peru. That’s what’s happened in Brazil. That’s what’s happened in all these countries. It cannot happen here. And that is the direction we are headed right now with what’s happened here today,” Rubio added.

Even RINOs agree

The verdict was so outrageous that even RINOs who voted to convict Donald Trump in the January 6 impeachment hoax and bent over backwards for the media to show how “reasonable” they are assailed the trial that had all the legitimacy of a three-card monte game.

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