The other shoe dropped in Robert Mueller’s investigation and it’s devastating news

Special counsel Robert Mueller is under fire.

His investigative team is a hotbed of anti-Trump hatred.

Now the next shoe is about to drop and it’s devastating news.

When word broke that Mueller was forced to reassign FBI agent Peter Strzok because he fired off anti-Trump text messages, concerned Americans wondered why Mueller concealed this information for months.

Sara Carter – the investigative journalist who broke the story that Strzok oversaw the Bureau’s interview with Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn – claimed there are even more members of Mueller’s team that share anti-Trump hatred.

Zero Hedge reports:

“Days after it emerged that former Special Counsel investigator Peter Strzok was fired from Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe in August for sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress while the two were working together on the Clinton email investigation, Sara Carter of Circa told a Fox News panel that there are more anti-Trump messages sent by Mueller’s team floating around.

Carter previously emerged as one of the handful of people to review documents obtained by an undercover FBI informantembedded in the Russian uranium industry. Appearing on Hannity’s show Monday night, Carter was asked about rumors of more anti-Trump sentiment expressed by Mueller’s team:

Sean Hannity: I’m hearing rumors all over the place Sara Carter that there are other anti-Trump text-emails out there. And we know about them.

Sara Carter: I think you’re hearing correctly Sean and I think a lot more is going to come out. In fact, I know a lot more is going to come out based on the sources I’ve spoken to.”

As days go on, the Mueller probe is being exposed as nothing more than a partisan fishing expedition for members of the swamp to try and take out Trump.

Mueller – the dictionary definition of a swamp creature – has strayed far from his original mandate.

His collusion case has collapsed so he is throwing everything against the wall in the hopes that something sticks and he can manufacture grounds for impeaching Trump.

Conservatives recognize this farce for what it is and are calling on Trump to put an end to this witch hunt and fire the special counsel.