Shocking report reveals Hillary Clinton’s election night meltdown

Hillary Clinton thought the 2016 election was hers for the taking.

But then the votes started to come in and became apparent Donald Trump was going to be the next President.


  1. I lost respect for Hillary Clinton when she did nothing when her husband’s affairs surfaced. To not care, to allow to continue, was when I realized I did not want this for a President. Look up Orgy Island. You will be shocked. These people have no morals. The demoncrats are a party of wild sex and sacrificing children. They are the group I don’t care to have leading America.

  2. With her absolute refusal to look inward and accept responsibility for the defeat, she is condemning herself in any further electoral positions within politics. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she isn’t a real person and that is perceptible to even the most distant observer, with all his flaws, Donald J. Trump is a real person, Bernie Sanders is a real person, almost everyone else within the Democratic Party, they were backed into the Hilary corner, anyone else could have won, anyone, a collie in a three piece suit could have won in place of Hillary, a collie in a three piece suit is still real.

  3. ” Hillary Clinton is not someone who takes responsibility for failure.”
    That’s the answer in a nutshell. The Clintons have a long track record of corruption and sex scandals. How can Hillary say she represents women when she tried to destroy the all of the women who had the audacity to stand up for themselves against Bill? How can Hillary claim to represent children when she is so deeply embedded with Plan Parenthood – a group that has been exposed for “harvesting” body parts from nearly full term aborted babies for profit and her husband made all those trips to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for orgies with trafficked and run-away underaged girls? Her top advisors husband had also been exposed as a pedophile. Post election it was revealed that Hillary too was making those trips to “Pleasure Island” – at least 6 trips. Her former campaign manager and chief fundraiser John Podesta was exposed as a devil worshipper. The wheels on the Clinton bus are falling off and the bus is headed for a cliff – it couldn’t happen to a more deserving family.

  4. Okay, it has been almost half a year already since HILLARY LOST. Why do we have to read crap about the loser every day? The best thing we can do is to completely ignore her and pray that she will to away.

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