These Senators are the reason why ObamaCare is still alive

Senate Republicans had one job to do . . . Repeal ObamaCare!

In every election cycle since 2010 Republican politicians promised their base to do just that.


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  2. Make these representatives purchase Obama Care. That will do the trick. Our family has to pay $10,000 out of pocket, up front before recieving any benefits in addition to high monthly premiums. We are better off without insurance. Wake up people, you are killing middle class Americans! Signed: an innercity school teacher with accountant spouse

  3. Seems the lying is not limited to the dems. At least 2 of them don’t like President Trump nor their fellow republicans. At least one knows where they stand, or don’t now.

  4. President Trump needs to follow through on his threat to remove Legislative Branch’s exemption from ObamaCare. Representatives and Senators who voted against the repeal need to remember that when they come up for re-election that there may be some unwanted results they would not like.

  5. You are wrong – every administration serves at the Presidents pleasure – with President Trump not being a politition he is attempting to run the country as a business – as it should be run. In my business as the owner I have the right to expect my workers to follow my lead – President zTrump was elected by the votes he received – he received those votes because of the agenda he ran on – one major issue was repeal and replace Obamacare.

  6. Collins and Macaski are Democrats – if you check their voting record they voted for
    Much of the Democrates agenda under Obama – McCain is fake also – he completely
    Went against his coonstituants that elected him. He lied to everyone. Sorry he is In
    But he should be ashamed to show his face in Arizona.

  7. are you sure most if not all Republicans did not agree to this and choose who to send to the chopping block ?
    Francisco Machado made a good point on this.

  8. Trump tweeting is his way of telling us what the “media” will not.He maybe a bit brash at times but he is doing everything the same as he did when “I assume you voted for him”. He is a good man unlike 99% of politicians .Most of them enter office broke and leave very rich and they claim they want to help the little guy and we keep believing them.Reminds me of a say “if you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results that makes you insane so why do we keep voting the same idiots in to office both party’s are the same.Show me one who has not gained a fortune in office its not there salary that makes them rich.And last but not lest make them follow every law and put them on all these great plans they make for us .

  9. Obama administration knowing admitied end let Al Salvador young man to came to USA they became MS13 criminals, Barraca HUSSEIN OBAMA HE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATE FOR THIS BETRAYED TO THE AMERICA PEOPLE.

  10. Discovery that Planned Parenthood has profited by selling organs of aborted babies should not have been a surprise to anybody. A new name was proposed for that giant abortion mill – namely Planned Harvesthood.

  11. Let me remember what I know about Senator McCain – the losing RINO in the election of 2008 to the winner Marxist Muslim half-breed from Kenya B. Hussein Obama, previously a street agitator for the ACORN thugs:
    1) He was a son of the notable Navy Admiral in the WW2; as such he was accepted in the Naval Academy in spite of his low grades from high school; that in my book is called nepotism;
    2) In the academy he was at the bottom of the graduating class (well- #75 out of the class of 76) but passed due to his Admiral father; the school director directed his future bosses not to let McCain place a foot on any submarine – and so he passed his time in service scheduling time-offs for the marines in service;
    3) While in training he jumped and parachuted from 4 – FOUR – training planes for unknown reasons thus destroying those planes; apparently he got confused by the knobs and levers and panel lights;
    4) In Vietnam when his plane attracted North Vietnamese communist fire he abandoned the completely untouched war plane and parachuted into the enemy hands;
    5) The communists wanted to trade his name to Americans for substantial rewards – but McCain refused – that was his only true patriotic gesture;
    6) It’s not clear whether the taped confession McCain gave to his captors to avoid further torture has played a role in his postwar behavior in the Senate. That confession was played endlessly over the loudspeaker systems at all the communist prisons of captured US soldiers —to try to break down other prisoners—and was broadcast over Hanoi’s state radio. Reportedly, he confessed to being a war criminal who had bombed civilian targets and murdered innocent children. The Pentagon has a copy of that confession but will not release it. Also, no outsider I know of has ever seen a non-redacted copy of the debriefing of McCain when he returned from captivity, which is classified but could be made public by McCain.
    7) In Congress McCain was known as a watcher of wind indicator and so voted Republican as often as Democrat;
    8) In the elections of 2008 he was just an incoherent moderate RINO trying to please everybody – and was swept by the Chicago vote fraud machine.
    Since then he has shown himself a low-IQ bloviating gasbag with no political program of his own except in voting 50-50 with his Republican colleagues. Just like that other low-IQ bloviating gasbag John Hanoi Kerry he just improvises his politics as the wind blows on any particular day. WAR HERO – hell no! McCain is the chairman of the Veterans Committee, and those criminal Veteran Administration scandals remain unaddressed. Just like Trump – I prefer our soldiers who did not surrender for no apparent reason.

  12. Three senators prevented Obamacare repeal? That means 97 senators voted in favor of its repeal. That makes no sense.

  13. You are soooooooooooooooooooo right. It is obvious that the swamp rats are fighting for their worthless lives.

  14. Election Day every one of them needs to be voted out on 2018 and 2020 all their names should be listed on a days of election coming up and vote him out

  15. Put them all in a room and make them word together and get it done and the budget too. Let them know that their pay and all of their benefits will be cut off till the job is done and there will be no retro pay. If they can shut down our government and trash our health care we have the same rights to do it to them. They were put in office to protect and look out for us. They have become to greedy…they care only about themselves..their power and their pocket book. Let’s treat them like they treat us. We also need a reader to read and then disciss the bill so they know whats in it before they vote on it. If they are not there for the reading of the bill they do not vote for it. How can you get away with passing a bill when you don’t know what’s in it.

  16. Like your comment; I am in agreement.
    It goes way back….The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963
    11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. They have control over the new Socialist Democratic Party.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    Remember ***On June 17, 1963 the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that any Bible reciting or prayer, in public schools, was deemed unconstitutional.***

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”


  17. I totally agree Rex, call me heartless but the sooner McCain is gone the better off the American people will be and no don’t care how he is gone. Unfortunately I am aquatinted with his type of illness. My father passed away from that same type of cancer years ago. Yes we have all heard it, he’s tough, he’s a fighter, he won’t quit. Believe me his days on the Senate floor are very few, thank God. He like so many other Rinos hate our President. What a worthless bunch they all are. They have set back and let President Trump get hammered by so called crimes looking for evidence while ignoring evidence of the Dems that are clear to everyone! Equal law should pertain to everyone! Let’s see if any of them grow a backbone.

  18. The Constitution needs to be amended so that our elected representatives must vote based upon their constituents will NOT their party or their lobbyists. ALL lobbying of elected officials should be outlawed immediately. This used to be punished as bribery. Any elected official should NEVER be compensated above the average citizen. In fact they should lead by example. End all taxpayer funded benefits, give them salaries bases upon mean income for citizens and if they do not do their job, don’t pay them. They have postured themselves to be the same group of nobles that our forefathers fought to get away from. Time to knock them to the bottom of the ladder and get patriots in their spot.

  19. The Donald need not worry about draining the swamp. American will drain the swamp in 2018. We need a 3rd party now more than ever. Democrats are liberals and socialists. Republicans are traitors. Keith J. Hollingsworth proud to be an American

  20. John McCain is a back stabbing traitor all the time he spent in Vietnam prison, he stabbed all his fellow soldiers in the back, his name is Song Bird McCane TRAITOR.

  21. Repeal the congress Special Health Plan and give them the same plan the rest of America has with no alternative. To start, and as they come up for reelection kick them out replace them all.

  22. we as americans patriots have the right to NOT vote for those we know are against america and us americans hw dumb to vote for any democrate in any office lets vote them all out 2018

  23. We may be overlooking a big cause for the faiure to repeal Obamacare. Senator McConnell has shifted bills around in a confusing manner, with uncertain information. Those secret meeting and rewrites for one senator, lost support of another. Instead of first killing Obamacare, he played with ideas of retaining parts. These seed grew and resulted in a bill no one fully supports. McConnell and most Republicans are not honest about their real intent. This shell game needs to be stopped and new players introduceed.

  24. I agree with Holly, Larry, Vicky and others, I’m all 100% for Trump. Also maybe still need drain the swamp. Love the whole Trump family.

  25. Make a note to include all of the Democrats who voted against it at the same time you do the seven turncoat Republicans.

  26. God alone knows what McCain’s future will hold.

    Has the Creator turned McCain over to a reprobate mind? Is his brain cancer a result of McCain’s rationalizing over his reported actions in the Vietnam prison many years ago?

    What is the prognosis and his life expectancy with his brain cancer?

    It appears that he is in line to repent for his past behavior and anti-Constitutional votes he has cast as a member of the Senate in the past.

  27. McCain is a traitor to the Republican Party and to those who elected him. However, those who joined McCain in voting against the full repeal of Obamacare on July 27th are no better. Those include Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.; Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va.; Susan Collins, R-Maine; Dean Heller, R-Nev.; John McCain, R-Ariz.; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska; and Rob Portman, R-Ohio.

    While three of these traitors, Alexander, Heller and Portman tried to make it appear that they were supporting the so-called “Skinny Repeal”, only a complete moron would believe that they didn’t know that McCain was going to kill the repeal before the vote was taken. They knew it was not going to pass, so they voted in favor of it in order to save face with the voters in their States.

    The second vote that took place in the Senate to partially repeal the disaster known as “The (Un)Affordable Care Act” was nothing more than a “Show Vote” so 49 of these Senate morons could go back to their constituents and claim that they did their best to repeal the law, just like they promised. They have absolutely no intention of voluntarily repealing this law and will only be forced to do so when it totally collapses and they are left with no choice. What a bunch of losers.

  28. I would imagine that McCain is getting the best treatments possible for his cancer, and has excellent health insurance that will cover a lot of the cost, plus he can choose his doctors. Yet this appalling hypocrite voted ONCE AGAIN to deny this same kind of care to the American taxpayers, who pay his salary and who he is supposed to be working for. Term limits! Now!

  29. The names of the 3 senators that killed the Trump Health Care plan need to be shouted out at every opportunity going forward. Voters in their States may have short memory so we need to be actively bringing it to the public attention etc

  30. Trump is a business man and knows how to get this country back on it’s feet from the last 8 years of stagnation, but the Rhinos and the Dems are putting walls up no matter what Trump tries to do because the they lost the election. They are like spoiled little kids who didn’t get their way. Pelosi and the rest of the bunch, if they are up for re-election need to go in 2018. I just hope the American people remember that it’s not Trumps fault that he can’t get anything done.

  31. I agree! And, I DO believe, McCain, only voted it down, because he Hates Our President, so much! I am happy, that he is OK,, BUT, HE SHOULD LEAVE! NOW!

  32. We should never give up, and continue to fight to repeal Obama Care, defund Planned Parenthood, build the wall, and whatever else the Democrats and RINOs are trying to stop. God gets the final word, and we must trust in Him.

  33. No they are not and every damn one of them needs to be voted out and never ever let run for a gov. job of any kind. They are nothing but rINO’S AND SHOULD BE OUT. We need to make sure when we vote the next time that what we are putting in are actually going to be on the side of the President that 14M of us put in office. He needs our support now as much if not more than he did durung the election.

  34. Obamacare cannot stand on it own without constant bailouts the Congress never properly funded the Program More the 50% of the exchanges went broke or closed The roll out was a Roll over costing millions. There is no insurance available across state lines when you move you have to start over Americans that had good careers and insurance for a long time (The elderly) had good coverage pre existing conditions and children insured to 26 already The hospitals and doctors were required to hire Compliance officers for billing they also had to provide more services than requested Insurance companies were given a bailout if they could show losses in certain areas yet the Health insurance Industry Made more profit than ever Monthly increased deductables increase many meds became un available at previous rates The expense is massive the problems fixed is small . It can only get worse

  35. I am fed up with the whole bunch in Washington. McCain is a traitor to his own party. Trump needs to stop tweeting and making ignorant threatening statements to his own party. He is not acting very presidential and I am getting fed up with his mouth and not understanding how the system works. It’s not a TV show where you fire whomever you do not want.

  36. The Congress has exempted themselves from Obamacare; they have great healthcare. They will move heaven and earth to save the life of Senator John McCain and they should. However, all life is precious, not just his. Unfortunately, Congress doesn’t care about our lives, just themselves. Obamacare has to go, otherwise we will be like that poor infant in England; not worth the price to save. If they don’t appeal Obamacare, we need to work at recalling these callous liars and replace them with someone who respects their voters.?

  37. The seven senators that voted against repealing Obamacare or totally despicable disgusting Americans they were sent to Washington to repeal and replace Obama care and they failed Americans miserably all seven of you should retire and get the hell out of congress

  38. just like they keep complaining about immigration reform , have you herd of any one in congress coming up with a bill yet , no

  39. I live in AZ. In the 2016 Senate, we had a choice between two evils.
    Either RINO John McCain, or Democrat Anne Kirkpatrick (who was a total off the wall leftist).

    We all thought John McCain was the better choice between the two. After talking with all my friends we are not so sure.

    We all pretty much feel betrayed. And one way or another, this is John McCain’s last roundup.

  40. Apparently it’s not just the left that hasn’t figured out why Trump won the election welcome to the real world where if you don’t perform or fail to follow through with your responsibilities you loose your job ar least let’s hope all those RINO’s do

  41. Try one more time? The Republicans in Congress don’t want to repeal Obamacare, they just want to avoid – as much as possible – taking the blame for it. They were counting on losing the Presidential election to Hillary and have said as much. It’s their excuse for having no plan to oppose Obamacare. When you see a bill fail to pass by one vote, especially when the “Nay” votes are least at risk, either ones who won’t be running again or whose next election is in the distant future, depend on it – deals were made about who could most afford to vote against it. The Republican Senate likes Obamacare. It places more control in the hands of the Elite in government. It pushes more of the people’s money to pass through them. It gives them more power to manipulate or to sell and makes for more government jobs. It justifies more spending.

  42. The only person we can trust now is President Trump… He wants O’care gone just as much as we do, if not more. So, Mr. President defund the piece of sh*t. Pardon my French.

  43. Obamacare should be abolished THEN immediately replaced by a sensible health plan. Do we have a Congress able to do this? I think not.

  44. These 7 betrayers should all be removed from office at the next primary election for each; their votes to keep McCainCare (McCain’s newly adopted health care law) cannot be justified. They should have been willing to end Obamacare and rely on the Democratic process to later determine how much welfare could achieve 60 Senate votes in an Obamacare replacement bill. Their votes show not only that they are not really Republicans, but also that they do not believe in the democratic legislative process and are unwilling to defend it to the voters in their states.

  45. TRAITORS to the voters who put them in office! They should be living under the same laws they enacted for us!

  46. To Hell with the Republican Party. Congress and White House are theirs, and they are so incompetent as their leadership exemplified. Will vote for Trump again but no other Republicans. A pox on them. Let the Demos finish what they started. Finish us.


  48. John McCain is the poorest example of an American that you can find. He is elected on the Republican ticket, but vote with the Democrats. He’s been a farce ever since he got out of that Viet Namese prison. America is well on its road to becoming a socialist nation, and this bill will cinch the deal! He was anxious to come to save Obama Care, not to cancel it, but to improve it! If government gets it’s fingers into medical care, we will then be a truly socialistic nation who has thrown its freedoms to the wind. The schools are a good example it what will happen if it isn’t completely repealed!

  49. Then, are they any better than the DEM. We need a new party. The Whig Party became worthless and the Republican Party took over. Now I think it is time for a new party to take over. Call it the tea party.

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