The sheriff revealed a startling fact about the Las Vegas shooting

The investigation into the shooting at Las Vegas has raised more questions than it has answered.

No motive has been discovered and many question the official story out by law enforcement.

That all changed when the Las Vegas sheriff revealed one stunning face.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo dropped a bombshell that the FBI has an ongoing investigation into a person of interest other than the shooter or his girlfriend.

But he also declared that no charges would be brought against the shooter’s girlfriend and that the gunman was the only suspect in the case.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed that there is an ongoing FBI case against an “individual of federal interest” other than Stephen Paddock or his girlfriend Marilou Danley.

Paddock opened fire on a country music festival on Oct. 1, 2017, from a room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring 546.

“We do not anticipate charges being brought forward against Marilou Danley,” Lombardo said in his first press conference on the shooting since October 2017.

“As to any other people, the FBI has an ongoing case against an individual of federal interest,” he continued. “I will not be able to elaborate on that statement as because it’s a pending investigation. Any further information in reference to that individual can be provided by the FBI.”

He also reiterated that Paddock was the only shooter responsible for the massacre and that he was the only suspect in the shooting. Lombardo also said that there was no evidence of any radicalization or ideological motivations for the shooting.”

This will add even more confusion to the investigation.

Lombardo stated the individual of interest may be arrested.

His remarks will only add fuel to the fire that investigators are hiding something or don’t have their act together.

Unfortunately so much misinformation has been put out that Americans no longer trust what they hear from the authorities on this case.

Do you agree?

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  1. If you look at Paddocks wife/girlfriend she was sponsored into citizenship by a CIA operative. Could be nothing but then again

  2. I was told by a cop I know that he heard two different calibers going off at the same time too. Witnesses have said they seen muzzle flashes coming from both window at the same time as well. What I have wondered and as a rifleman maybe you can shed some light on this – is – why if he was intent as they say to doing as much damage as possible would he have brought so many different types of guns? Wouldn’t it have been easier to keep using the same guns with the same ammo? I have also never heard any reports as to how many of the weapons he had in that room were actually fired. The number of different types of weapons make he think it was some kind of gun dealer and this could have been a deal/sting gone bad. There were reports of another incident almost exactly the same in NYC hours later that was thwarted – when they pulled the plug” After seeing what happened in Vegas?

  3. Making America great again is such a tough task in the face of progressive filth dominating the media. Most folks barely have enough time to work and care for family. Searching for truth in news reporting takes a great deal of time and effort. Its just so much easier to use the “SMELL TEST” and this episode in Vegas has failed that test for a long time. It is looking more and more like normal working people have to do some additional bonding together in order to get the corruption flushed out of our institutions.

  4. We haven’t even seen the TIP of the iceberg in this bizarre event in Las Vegas. Just wait and see what we learn in the next year on this!

  5. I have to agree with you in that there was more than one shooter as nothing else is possible unless he had a machine gun which he did not.

  6. That’s what ‘they’ want – Yawn… an aside: ppl there & posted on FB re ground level shooting ARE DEAD… also Major Airport activity took place … eos . renewedright ‘dragging’ this back,perhaps baiting comments such as this ___ i ‘chomped’.

  7. The problem is that the FBI risks too much in going after the “big guy” and trying to bust the entire “ring” as opposed to stopping a simple massacre.

    They have forgotten that “crime prevention” and saving American’s lives is the most important mission, not risking Americans getting killed in a slaughter because you don’t want to blow your cover in going after the bigger king pin.

    This happened in that case where the Arabic FBI agent was in one of the cars in the motorcade when they shot up and killed Americans, and people asked how or why an FBI agent was in one of the “ISIS” affiliated cars and did nothing to stop the crime and slaughter of Americans.

    This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.

    They think they can keep their operations “SECRET” because they are hiding operatives and going after the bigger fish, but in the process they are lax and letting massacre’s happen, sacrificing American lives, because they want to nab the big guy.

    Just STOP.

    The priority is stopping the massacre in your face, not trying to play it slick and looking for the “big trophy.”

    You, FBI, are guilty of getting AMERICANS killed.

  8. As a former Marine rifleman, listening to the tapes of the shots fired, something is not right. To me it sounds like there was more than one shooter. Too many shots in two short of a time period. Do any other shooters feel the same? Something stinks in this whole thing. Rich senior, with no criminal past, no serious health problems, & no motive decides to go on a killing spree and end his life. Nah! There’s got to be more to this. Sounds like a real life reenactment of the movie The Manchurian Candidate.

  9. Where was the ATF, on his purchase of so many guns. you RE ALLOWED ONLY A VERY FEW.where IS THE ATF FORMS ON WHO AND WHERE THEY WERE BOUGHT, LOOKS LIKE FAST AND FURIOUS GOV DEAL GONE BAD, THIS A GOV cover up again ? you can not buy 1 gun without paper work from ATF FROM A DEALER. SO hiding WHAT HERE? With a bump fire stock on a none military rifle with 1oo round mag shot at full auto would freeze up and quit.

  10. “Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo reiterated that there was no evidence of any radicalization or ideological motivations for the shooting.”
    Well, there you have it folks.
    Never believe anything until it’s been officially denied.

  11. The’re working very hard to disprove it was ISIS, because they were clearly asleep at the switch again. In addition, if it was proved to be ISIS, civil liability would be off the table and P.I. Attorneys wouldn’t have many cases.


  13. It’s a possibility that the shooter thought that the majority of the people there would be Trump supporters. And if this was the reason for the killing the authorities would not want that to get out as their might be a significant retaliation and another nail in the liberals coffin.

  14. Interesting…sorry I missed it. Story was dropped…just like the incoming ICBM on Hawai’i…as if it were (yawn) old news. If anybody keeps it alive, Fox News WILL!

  15. The shooting in Las Vegas wrecks of George Soros. Paddock was gambling tons of money and sent a few hundred thousand dollars to his girlfriend before killing all those people. ISIS doesn’t bankroll their crazies like that. The Dems own this one.

  16. And the powers that be wonder why we did not want a politician for the office of president! I don’t trust either one of them Democrats or Republicans it makes me very sad to have no faith in your government I truly hope and pray President Trump can drain the massive swamp!

  17. Most special agents take their oath earnestly and litterally. Top level management needs to be thoroughly vetted. Poor managers should be replaced and dishonest individuals removed, investigated and prosecuted. The DOJ could stand a good housekeeping as well. The IRS is as corrupt as any, and few have any integrety.

  18. Interview on Tucker Carlson’s show last week had a person from House who said he had evidence that ISIS was involved with the shooting in Las Vegas, when pressed he said he cannot reveal what it is but it is developing.

  19. The FBI is for ever more compromised by their founder JULIUS E. Hoover. A man who publicly denied the existence of the Mafia. It required Senator Estes Kefauver, Senator from Tennessee of all places to get the ball rolling on the mob. I highly suspect that Kefauver was jealous of J. Edgar Hoover’s success at betting on the ponies and that Hoover refused to cut Kefauver in on the fixed horse races that the mob used to keep Hoover paid off. He was that dishonest and then a whole lot more dishonest.

  20. I think the sheriff was doing a good job until the FBI took over. FBI has an agenda that has little to do with truth and justice.

  21. I never had any faith in the FBI because not only are they poor at investigating but now we know that they are dishonest also. As for local police departments their main function has become writing tickets to collect money. There are counties that have so few real investigators that it’s a joke. What you get if you call in a theft is someone who shows up ,does next to nothing and says “If you hear anything,let us know”. That’s the end of the case unless a miracle happens.

  22. Just so hard to know. Do believe, tho, that Mandalay Bay is complicit by the sheer fact of IGNORANCE in not suspecting its guest Paddock of weird behavior. In a huge suite with DO NOT DISTURB for DAYS??? Did Housekeeping not report this as a bit ‘off’? DAYS of Paddock bringing in large duffels??? And no one NOTICED? So many questions garnering no answers. YET, anyway. Pray for the victims and those still recovering…who may NEVER recover from the psychological injury.

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