A secret email was bad news for Barack Obama and proved he was guilty in this scandal

The Russia scandal keeps getting worse for the Democrats and the FBI.

Every day brings a new revelation about the corruption that led to the hoax investigation into the Trump campaign for allegedly colluding with Russia.

A secret email was just published and it’s bad news for Barack Obama.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released an email that just peeled back another layer on this scandal.

On the day Donald Trump took office, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice sent an email to herself detailing a January 5 meeting in the Oval Office.

In addition to herself and Obama, Vice President Biden then FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates were present.

During the meeting, Rice claims Obama repeatedly stated he wanted the FBI investigation into alleged Russian interference to “go by the book.”

This is the second piece of evidence that demonstrates Obama was fully in the loop on the Russia hoax.

Text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page revealed that they briefed Comey for a meeting with Obama because the President wanted to know “everything.”

That message was later shown to relate to the Russia probe.

It raised questions about what “everything” meant.

Was he briefed on the intention to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page?

Did the January 5 meeting Rice emailed herself about contain any references to the spying on Carter Page?

These are disturbing questions.

And they point in the direction of Barack Obama presiding over the biggest abuse of power in American history.

This is a scandal worse than Watergate and it will require a special counsel to sort out the criminal conduct.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Well said, I strongly agree! The question: what should we do about it? Put the impostor on trial. I say. And let the chips fall where they may!

  2. I have been wondering for some time about who is the responsible person to see that the person chosen to run for president has the credentials to be elected. Would that be the person who swears him into office?

  3. The trouble is whose book were they going by?? OBAMA’S???? And not the lawful law????

  4. College students are brainwashed . Heck from grade school on up they are taught more about Islam than American history. They are handed off at every level of their education to more fascist and communist educators who trash America and focus on her sins rather than focusing on what makes us the truly Judeo Christian Society that we are. They are taught to disrespect the flag and what it stands for. There is no such thing as fair and balanced education when it comes to teaching. It’s all about the state and not we the people. God help us with future generations which have been brainwashed like the brown shirts past. This is what happens when education is run by the federal government and not by individual localities under the States. Washington DC is the swamp and its dirty waters swallow up the very people it is supposed to protect by not following the Constitution of the United States. The left is leaning to the Communist Manifesto as their moral guide. This country was founded on Judeo Christian doctrine . The left has taken over education and healthcare . Those are 2 of the three pillars that have to fall. The third is our guns. To thoroughly take over country this is the last leg of their sacred triangle. This started over 100 years ago. It’s not a recent phenomenon. The citizens have allowed this through the election process. Look at the two parties. The Dems have the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Ellison. Warren, Perez, Feinstein, Waters, the entire Black Caucus. How radical they have become. The RINOs like McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Flake and most of the Senate are the right arm of the swamp. Our only hope to begin to change this around is through elections. Now since the swamp creatures are within both parties , we as patriotic Americans need to stop the insanity. 2018 is critical. We need to slay Satan(the behemoth federal government) with all its swamp creatures. We need conservative and constitutional Judges, Senators and congressmen. We need to look at the mid term elections as a turning point in our maintaining this great Republic. We need to turnout as if it were the presidential election. We need to add to our majority to off set both the Dems and the RINOs. a resounding message. We need at least 57 senators because at least 4 or 5 of them are really part of the Democratic Party. Let’s not kid ourselves if the Dems take over the senate then impeachment will be the rule for the next 2 years. We cannot let that happen. Let’s have a red wave in the firm if conservative, constitutional representation. Those 63 million Trump supporters need to protect the majority and add to it. This President has done amazing things to restore some semblance of the rule of law and economic success. It is conceivable we can gain larger majorities in the House and Senate. The Dems and RINOs who lust for power need to feel the wrath of evangelicals and socially conservative democrats. The same voters must come out in large numbers to make a huge statement to both the Dems and the RINOs. It was Divine intervention which brought about the victory for Donald Trump. I thank Gid everyday that Hillary never got into office . She would have completed Obamas plans of total transformation. I know what the end game is in whatever time God plans to end it all. I look forward to that day. I may not be here but the Bible tells us we will not know the day or time it happens. However as long as we are alive we should honor God by keeping our Judeo Christian Republic intact. May God be in your Mind heart and spirit come November, 2018 as it should be throughout our lives.

  5. Katie I remember that also. his grandmother said she was there, Kenya, when he was born. She died a few weeks later! I thought back then and still do, that she was bumped off.

  6. Not only that but according to the CONSTITUTION(YES, THE CONSTITUTION)Obama is and was NOT eligible to become President of the United States of America. According to the Constitution the FATHER of the one that is trying to run for President has to be a Natural Borne Citizen, which obamas father was NOT a N.B.C. there for he is and never was the President of the United States of America. Check out the Constitution for yourself.

  7. I don’t think that there is anything that can be done to Barry Soetoro now that he’s out of office! Was a damned shame that he was NEVER FULLY VETTED & a double shame on the sheeple that voted for him! Not just once, but TWICE they voted for him! I really hope that POTUS TRUMP can keep us on the better path for America!

  8. To bad to many American people are brain dead. What I mean by that is that there are to many people in this country have NO idea of the things that are going around them here in the U.S of A. You want to prove that to your self, just go out on the street and ask them any question about what is going on in there own city, state or at that matter the country and you will prove it to yourself real fast. they are all dummies, and that is even on college campuses.

  9. u r an idiot. there is not a law-abiding Italian-American alive who supports MAFIA. Go and live in sicily, u damned fool.

  10. The biggest political crime in US history happened when we inaugurated that half-breed Marxist from Kenya as our President.

  11. Of course I looked for another surveyor job, ding dong. I had to move 350 miles just to take this job I’ve had for almost 8 years. But I have an 83 year old mother who can’t be uprooted and the small town I live in has 3 well established survey companies who never hire because the economy here has been in the tank since 2010. I did what I had to do to keep feeding my family and refused to go on welfare or food stamps. People on here amaze me at their criticisms of others without knowing a damn thing about them.

  12. Please don’t insult the Italians calling hillary clinton the ‘queen of the mafia’ I being of Italian decent resent this. At least with the Mafia, or as we like to say La Cosa Nostra is straightrforward in their doings. With the liberals, they use smoke and mirrors, twist everything around to their advantage and treat meinstream Americans like they’re stupid.

  13. I understand the tax cuts wouldn’t be seen until next year when we filed for our income taxes from this current year. Maybe I’m wrong, but I also understand per my tax accountant that next year, standard deduction will double for a married couple filing joint. Again, maybe I am wrong, but at least it isn’t a tax increase that yes, Hillary or any other Liberal, would raise taxes. Actually, in New York State, Gov. Cuomo is again, planning to increase NYS taxes yet again. We are already the highest taxed state, next to California, and he still wants to raise them again. And there are NO TERM LIMITS for state govt. officers in NYS either…. We keep trying to change that, but NYS is and has been controlled by Liberal commies forever, at least for the past 50 years, that is why the population in NYS is less now than in Florida, year-round, including NYC.

  14. We shall see about that. I think there will be grand juries and indictments. We have had enough of their BS. Time to get the govt. house in order.

  15. Not only did his own grandmother say he was born in Kenya but Sheriff Joe had his investigators look into Obummer’s birth certificate from Hawaii. After 2 years of investigation it was proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Hawaii birth certificate was a phony. Obummer has a lot of explaining to do. Then he should be arrested for TREASON. He is a scumbag Muslim who did nothing for this country except try to run it into the ground

  16. Don’t any of you people read ALL the comments before mouthing off? I’ve said NUMEROUS times in this thread it isn’t the amount itself I’m disappointed in. And yes, I DO pay taxes. I had 1400 withheld last year and paid over 600. I’m not a freeloader PLUS I gladly take care of my 83 year old mother at my OWN expense so as not to burden taxpayers as well as still supporting my daughter who is a paramedic and in college to be a registered nurse . I’m upset with the way this cut was ADVERTISED as being something huge and it isn’t. Forget it though. None of you listen anyway.

  17. Mee, if you gross 29K per year, how much did you expect to get? See the “problem” is you are probably not paying that much in taxes to begin with. And your tax break is $416 per year, which is more than I have gotten in a yearly raise in the 17 years I have been on permanent disability from SSDI. So, I’d be really happy with that kind of a raise… I guess it’s all relative. Personally, I have been pretty happy with the way that President Trump has been accomplishing things. I have NEVER seen a President keep promises like he has. And if you think of the alternative, well HilLIARy would have been a disaster for us. Instead of a raise, you would be paying more in taxes and getting less for it. You can’t tell honestly tell me that you think HilLIARy would have been better for your paycheck?

  18. Remember when Obama STATED TO THE President of Russia and go back and tell Putin that “I will be more flexible after I win this election”.

    I think this is showing up now – that flexibly he was talking about on Russia where again he has broken the law of this land?? Where is that birth certificate – his own Grandmother stated he was born in Kenya when she was in the oval office after his swearing in. This man is an imposter and a Manchurian candidate for he was put in that position by a group of people. I will never forget his “staging (like a Hollywood scene of the Greek landscape) when he realized he won the election or what ever it was. This man is a traitor plain and simple.

  19. Yes, you are exactly right. I’ve been amazed with what he has been able to get done with no allies in DC that he can trust.
    As I’ve said, the only reason I’m so upset about the increase I got is because they made it sound like it was really going to be substantial and it isn’t at all. It’s like when you were a kid and your parents hyped up your Christmas present by making you think it was going to be really special and for weeks you believed you were getting something you had asked for. When you opened it, it was designer underwear or something. Big letdown.

  20. i agree with you up to the point of jail. they should be shot,then the next communist bastard that gets in the whitehouse can’t pardon them..

  21. jusr remember that the swamp had very much to do with the tax cut.trump can call for a tax cut but he has the comrades in the house and senate to fight,and communists do not give anything ,they take..

  22. do not confuse these jackasses, he was hatched in the cia’s computer print room.the demonrats were all for the lie along with the main slime media.

  23. EIGHT(8),long years of years of this Manchurian Alinskyite, to prove he was GIGO, GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT. He should be dishonored and shipped to Kenya and yet the garbage followers will come out in droves to call us racists and all the foul thoughts an stories of hatred they can muster. What a miserable, loathing individual we were handed.

  24. But, really! Did you expect anything else out of a follower of Rev. Wright and Louis(e?) Farrakhan and probably the Ayatollah?

  25. In case you missed it. CNN missedit’s financial goal by tensof millions.Layoffs soon to follow. Keep up the good work CNN. Your chickens are coming home to roost

  26. Of course Obama was born in Kenya & Piglosi knew that and she still approved him to run for president!! Piglosi & Obama should be waterboarded.

  27. Don ‘ under stand all the confusion about Obama. Every Federal agent knows he was born August 4th 1961 at 7,24 PM 7lbs 10oz 18″ long
    Delivered by Dr James O.W. Ang’awa Certificate #32018 in Kenya at
    Coast Providence General Hospital

  28. Obama brought the shrewdness of Chicago politics to Washington. He seeded the agencies and courts with Liberal Democrat stooges. Susan Rice was a Cabinet stooge as proven by her lies about Benghazi. Good to see Grassley and crew not letting up. We need to have a Special Counsel for all this.

  29. That is EXACTLY why he RILED UP the Gay and Transgender COMMUNITIES as well to somehow also PROTECT his ass through them, because as we have already seen, Trump tried to keep TRANSGENDERS out of the military for GOOD reason but what was the responds, “DEMONSTRATIONS” and calling the President a “RACIST”, EVERYTHING Trump IS doing or will TRY to do is being called “RACIST” and ALL that because of ONE/THIS Traitor, and he is also counting on all of the black communities to WRECK HAVOC if he was INDICTED for any WRONG doing, even though he DIDN’T do a darn thing for any of THEM at all, but still THEY look at this as that he is their “BROTHER”, NO matter WHAT ….!!!!

  30. No of course I didn’t miss that. I campaigned for DJT from June 2015 till the election. I set up a monthly contribution to his campaign. I was terrified with her being elected. But what does that have to do with the lie that the tax cuts for lower income earners was going to be HUGE? I’m grateful for what I got but it’s not what they promised. That’s my only point.

  31. I agree with you as far as the fact it IS more than I was getting. It comes out to be 416 a year total increase. What bothers me isn’t so much the amount (I’m grateful for anything) but the fact we were told it was HUGE and our pockets would be overflowing with tax cuts. I work for a small city government so of course I didn’t benefit from a bonus. We didn’t get a pay raise like private industries. If we had been told it was going to be a small amount to start with but they are working on more for people like me and my brother, this wouldn’t have stung near as bad.

  32. Had Killary been elected, you’d be taking home less. Remember, she ran on more business, and job killing regulations, and raising taxes. I guess you missed that.

  33. That’s why his “political correctness” BS was implemented = OVERRIDING all rules = BREAK with TRADITIONS, BUT I have always asked and I am STILL asking if that was really LEGAL as they ALL constantly BROKE the LAWS of the land….!!! BREAKING with TRADITIONS is one thing, BUT “BREAKING the LAWS” is another, and so YEAH I have to AGREE with you that they ALL need to be IMPRISONED…..!!!!!

  34. Barack and Michelle are despicable deplorables. The artist they chose to do their official portraits is well known for his paintings of African Americans beheading whites. If this were President Trump’s portrait and he close an artist known for paintings of whites beheading African Americans, all hell would break loose. The double standard in action.

  35. Sorry to hear that you are so disappointed, BUT would you have liked to pay even MORE in taxes as Madam Hillary wanted to UP the taxes by another $1 TRILLION….???? I am “pleased” that THAT will NOT happen and humble myself to be somewhat GRATEFUL, considering the ENORMOUS National DEBT this country is BURDENED with now, THANKS to TWO so called former presidents who’s SPENDING did NOT know any bounds……!!!!

  36. Looks like the HNIC was in charge of this felonious activity also. Like the monkey who got his necktie caught in the gears and choked himself. Close your eyes and picture the face on that monkey. Who do you see?

  37. Uh, excuse me…I’m almost 61 and a registered land surveyor in 2 states. I had a 100 grand a year salary until Feb 2009 when my company folded. I took the only job I could find at the local Appraisal District. You have no clue about me or my skills or what I have done over the years. And yes, I do pay taxes. Last year I paid 600. I’m paying off student loans for courses I took to get a higher paying job as you put it. The interest rates went from 3.5 percent as privatized loans to over 8 percent when the gov’t took over. I will never live long enough to pay them off. Back off, fool.

  38. Something to think about: If all of our presidents had been black and Obama was elected to be the next president, would he then be called the first white man ever to be president? Think about that, why would it be racist to charge him for any wrong doing?

  39. Mee, I am so sorry to hear the way you feel. It is $16.00 times 52.00 a year, not bad. Let me share my story. When President Bush gave us a tax break I got $50.00 more a month. I always wanted a Kitchen Aid could not afford it because I was a divorced Mom only my income and head of household. Walmart had a Sale $190.00 vs. over $300.00. I put the kitchen Aid on lay-away paid it off in 2 month. I have saved thousand of $ by using my kitchen aid over the years. I bake may own bread, make my own dog food, prepare for canning, freezing and so much more. Than I used the extra $50.00 and started an IRA account and added every month, when the tax deferred savings allotment increased e,( 1250.00, 1575.00, 1750.00, 2000.00) I added the extra. When I retired I had a nice nest egg which now is a supplemental income to my Social Security. I looked at the tax break as a gift and now it is going on giving. I hope I do not bore you to tears. The tax break is based on the actual income.

  40. No matter how much corruption is exposed nobody is going to jail. The hole dame bunch are in bed together. Starting with the Obama administration at the top. Let’s not forget the queen of The mafia Secretary of State Hillary Cilinton. 1) the Cilinton’s foundation pay for play. 2)The Benghazi Debacle
    3) The E-Mail coverup the missing e mail ? 4) The FBI completely disregarding the evidence . 5) The DOJ ATTORNEY GENERAL Loretto Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the Tomac in Arizona. 6) The billons given to are the Iranian government one of our worst enemy. 7) The 20% sale of USA uranium to a foreign country( Russia )
    THIS sounds more and more like what it appears to be criminal corruption within the government agencies and nobody will ever be prosecuted for crimes against the the country.

  41. With your gross income, YOU DON’T PAY any TAXES other than social security, what’s the beef, if you want a larger gross income go to a community college and study something that will get you a higher paying job, good luck.

  42. I hated the 8 years we had to endure under that “thing” and the “thing” who called itself First Lady.
    But I feel like they all lied to us about these “BIG, BEAUTIFUL” tax cuts when I got my biweekly check yesterday and it had increased by 16 dollars. That isn’t even half a tank of gas.
    I gross 29 thousand a year and am head of household with my 83 yr. old mom living with me. If I’m not considered lower income bracket (who was supposed to have substantial tax cut according to President Trump et al) then I don’t know who is.
    I’m disgusted. I spent more in one month on Trump’s campaign then I will receive in extra money for an entire 2 years.
    They ALL lie and I guess I was completely wrong about the man I voted for and convinced others to support him as well.


  44. If you think they’ll do anything? Take a s–t in one hand, and wish in the other. See which one fills up first.

  45. A: Obama knew that his operatives were not playing by the rules.
    B: He wanted his ass covered.
    C: This conspiracy needs to be uncovered so that ALL of the conspirators can be removed and, hopefully, jailed.

  46. And FBI Director Christopher Wray…just now…under OATH to Congress…”Have you ever seen political bias inside the FBI?” Answer…no. AFTER the THOUSANDS of texts between Peter Strzok and loverbabe Lisa Page? And his answer is NO??? WTF??? Profuse LYING ad nauseum!!! Wray just perjured himSELF…

  47. Obama with his free-wheeling pen signing an unprecedented number of Executive Orders. Without consent of Congress. Without consent of The People. Obama illegally establishing DACA which, most definitely, should have fallen under an ACT of Congress. The list of Obama’s treachery is l-o-n-g. Susan Rice established herself as a CYA liar…Benghazi triggered by an anti-Muslim VIDEO? Her latest ‘diary entry’ is further PROOF of conspiracies against America…setting a contradictory CYA of what America now knows as TRUTH. Obama? PRISON! And line the wall of his cell with his obnoxiously flowered portrait!

  48. Obama … “scandal-free”?! Baawaahahaha! No, he is NOT!

    We need to march forward for the truth thru all the liberal criticisms that keep hammering in repeated attempts to downplay the enormousness of this … treasonous scandal. Fake Russian dossier, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation slush front, terrorist dealings, etc, etc.

    I hope for the honest liberals that could not stomach this treachery that Obama truly betrayed our country. A traitor he is.

  49. You know what’s gonna happen? Nuthin. No one has the courage to go after the gay Kenyan born Muslim Marxist for anything. Everyone in Washington DC is an historical coward, they don’t want to be the guy in history who takes down a former First Lady and two former presidents, one of whom is supposedly black, as if that is something sacred and above the law. Everything that went on within the bureaus to stop Trump was approved and directed by obama.
    Let’s get him now.

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