This Senator believes Comey crossed the line trying to take down Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey sought to take down Trump after he was fired.

To do so, he leaked four memos he wrote to a friend with the intent of getting a special prosecutor appointed after the press got ahold of them.

But Chuck Grassley just dropped a bombshell that may have Comey in hot water.

When Grassley reviewed the documents, four of the seven memos Comey authored were marked “confidential” or “top secret.”

This means one of the four memos Comey leaked contained classified information.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Grassley now wants to know when and how the memos were deemed classified, and what that might mean for Mr. Comey.

The Iowa Republican fired off a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein demanding answers.

“Has there been any review of whether the disclosure of the memoranda by Mr. Comey was otherwise improper, such as whether it violated his employment agreement or any Department rule or policy? If so, what is the status of the review? If not, why not?” Mr. Grassley wrote.

He said he’s personally reviewed the seven memos, but was forced to do so in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF.

“The FBI insisted that these reviews take place in a SCIF because the majority of the memos are classified,” he said. “FBI personnel refused to answer factual questions during the document reviews, including questions about the chain of custody of the documents I was reviewing, the date that they were marked classified, and who marked them as classified.”

Prior to his attempt to take down the president, Comey had a reputation in Washington like that of a “boy scout.”

His potentially reckless handling of classified information while executing a personal vendetta against Trump ought to tarnish the image he once had.

What do you think should happen to Comey if he leaked classified information?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. As far as we ‘deplorables” know the Mueller investigation was a waste of millions of dollars and an incredible number of man-hours by an unknown number of “investigators”.
    Like much of what goes on in Washington, this entire thing smells to high heaven!WWWWW

  2. come President Trump ‘Drain that Swamp’ it’s really amazing that anyone (on any side of the political spectrum) would defend what is going on down there in the district of corruption. I have to wonder how some people think when they believe it’s Only the other side that is corrupted! Thinking there’s plenty of corruption among our elected so-called representatives to hang the majority of them. Wow who will be left? No wonder the democrats are so afraid of Trump, should he begin to unravel the web down there and new blood (non-politicians) run for office what will happen to their inner circle? The establishment will do Anything I fear to keep the status quo.

  3. Forget what Comey did to Trump Look what him & his cohorts Mueller, Rosenstein, Weisman, McCabe, Strzok & Page did to the FBI Reputation doing a Warren type investigation of Hillary Clinton and no investigation on Uranium One..!!!

  4. Had Comey done his job Trump would not have fired him. He allowed Politics to dictate how he did his job instead of doing what the Law required. He knew Hillary is a Criminal and should have been taken down and tossed in prison but instead he allowed Lynch and Obama order him to allow Hillary’s crime which could have massive consequences of a bad nature for America. He should have gone public with Obama’s and Lynch’s attempting to cover up Hillary’s crime. He knew she was guilty yet to keep his job under Obama he LIED and IGNORED the law. Now after Trump found out about his Aiding and abetting Hillary’s,Obama’s and Lynch’s Crimes Trump FIRED Him and rightly so. Trump should have not only fired him but he should have him jailed. Mueller who Trump cannot Fire because of the MORON MEDIA and the Democraps would claim his is guilty of Collusion even though anyone with a brain knows that to be a LIE. Congress needs to remove Mueller and end this FARCE. Mueller should face sever punishment for his witch hunt and waste of taxpayers money all because his pal Comey got canned. If Mueller has a Law license it should be revoked and he should be banned from law for life over this MASSIVE CONFLICT of INTEREST.

  5. He is no different than anyone else if he is guilty put his butt in jail for a very long time. My guess is he is guilty as SIN.

    • Agreed, as if most Americans can’t see this, what a joke Comey was guilty the day he stood in front of the American people and lied about Hilliary’s email cover up, for which Comey was not only involved but also one of the key players within the FBI, but believe you me, “We The People know there are so many others involved in the cover up for Hilliary as well as so many other scandals which as we see are slowly being investigated and the only question I have, is why is it taking so long to bring the obvious law breakers to into court where some sort of justice can be found, although I find this hard to believe either, because as we’ve seen when it comes to those in power and wealth very view ever see a single day behind bars, our justice system is not only broken but nor is she blind as so many in Congress would love us to believe…….Smh!!!

      • The wheels of justice sometimes grind slow but they grind fine. As more and more gets brought out, more and more of the players get exposed to the possibility of prison time. The entire upper management of the FBI and the DOJ under 0bama should be locked up. Time for Congress to refer Holder to the DOJ for prosecution and that would crack open Lynch because Holder would sell her out and then she would sell out 0bama and Clinton.

      • The whole investigation is an uphill battle with everyone in the way trying to obstruct the investigation. When evidence is obtained Obama hold outs are refusing to prosecute.The swamp is f..k..g full of bad actors.

    • Agreed, as if most Americans can’t see this, what a joke Comey is, he was guilty, the day he stood in front of the American people and lied about Hilliary’s email cover up, for which Comey was not only involved but also one of the key players within the FBI, but believe you me, “We The People know there are so many others involved in the cover up for Hilliary, as well as so many other scandals, which as we see are slowly being investigated and the only question I have, is why is it taking so long to bring these obvious law breakers into court, where some sort of justice can be found, and even if we do get them into court, the odds of any justice being found is highly unlikely because as we’ve seen, when it comes to those in power and wealth, very view ever see a single day behind bars, our justice system is not only broken but nor is she blind as so many in Congress would love us to believe…….Smh!!!

  6. What should happen to Comey is what he should have done to HilLIARy and company for their mishandling of classified material. JAIL!!

  7. All demo-rats should be put in jail in Cuba Guantanamo until proven innocent they are all liar and cheats. They have ruin this country so bad that it’s like a third world country.

    • There are too may DEMS to fit the jail. Besides Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Maybe Un informed jumping on the bandwagon of falsehoods might fit better.

      What is your favorite trump promise unkept?

      • Every one the Dems have reflexively refused to vote on, no matter how beneficial to the American economy or citizens. Tax cuts, the wall, Immigration reform ending chain migration and DACA, obamacare repeal, at the top of the very long and shameful list.

        • Let me be very clear: The “shame” I speak about is not the list of promises. It is the act of treason against the welfare of one’s own country being engaged in methodically by Dems who vote in LOCKSTEP against every beneficial Trump promise simply because – though they may agree with the wisdom of the legislation – THEY HATE THE MAN WITH A DERANGEMENT THAT KNOWS NO BOUNDS!

  8. I am no Comey supporter, but there’s a good chance that the memos were marked confidential or top secret, not to protect the secrets, but to protect Comey. In other words, Marking documents secret in order to protect them from disclosure and their leakers from criminal charges is probably obstruction of justice…occurring within the FBI. It’s going to take some time to unwind all of this

  9. it is time for the people to start making our own laws as the law system has broken down, start with telling all politicians to either pay attention to the people or step down or leave the great (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) be fore things start to happen we have had enough of the DC bullshit.

    • Agreed, they all need to have their asses behind bars, the evidence is so overwhelming it’s impossible to ignore, you know when your 13 years old, and can look at the evidence and come to the same conclusion as an adult, that they are guilty as can be, it would seems to most there is one set of laws for “We The People “ and another for those in power and wealth, and to see our democracy screwed with by such people in high places with extreme authority, tells me if they can do and get away with it then so can a lot of others and Democrats wonder why we fight so hard to keep our second amendment, but this also makes it very clear why the Demonutz are trying so hard to take them away, leaving us the American Citizen with no way to protect ourselves from the likes of these individuals who are so overly corrupt in favor of big Government and mass migration of all people’s Muslims, Illegal Aliens, the list goes on, this cover up and all these scandals point to one person allowing it all to happen, the former administration head, former President Obama, this one man wrecking crew, along with the Clintons, the heads of the FBI, DOJ, and all their siblings with major political bias, allowed these scandals to occur, from Fast and Furiouus, IRS scandal, Benghazi, Uranium One Deal, Clinton’s Email Scandal, DNC rigging for one individual, Clinton herself, The Pay For Play with Clinton Foundation, while she was Secretary Of State, and let’s not forget the worst deal to date, our country has ever had the honor of being involved in and was willing to strike a deal with, a nation who is one of the largest terror supporters in the Middle East, The Iran Deal, and let’s not forget the Obama’s willingness to shut down or put road block in place to stop other criminal investigations into Iran and Hezbollah’s drug dealings allowing them to continue on this path, just so his lopsided deal with Iran would go through, no matter what, if this doesn’t show just how corrupt the Democratic governments and its then leadership were and still are today, I’m not sure what more one could do but to beat the confession outta these individuals but of course we don’t do that in this country, it’s just impossible to believe that so many are so guilty and yet so few either choose not to see it or are willing to look the other way, it would sure appear Lady Liberty isn’t blind folded when it comes to getting justice for some in this country, which is a damn shame, it was never meant to be this way, we must not look the other way any longer and we cannot allow these individuals to go free and not be prosecuted, if we do we will forever taint the justice system, and when a nation feels it cannot get justice, well I would sure hate to see what could come next!

  10. Comey should pay for his crimes along with changing the wording in Hillary Clinton’s actions using a private server and allowing classified information tone exposed. It is time to clean house in the FBI, IRS, CIA, and DOJ.

  11. Even if Comey were found grievously guilty of Sedition, he would not be punished because he and the Agency are part of Establishment Washington which judging by the day to day revelations of the acceded to Judicial Watch FOIA Requests, are as corrupt as hell. There is however, a dual Standard of Justice OPERATIVE AND IN PLACE. IT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME BUT HAS BEEN STRENGTHENED BY THE LAST EIGHT YEARS OF THE WORST AND MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY! It “overlooks and ignores,” all deliberately broken protocols, policies and laws by its membership but crucifies the American Public for the EXACT SAME OFFENSES in many cases and, uses that different standard in EVERY case as they see themselves as superior to the rest of we peasants and disdained “Deplorables!” Let us show them what we think in November Next and remove every damned incumbent piece of crap in BOTH parties, then proceed by the ballot to DRAIN THE STINKING swamp of filth and corruption that Washington, D.C. in fact, not fantasy IS, and continues to prove itself to be for those unafraid to open their eyes and see the pragmatic REALITY for themselves, rather than accepting all the lies, deceit and misdirection spewed forth by these spurious career thieves, pedophiles womanizers and prevaricating pundits, and the Leftist CONTROLLED and non-credible mass media which would not know TRUTH if the ax of it beheaded them!
    When this honorably serving and disabled by that service Vietnam Vet with a fifty year old degree in Government looks at THIS reality. It makes him Physically ill AND TOTALLY DISGUSTS HIM: HOW ABOUT YOU?

    • If your comments could only reach all the people or at least the ones that have a little sense left, that might go a long way of starting the ‘cleaning’ process. You just don’t know how much I would like to see that happen. How did we let it get to this point? No morals, no guts to change back to:
      Respecting other peoples’ right to disagree but not with violence
      We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
      No shirt, no shoes, no service
      Leaving our history, statues, etc. intact
      Don’t try to push your beliefs on anyone
      Leave our holidays alone
      Have more discipline in schools
      Respect and defend the Constitution
      No more political correctness
      If you don’t like a persons’or a businesses rules and regulations or requirements, go somewhere else
      If you don’t like our country the way it is, go back to your own

    • Under communist Obama what we had was a communist government held in check by the Constitution and they did their best to try and do away with important safeguards. Thankfully we survived and now under a real American president we will repair all the damage that son of satan did to our Constitutional during his 8 year reign of terror.

    • He admitted giving them to the professor. No need for a trial as they’re guilty by their own admission. Proceed to sentencing which is either life in Leavenworth on hard time or the rope.

  12. With the way today Federal Government is run. They know they are not held accountable for what they do in Federal Government. They are Wealthy People fighting with Wealthy People at Taxes Payer Cost. All they are in Federal Government is just lawer making the laws to Benefit them and their Wealthy Friends!! They should be going to jail just like we do but they are lawer and know how to get away with doing things. They used Federal Government to Benefit them and used Tax Payer Money to do it. They will never drain the Swamp just make it Bigger !!

    • The people Trump chose and GOP voted for are rich and getting richer at your expense. You will pay for it with higher taxes in a few years, lost of MEDICARE and Social Security. Even military retirement pay depends on these programs.

  13. How would an ordinary citizen be treated in this circumstance? He’s an ordinary citizen now. Put him on trial and lock his butt up if he is convicted.

  14. Comey worked for Obama. Not to the US presidency. He needs to be held accountable for corrupting the FBI. Set an example now!

    • Actually, comey was the clinton-crime-family bagman and he inherited the job from mueller . . . . both have performed their “circus act” with glowing reviews from the Left.

  15. Before and after picture of attempts to take down Trump would be one of Comey…before the election and after. $10 million dollar book deal negotiated for paying off Comey during that “tarmac” meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton?

  16. Comey should receive the same treatment that anyone else would. A Republican (not Rhino) would have been required to resign but even that is not enough for what these people are doing.

  17. Comey’s actions described above constituted “dancing” on the other side of the line. Comey “crossed the line” long before he was fired! By declaring that Hillary Clinton was innocent of any criminality in: 1) HER handling of highly classified information on HER unsecure e-mail server(s) and communications devices; 2) HER directed spoliation (deletion) of evidence; and 3) HIS phony statement that intent would be required (It’s NOT!) to convict, Comey exceeded HIS authority as the head of an INVESTIGATIVE agency.

    Comey’s job was to conduct a thorough investigation, interview people under oath and gather facts…not pass out immunity like candy to principles intimately involved in the scandal. Upon completion of the INVESTIGATION, the evidence obtained is supposed to be turned over to the DOJ to determine if the case will be prosecuted. It WASN’T Comey’s call to declare Hillary innocent at all, let alone before she was even interviewed (and not even put under oath); but he felt it was his only way to protect Hillary in light of the tarmac tete-a’-tete (ex parte communication between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (the Obama-appointed AG whose job it WAS to determine if prosecution would proceed! When you toss in the rest of the anti-Trump despicables involved near the top of the agency, there is not a scintilla of doubt that “FBI” stood for “Fix Be In.”

  18. Why you adj? The law is clear on this and the reporter who received and published it is guilty too. It is very common sense, which is not so common these days. It a congressman has to go to chambers to see documents but an agent can give them freely. Who is in charge? Congress, elect or deep state, FBI. They serve more harm then good and time to abolish

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