SHOCK POLL: Donald Trump is losing to this Republican rival

Donald Trump is the first announced candidate in the 2024 field.

But Trump’s candidacy will not clear the Primary of other GOP contenders.

And a shock poll shows Donald Trump is losing to this Republican rival.

One of the big questions percolating out of the Midterm elections was if Donald Trump could maintain his grip on the GOP.

Many on the Right blamed Trump for the GOP’s poor showing in the Midterm elections after his endorsed candidates lost winnable races for Senate and Governor.

On the other hand, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ 19-point landslide win after he pushed a conservative agenda on stopping wokeness, illegal immigration, and COVID mandates showed Republicans that a conservative message resonates with swing voters and other groups that GOP candidates have trouble winning.

Prior to the Midterm elections, polling data showed Trump leading his Republican rivals by overwhelming margins.

That is no longer the case.

A new survey out of Iowa from Neighborhood Research and Media for Courageous Conservatives PAC showed DeSantis leading Trump in the critical Iowa Caucus by two points, 32% to 30%.

This represented a 56-point swing in DeSantis’ favor since last year when Trump led 56% to 12% in Courageous Conservative PAC’s November 2021 poll.

“With support barely half what it was a year ago in a time when DeSantis’ vote has nearly tripled, Trump becomes a severe underdog in the race,” pollster Rick Shaftan’s polling memo read.

Shaftan wrote that Trump’s biggest decline with GOP voters came among older women.

“President Trump’s support level has dropped 8 points since late June and 26 points in a year, with his biggest drop with women, especially older women. Trump led 62-8 with women a year ago with his lead now down to a point (28-27),” Shaftan continued.

Shaftan also wrote that DeSantis ran up his biggest margins with men and very conservative voters – the type most likely to turnout in a nominating contest.

“DeSantis scored best with men and very conservative voters. With men DeSantis went from a 51-16 deficit to 36-21 in June to a 39-32 lead today. Among very conservative voters (60 percent of respondents this month, 59 percent in June and November 2021), Trump’s lead is down to one point (36-35) from a 62-13 lead a year ago and 46-17 in June,” Shaftan added.

For the first time since Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016, he faces a serious rival to lead the Party.

Some Republicans think it is time to turn the page and move on from Trump.

Others see Trump as the best option to win back the White House.

And the latest polling data reflects that split.

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