Sean Hannity’s jaw hit the floor when John Kennedy revealed this truth about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s blunder-filled Presidency has turned him into a national punchline.

When he faces voters he won’t be able to hide from his catastrophic failures.

And Sean Hannity’s jaw hit the floor when John Kennedy revealed this truth about Joe Biden.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) appeared on Hannity where he compared President Joe Biden’s sagging poll numbers to a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

He and Fox News host Sean Hannity were discussing the dismal state of the Biden economy as Americans continue to deal with inflation.

Hannity noted that Biden has resorted to the desperate strategy of trying to blame anyone and everything but himself for the problems he created. 

Joe Biden plays the blame game for his failures

“Blame big oil, blame big business. The border isn’t his fault, nothing’s his fault,” Hannity said. “Everything is Trump’s fault. The border’s safe and secure, but now it’s the Republicans’ fault. When you think of this number, that Americans spend more on food, more of their income as a percentage on food than at any other point in the past 30 years, Senator. I think those people see and feel the real impact of ‘Bidenomics’ in real time. Will they get away with this shifting of blame?”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Americans are spending more of their budget on food than at any point since 1991 under Biden.

“Sean, I did not think President Obama was a very good President but compared to present Biden, President Obama just shoplifted,” Kennedy responded. “President Biden stole the whole bank. President Biden’s inflation not only hurts people, but it hurts business.”

Biden used Super Bowl Sunday to release a video on social media ranting about shrinkflation – when companies reduce the quantity of a product but keep the price the same – which served as a painful reminder to voters that life has gotten more expensive under him.

Businesses are choosing to cut quantities to avoid raising prices on cost-conscious consumers.

“Unless you were homeschooled by a day drinker, you can see that shrinkflation and inflation are just different sides of the same coin,” Kennedy continued. “Any economist, any reputable economist who didn’t get his degree from Costco will tell you that President Biden’s economic policies caused both inflation and shrinkflation. Now I don’t hate anyone, and that includes President Biden, but when he tries to blame shrinkflation and inflation on small business people you have to consider the source.”

John Kennedy says Joe Biden is as popular as an STD

“So much of the attention right now is on present Biden’s age,” Kennedy continued. “It’s true that it takes longer than a trip to Jupiter for him to walk across the stage. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that his economic policies have been, almost every time, reliably and dependably wrong. His inflation is a cancer on the American dream. And the American people have figured it out and that’s why if you believe the polls, the President is polling right up there with chlamydia.”

Joe Biden’s dismal economy is why he is the weakest Democrat incumbent since Jimmy Carter.

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