A secret recording revealed the real truth about the Florida school shooting

Democrats and the media jumped at the chance to exploit the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to push gun control.

They pulled out every stop to ban guns and gut the Second Amendment.

But a secret recording revealed the truth about what happened that day.

The killer was able to massacre 17 innocents because law enforcement failed.

Gun control would not have stopped the killer.

But Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson may have been able to.

He was the school resource officer on campus that day, but failed to enter the building to confront the killer.

Peterson claimed he believed he heard gunfire outside the building.

A newly released audio recording shows that he knew the shots were coming from inside the school and even was heard saying not to go inside.

The Miami Herald reports:

“But internal radio dispatches released by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Thursday show Peterson immediately fixated on Building 12 and even radioed that gunfire was happening “inside.”

And, just as school shooter Nikolas Cruz was fleeing the building after killing 17 people, Peterson warned his fellow officers to stay away — even as wounded students and staff lay inside.

BSO policy calls for deputies to engage an active shooter and eliminate the threat.

“Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away,” a panicked Peterson shouted as people screamed in the background.”

Gun grabbing politicians and journalists shamefully exploited the deaths and grief of children to push for tighter gun laws.

But no law could have stopped the madman.

The systems were in place to prevent this killing but the Broward County Sheriff’s office – as well as the FBI – dropped the ball.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Set -up all right. Called ‘Gun Free Zones’
    & ‘Promise Act’ – & of which current P0TUS
    Should Rescind B0TH Immediately By E0 .
    > Remember when ‘o’ saud.i’vegot a “pen & phone” –
    Well, MR> PRES, get Your Pen/Phone Now.
    > Any further discussion really is crap.

  2. The two sheriffs should be fired and the F.B.I should be investigated for the blunder’s they made.

  3. Not according to the SCOTUS. They ruled that the police have no duty to protect the individual. Only the government and politicians it seems.

  4. The Broward Cowards did not have any on. They were told not to enter unless their cameras were on. Kind of hard to do if you don’t have them to start with. Fire Sheriff Israel.

  5. Charter schools and private teaching do far better than the public schools because public schools have to teach to the lowest levels of students. Not the highest level students. So all the students get drug down. All the students have to get a trophy, don’t you know? Back when I was in schools, the schools run by the military always were at least one grade level of learning higher compared to the regular public schools. When I enrolled in college, I was already reading at the level of someone with a Batchlor’s Degree. Now days, public schools can barely turn out an eight grade level student in 12 years.

  6. We lost the protection of law enforcement back when the SCOTUS ruled that the police are not required to protect citizens. That now means that they are there only to protect the government and politicians.

  7. 2nd Amendment started when Peter asked Jesus Christ if 2 swords were enough for the Apostles due to Him leaving them. Whether you’re an Evangelical or a Libertarian arm your self by training in Close Quarter Combat/Firearm Training.

  8. Just exactly who is effected with gun control laws? The answer of course is the people who regularly obey laws. Do terrorists care about laws? Their actions are already illegal. Do crazy mass murders on mind altering drugs care about laws? So this government fails to do its constitutional duties (protecting the nation and the citizens) and instead further burden the very people they are duty bound to protect with more and more restrictive gun laws. Is that what they seek to cover “their” mistakes and short comings? Disarming the very people who are most vulnerable the very people who are always the victims makes them more vulnerable not less. Is this one of those do something even if it is wrong instances? It does appear so. However, those in government charged with the duty of providing that protection are, by suggesting more gun laws are the answer not the problem, making the problem even worse.

    Government routinely demonstrates its incapability and unwillingness to protect the citizens. All the law enforcement mistakes leading up to the murders in Parkland Florida prove this. Consequently, absolutely never allow any government official to convince “you” he can and will protect you better then you can protect yourself. Never, never surrender your only real means of self protection your guns. Government has no skin in the game so to speak. Government, concentrates on the collective. Our constitution concentrates on individual freedoms. Government is therefore incapable of protecting individual rights with intrusions into individuals rights. In essence government is the real problem here or it at least creates the problem(s).

  9. Jimmy-G, It is a shame and disgrace we the people have come to the place where we can no longer trust the FBI and a lot of law enforcement personnel. So many feel exactly as you stated in your comment. When I think about what is being and has been done in the name of political views, it makes me sick to my stomach. We must stay on guard to protect the first and second ammendments as well as continue to call these lawless people out and demand justice for the American people. The forefathers would not believe what is happening!

  10. The FBI agent or agents, the Sheriff and the deputies outside the building should all be fired.

  11. The federal government can not fix most, if any, of the things they are called upon to correct. There has been a gradual shift, over the last century, to have the population expect the government to fix many of the things that come up.

    The problems with this expectation are:

    It just isn’t possible for the government to solve most of the issues it is called upon to do. If these things were easy to resolve, they would be fixed long before they reach the level of the federal government. Politicians know that if they don’t do something, even if it is wrong (especially if it is wrong?), they will have a harder time getting reelected. So politicians act, by pretending to do something that will resolve a problem, even when they know the probability of success is near zero. Additionally, what they attempt to do will likely cause problems elsewhere in the system. But that just gives them another issue to pretend to fix, while they deny any connection with what caused it. It is an endless cycle that the politicians use to avoid the voters’ wrath; that is if the voters even recognize the government’s involvement in the failures.

  12. Absolutely! You nailed it. The 90% solution lies with the law enforcement agencies who, in this case, failed miserably on multiple levels. Hanging this on the NRA just shows the stupidity of the left and many others…and did they tell you Broward County is Democrat controlled? NO, of course not. Every time you hear”common sense gun control” you can be sure the Dems have co-opted the source! Improving background checks is meaningless without mental health professionals and law enforcement sharing the information and establishing a process to handle these situations REAL TIME!The NICS database is already established. USE IT! Just like 911…..had the info but no one shared or did anything even though the warnings were everywhere. Holding Scott Peterson and all the law enforcement agencies involved ACCOUNTABLE is a must but it won’t be done as the Broward County controlled Democrats will continue to blame the NRA. Yes, HARDEN the schools but, sadly and truely,”The ONLY thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. That is an axiom! Need to arm the teachers who have or want concealed carry and qualify along with real law enforcement, not a Scott Peterson. Teachers and administrative volenteers are there now. No need to wait for cowardly cops. Other states have done great work in solving this issue, why can’t we all?

  13. I agree “Top”. The schools need to be hardened first. Armed teachers are the last line of defense. Schools should be hardened to the point that no “shooter” can make it far enough for armed teachers to have to engage. Let’s get the schools hardened now. The debate can wait since most people seem to be unable to debate the issues. I live in Florida a few counties above Broward. I am not a teacher but work with high schoolers. At times in a gun free zone. Soo-I carry a concealed “weapon”. After two years in a war zone- do you think I could live on if any of them were killed by a shooter- while I was there and unarmed? We should have started on the schools the day after this happened.

  14. Like was said earlier, I believe it was all a setup. The federal bureau of incompetence, the broward cowards sheriff, who stood around like morons, and the department of non-education new about this 19 year old, didn’t do ANYTHING about it, allowed him to buy guns and ammunition then waited until after he killed and wounded students and one teacher, put down his weapon, walk out with students and go to Walmart. Just like it was all pre-arranged like a script for maximum coverage for some one or group to emphasize talking points.

  15. Nancy, AK47s are available in semi auto version. Anyone can apply to ATF and after a thorough background check, paying the $200.00 tax, and then purchase a fully auto gun. The least expensive of which run about $6000.00 and as high as $50,000.00

  16. We think alike. Have been saying that ever since it happened and the FBI and Sheriff’s office had the knowledge of this guy and did nothing to stop it. And most of all, ODUMBO IS BEHIND IT AS WELL. He still thinks he’s President and if given the change, he would be DICTATOR.

  17. The sheriff needs to be arrested for what he did that caused even more to be killed.I like Linda McCullam’s idea. I ti is just hard to understand how many sick people there are in this country, EVIL. Schools have done nothing but go down hill ever since pray was taken out of the classroom.

  18. I think it was all staged by the FBI and the sheriffs department for the soul purpose of gun control and gut the Second Amendment.

  19. Based on what has been made public, I would conclude that the FBI not following
    their own protocol and the local sheriffs department failed to follow their own
    SOP during this event. We will all know when the final investigation goes public.


  21. BTW, look up the 8th grade read and math scores. Please! Bottom of the list, California! less than 25% of 8th grade students pass reading and math test! They don’t even test for “Science”!
    Saddest part, not ONE state got a score above 50%!!! Which proves the “Unionized” schools teachers are NOT teaching! Close the DOE and all other federal branches and put the money elsewhere! What schools do the best?
    “CHARTER” schools. When I encounter a college student working as a cashier in Walmart that can’t do simple addition, we are sunk! She couldn’t add a $50 bill and a check for $65.14 together! Would not accept my answer or doing the math on a piece of paper. Ask her “how much is 6+5? “I don’t know”! “5 and zero”? Same, she then called for a manager! Beam me up Scottie, NO intelligent life here!

  22. Wrong! TSA lets 0ver 95% of prohibited items thru when tested by Federal inspectors! Put Israel in control of our airport and school security. They at least get the job done, and done well!
    Broward county schools made a deal with police to stay off the campus! WHY? To get another 54 MILLION DOLLARS in grants! How? NO arrests makes it look like the schools are safer than they are! It’s all about the money! Damnocrats only car about how much they can get! Every city and state under the “D” column is the same way. More rules, bigger govt. equals filthy rich demeocrats! It’s as simple as that.

  23. I think you should look it up instead of passing stupid lies.AK 47s are not automatic.They are semi autos.That means thEY are fired 1 shot at a time.I own one,and it is completely legAL.

  24. it is their way of trying to muddy up the waters and keep we the people from getting to the truth and real reasons this had to happen at some time (2013 the Obama promise program)to keep young criminals out of jail. Well we now can see how well that worked.

  25. I bet every criminal in Florida is heading to Broward County to set up shop now that it’s been made clear they have nothing to fear from Broward’s Cowards. They better steer clear of any City Police Departments as those guys are still at the top of their game.

  26. Democrats and the media jumped at the chance to exploit the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to push gun control.
    From what I have heard and read , I believe this was a setup form the get go. Those 17 young kid were sacrificed in the name of gun control from the Liberal Law Enforcement on the ground and Liberal Political people in DC . too MEANY Questions are pointing back at the Law on why they didn’t go after the shooter.

  27. Israel the Sheriff had a deal with the School Administration to NOT arrest or charge Criminal students and that on top of this COWARD as well as the three that showed up and kept people out all failed these people. Yes the FBI also failed but Israel and his men FAILED from GREED and that is far worse than what the FBI did.

  28. Wil, you are so correct! I knew when BHO was sworn in and said he was going to fundamentally change America we were in for more trouble than most folks realized. His policies have corrupted eight years of young people and enabled the liberals and we find ourselves in a mess it will take a years to repair. Thank goodness DJT is doing a good job. God bless and help us.

  29. How did the man sneak a rifle into the school building. Maybe we should just pass a law against murder. Then there would be no problem. I am sure that no self respecting criminal would violate such a law.

  30. AK47s are illegal, all automatic/assault weapons are, automatics have been illegal since the early 1930’s, only people with special permits can posses them and the permits are not easy to obtain plus cost a lot.
    Look it up there is plenty of info on this Nancy.

  31. where are the videos, body cams, recordings?…we do not have all the information to evaluate exactly what happened..

  32. In response to Ms. Halpenny’s question, “Why?” I believe this officer froze when the situation became deadly and chaotic. He must have been trained to do the job…or was he? Maybe we can chalk this one up to cowardice and incompetence, in which case, he is not fit for the job. When people take on the job of police officer, they clearly understand that there is a possibility that they may not be going home that evening…their job is to put their lives on the line to protect the citizens. If this officer is not willing to do that, he should turn in his badge, resign and do so WITHOUT retirement benefits. He didn’t earn it.

  33. 100% Correct! These miserable “Mall Cops” stood outside while these children were being slaughtered. It all goes back to “grant money” for not arresting school criminals. Too many black students in school to prison program so just don’t arrest or report them. The cowardly cops are to blame but the root of the problem goes back to the “Promise Program” of the Obama/Holder Administration. They should be held as accessories to murder!

  34. Another bunch of politically crooked FBI and crooked sheriff controlled by Debbie “Waterhead” schultz, Another crazed LIBERAL gunman financed and pushed over the edge by the DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL/COMMUNIST party and Debbie Waterhead Schultz. When are We the People going to indict, prosecute, and imprison the Communist/Liberal traitors infesting American Politics? We stand by and watch them murder us daily, watch them strip our rights from us, and do NOTHING for the sake of “politics” A short rope and a Tall tree is too good for the Liberal TRAITORS. . .let them rot in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. it would only be fitting. . .Communists imprisoned in a Communist “Utopia” 😀

  35. Francis, thank you for your selfless service and God bless you. I have read such good comments to this article. So nice that for the most part they have been profanity free and thoughtful. Thank you everybody, good job! And no, I am not the Profane Police. It detracts from the message being put forth.

  36. And if the Obama Holder regime had not leaned on education institutions to not report school violence and other criminal activity so all the black students they riled up with their race-batting that used violence to display their hatred, could go on without a criminal record, the assailant would have had a criminal record and not been able to buy a weapon. So Obama and Holder should be arrested and tried for complicity in the felony of 17 murders. The assailant was white, but was not reported for numerous assaults, threats etc., that he was guilty of prior to his murderous attacks consistent with and because of the Obama Holder instructions.

  37. I hope that someone is keeping an eye on Scot Peterson so he is available when they want him. Lying about where the gunshots were coming from indicates something totally different than being mistaken. He had to have a reason for keeping the police out of the building. Why?

  38. I am a retired DC police official who received over 30 commendations in my
    career and had the heavy hearted sadness to work with an officer killed in a
    bank holdup and shootout, I stopped the van with the robbers and made the
    arrests without support. Lost a good friend and officer that day.
    Again, assigning officers to assist in heavy drug enforcement. My officer was shot and killed during an attempt arrest. I headed a small team of on and Off duty officers in a manhunt in the DC ghetto from 9:00 AM until well past midnight with no breaks. Continued searching for three
    days and missed the shootout with this thug by less than a minute. My
    officers and I were highly commended. IT’S WHAT WE ARE SWORN TO DO…..

  39. It’s called a METAL detector, And all the new Schools have them at the doors
    All this is a staged attack, of our dem’s gun grabers, cause they want
    our county to be dictatorship! they want to own us. you can’t fight back with sticks and stones give up your guns and surrender to them, we will loose our county and way of life!

  40. When ever there is a shooting you can be sure of one thing. Liberal Politicians will be falling all over themselves to get in front of a TV Camera to start demanding more gun control. It almost seems that our liberal politicians would rather exploit these tragic shooting incidents to further their own gun grabbing agendas. Makes me wonder if victims of shootings are nothing more than political pawns to them.

    It never fails to amaze me how soon after a shooting that Liberal anti-gun politicians are pushing their gun grabbing agenda. They seem to know everything about the shooter. Who he/she is, the type of family they come from, what type of firearm was used and where they got it.

  41. I know damn well that I or my neighbors would not hesitated going into that school , the fbi and that police department should be investigated and charges brought against any involved and they sure should not be able to slink away with a taxpayer funded pension

  42. Actually the school admin and local police and other agencies are at fault. The school “code book of student conduct list what should happened when students have behavioral problems. The number of times this student had problem and their severity, i8f they followed their book, he should have been referred to mental health agencies and the police. It looks that none of this was done and the rest of the story made national news

  43. Come on Deplorable, It started with President Obama and his Attorney General John Holder, the same brain trusts that gave us Fast and Furious.  F&F was proven to be a disaster before this tragedy took place.  The main driver of this debacle was the same old root of all evil! MONEY!  As residents of the county jail, the lawless were worth nothing.  However, as their numbers could be reported in the student enrollment, the school district was able to get greater sums of money from the Federal Government.  What the police failed to understand that having these thugs at large presented a greater threat to the officers and citizens in their county.  It is also false that one person with a gun could not have saved lives.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/10-potential-mass-shootings-that-were-stopped-by-someone-wit?utm_term=.bt9QY3pQE2#.fo5704G7Vp.  That gets us to the FBI with plenty of time to sabotage our President, could not find a 19 year old who had the police called to his home 30 times in three years.  

  44. Come on Deplorable, It started with President Obama and his Attorney General John Holder, the same brain trusts that gave us Fast and Furious.  F&F was proven to be a disaster before this tragedy took place.  The main driver of this debacle was the same old root of all evil! MONEY!  As residents of the county jail, the lawless were worth nothing.  However, as their numbers could be reported in the student enrollment, the school district was able to get greater sums of money from the Federal Government.  What the police failed to understand that having these thugs at large presented a greater threat to the officers and citizens in their county.  It is also false that one person with a gun could not have saved lives.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/10-potential-mass-shootings-that-were-stopped-by-someone-wit?utm_term=.bt9QY3pQE2#.fo5704G7Vp.  That gets us to the FBI with plenty of time to sabotage our President, could not find a 19 year old who had the police called to his home 30 times in three years.  

  45. If we are going to spread the net what about the uber driver that drops a guy off at a school with a rifle case and a big bag. That should have set off a couple of red flags there that something wasn’t right and nothing good was going to come of it.

  46. Stop assigning deadbeats and cowards to guard our kids in school. When they fail and allow 17 people to die start with the sheriff and punish anyone with jail time for their cowardice and ineffectiveness!

  47. No doubt whatsoever,if Broward county, Sheriff included and or the FBI had done their jobs these deaths very well may not have taken place. They should both be ashamed of themselves to put it lightly!! There is no excuse for such incompetence. All these lives were lost for nothing and the NRA has no part in it whatsoever. Gun control plays no part either as the laws were already in place if Obama’s interference in the system would not have taken place. He has blood on his hands as well!

  48. Most people have a misconception that an AR stands for assault rifle and it’s not true. The “AR” designation comes from the name of the company that produced the firearm – Armalite.

  49. The Second Amendment was included in our constitution to protect the American people from a corrupt government. Just look at Mexico. The government is corrupt beyond belief and in league with the drug cartels. The Mexican people gave-up their right to own a gun and there is only one gun shop in Mexico. So, what can the Mexican people do to stop this terrible corruption? Nothing – without adequate armament. So when you hear someone questioning the right for an American to own a gun just refer them to the situation in Mexico.

  50. Put X-Ray scanners, and metal detectors at each door used to enter school. Check all bag through scanner. The students only enter through one door, not numerous doors. Can have numerous exit doors. The exit doors need to be double doors 12′ feet apart so first one must close an lock before the other one can be opened to exit. If both doors are open at the same time the alarm will sound. Teachers will carry a key pass so they may enter using the exit door to enter the building. Again one door must close an lock before the other door will open . Use panic bar to exit only.

  51. The stupid sheriff and his men are guilty of murder and should stand trial.
    It has nothing to do with gun laws it has to do with allowing a person to commit murder, could have stopped him, but did not want to.

  52. No one dropped the ball. They refused to do their job.and then blame others for their inaction,just like Obama and Gifford have planned all along. Clinton and Obama have been recorded as saying the Constitution of the USA was antiquated and should be repealed but they had to get rid of the Second Amendment first..

  53. Yes, school hours could go like this 7-9AM TSA screening. 9-10AM classes. 10-2PM lunch. 2-3PM classes. End of day.

  54. Cops are really a bunch of woosey chickens and pretty much try to hold the scene until the guys in body armor and tanks show up with ‘real’ assault weapons. Look at what Reno did with Waco, TX. Pretty much the same thing. The only one I trust with my life is “M-E”

  55. And they still call an AR-15 and assault rifle. Just buy one off the shelf and take it to Afghanistan and see how long you last. Bump stock or whatever, you dont stand a chance against a true ‘assualt’ rifle. I am sure it has to do with the looks of the rifle as well as the name so similar to an AK-47 which is illegal but I am sure I could put my hands on one if I really tried. All the criminals and gangs seem to have AK’s in their arsenal. So the criminals and the cops all have true “assault’ rifles and as it stands now, the citizenry only have look alike weapons. It is also hard to tell the difference between cops and criminals sometimes with the way they act and invade someone’s home doing a welfare check and find an armed resident and shoot him. So what am I supposed to do when the cops show up in their tanks and body armour after some criminal used my address in committing a felony? Just resign myself to my fate and hope they are truly cops? I was raised to defend myself and that is instinct with me. Guess I am just toast, eh?

  56. When God (prayer) was expelled from our schools guess who entered.. Federal Social Engineering, Unions, Occult, hate groups of all types. The same applies to our Judicial System (Oops! can’t have the Ten Commandments) an that scary

  57. I think the Sheriff and Deputy should both be charged as accessories to those murders because their actions (lack thereof) caused the shootings to continue longer than otherwise would have if they had stormed the school.


  58. Those students and teachers were not failed by the 2nd Amendment or gun control, they were failed at first by the FBI for failing to follow up on reports that Nicholas Cruz was dangerous, and they were further failed by the police department for not arresting Nicholas Cruz for his many crimes (under an Obama administration program to lower their crime statistics, their answer was just to not arrest juveniles who committed crimes!). And then on the day of the shooting they were failed yet again by the police department by them refusing to go in to the school to get the shooter and help the injured. NONE of those things had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment or gun control.

  59. Problem is, medal detectors go off all the time over, belt buckles, cell phones, wrist watches etc. etc. Schools would be locked down every day everywhere.

  60. What Law Enforcement? It appears that there is Law Enforcement in name only. The FBI and the Broward County sheriff’s Office and who knows how many other Law Enforcement organizations dropped the ball and just flat failed to protect innocent school children? For some strange reason, it makes me question whether or not the whole thing was a conspiracy and an orchestrated show.

  61. Those children and adults were completely failed and lost by law enforcement. If I were the parents and family members, I would be beyond enraged.

  62. This whole tragedy was COMPLETELY avoidable! So sick & tired of these fake ass liberals & rinos trying to take away &/or limit our 2nd Amendment God given rights! We’d better hold the damned line or that’ll be it! Y’all know what I’m saying;^/

  63. As logical as all this sounds, the leftist liberals will have a excuse not to implement a plan that could save many lives. Just don’t hire the TSA to do the monitering.

  64. Hey, has anyone aske Broward County sheriff why he stopped the law officers from entering the building? Did he explain his reason yet?

  65. Linda is Correct!!! It’s NOT rocket science Folks!!! All they need is steel entry and exit doors at every school entrance (a maximum of 2 per school) with a metal detector to loudly ring out when any metal is entering or leaving (coming in the wrong way and advising the office at the same time), then ALL doors simultaneously and automatically close and the trained armed monitor checks out the subject(s) who set off the metal alarm, calls local PD (which the office should have already done)….. Problem solved…No biggy but maybe too simple for politician types but it would save the lives of children for a minimum investment which is the base purpose!!!…….

  66. Great idea Linda! I am sure there are many many more good ideas to be shared. Maybe, just maybe, someone who can implement them will take note. So, come on folks, fill these comments full of your thoughts! God bless America and all of you.

  67. Put 2 bullet proof doors on each entrance at school with metal detector between doors. If alarm sounds both doors automatically Lock & school goes into lock Down. Have police outside each door
    Only police working with principle can open doors to take person into custody.

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