Shock report: Obama administration knowingly admitted gang members to US

In 2014, the liberal media loved highlighting videos of “unreasonable,” “racist,” “xenophobic” Republicans who opposed the Obama administration admitting busloads of underage illegal aliens into the country.


  1. It would be great to watch Obama get convicted of treason and jailed. Then we could deport the pos along with his gang banger buddies.

  2. They should be rounded up and delivered to Obama to foster and be responsible for and raise in his hom. I am sure he and Michelle will be gratified to turn them into upstanding Democrats. OR are they his enforcers? Also notice that a group of liberal judges are overruling Trump’s ban on Muslims entering our country with out proper vetting — welcome to the US that will no look like the UK and France.

  3. How do you expect to fight a battlke whith the Muslim croud when We had a Muslim running this Country. Now WE have a goodchance to correct all this if only Congress and The RHouse can get behind OUR President. We The People Have Spoken.

  4. No shock in this report. I’m just sorry that there is no justice and this miserable America hating bastard is still walking free to continue to undermine the United States.

  5. Well said, Michael, fortunately, Obama ran out of time; nevertheless, his fellow or comrade Democrats are doing their utmost to succeed where Obama didn’t.It makes one ponder how Americans and politicians of a certain political bent can sleep at night. A rhetorical question on my part.

  6. Communist Muslim Obama knew exactly what he was doing by bringing those MS-113 gang members into our country. I truly feel that he needs to be tried for treason for what he has done. I wish our elected politicians would have the balls to try him. We need to see justice once again in our country. Obama is not above the law!

  7. Obama was merely using the Alinsky method: First you create a crisis, then you await the ensuing chaos to build to a fever pitch. When the populace FINALLY demands that the government DO something you “reluctantly” declare martial law and PRESTO, you have absolute despotic control of the entire country!!! If some citizens have to be obliterated by your imported thugs in order to achieve you end game, why that’s merely “collateral damage”, isn’t it?

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