These Senators are the reason why ObamaCare is still alive

Senate Republicans had one job to do . . . Repeal ObamaCare!

In every election cycle since 2010 Republican politicians promised their base to do just that.



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  2. Make these representatives purchase Obama Care. That will do the trick. Our family has to pay $10,000 out of pocket, up front before recieving any benefits in addition to high monthly premiums. We are better off without insurance. Wake up people, you are killing middle class Americans! Signed: an innercity school teacher with accountant spouse

  3. Seems the lying is not limited to the dems. At least 2 of them don’t like President Trump nor their fellow republicans. At least one knows where they stand, or don’t now.

  4. President Trump needs to follow through on his threat to remove Legislative Branch’s exemption from ObamaCare. Representatives and Senators who voted against the repeal need to remember that when they come up for re-election that there may be some unwanted results they would not like.

  5. You are wrong – every administration serves at the Presidents pleasure – with President Trump not being a politition he is attempting to run the country as a business – as it should be run. In my business as the owner I have the right to expect my workers to follow my lead – President zTrump was elected by the votes he received – he received those votes because of the agenda he ran on – one major issue was repeal and replace Obamacare.

  6. Collins and Macaski are Democrats – if you check their voting record they voted for
    Much of the Democrates agenda under Obama – McCain is fake also – he completely
    Went against his coonstituants that elected him. He lied to everyone. Sorry he is In
    But he should be ashamed to show his face in Arizona.

  7. are you sure most if not all Republicans did not agree to this and choose who to send to the chopping block ?
    Francisco Machado made a good point on this.

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