Shots fired in the Korean Demilitarized Zone

The North Korean people are without a doubt the most oppressed in the world today.

North Korea’s communist regime rules with an iron fist and brainwashes its population with a steady diet of state propaganda.

That’s why one North Korean soldier just risked everything to escape, and the reaction of his comrades nearly incited an international incident.

North Korea’s most recent defector was a low level soldier.

He was stationed at the DMZ, which is when he took his chance for freedom.

The Daily Caller reports:

The soldier left his guard post at Panmungak in the Joint Security Area and dashed to the southern side of the line, moving toward the Freedom House. His fellow soldiers shot him in the elbow and shoulder as he made his escape. The North Korean soldiers did not pursue the suspected defector across the line, as doing so would likely result in a firefight between North and South Korean troops.

The South Korean military found the unarmed soldier bleeding on the ground and airlifted him to a hospital for treatment. He wore a combat uniform with a low rank, but his identity has yet to be ascertained.

The JSA is a small strip of land along the DMZ where North and South Korean soldiers stand face-to-face. Defections are extremely uncommon as the North Koreans chosen to stand guard at the JSA are often handpicked by Pyongyang for their loyalty.

Thankfully there was no shooting between the North and South.

“Currently, there are no unusual signs in the North Korean military, but we are increasing alertness against the possibility of North Korean provocations,” officials said.

But gunfire at the Joint Security Area is a rare event.

This incident with a soldier defecting and being shot by his fellow soldiers is practically unprecedented at the JSA.

Given that it comes at a time of increased tension over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing, this event could escalate the situation.


  1. Fake news. Yes our missle installations are all hardened with their own power sources for launch sequence. EMP ? ? Puleese. Used to have military vehicles all ‘hardened’ also rigged for underwater running . For a Nuke to actually take out the electrical grid it would have to hit it. Yeah there is a pulse. Every lightning storm does the same thing. There have been upper atmospheric testing of nukes. No grids effected. Above ground close proximity detonation, damage yes power outrages not for long. Metal crystalization making equipment useless and inoperable but in the immediate area only. Below ground, ruins good real estate and radiation like above ground kills people for years. Ask John Wayne’s family. Mass power outage ? Not so much but those underground tests made some great big glass bubbles underground ! ! 500,000 year half life too ! ! ! OK then Japan shouldn’t be inhabitable. Seems to be pretty well populated last time I was there. Cherinoble Russia, no go zone, radiation, etc etc. Can visit it but don’t stay there for long. Trees animals live there……reaction still going on covered with concrete etc. Vehicles still operate all around it. My point ? An electro magnetic pulse may disrupt an ‘open’ electrical signal/circuit but won’t cause long term damage. If you’re worried put a surge suppressor on your house and have your power company put one on your house supply transformer. Get an old car with points and condenser and you will probably be just fine. Or a diesel without computer control and manual fuel shut down. The thing is for a Nuke to disable ‘the grid’ for any period of time will more than likely kill you. No worries then. Sensitive equipment could be effected…..funny who’s been pushing for that to control everything? LOL ! Be well.

  2. I’m sure Our Military is smart enough, (but you never know) to have ALL of our Weapon systems electronics behind Lead lined walls or something similar (maybe they have a new way of blocking an EMP now) so that we would still be able to use and fire everything. Any military people out there that knows about this stuff? comments!

  3. The real threat is from an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) resulting from a high altitude nuclear detonation. EMP threat could conceivably take out our power grid for a year to 18 months. But that would be suicide for North Korea; before all generator power fails, our retaliation would be horrific for North Korea.

  4. The N. Korean people are starved, killed imprisoned and used for slave labor. Yet the world continues to talk with them. They continue to talk with Dictators and those who abuse Human Rights all over the world. Then our left loons have the audacity to tell Trump he can’t talk to Putin.

    There are very dangerous leaders in this world today. Kim and Khomeini come to mind. They are not only against America but the world and they make no bones about it. To allow them to continue is suicide.

    Defectors will flood over because they sense the end of Kim is coming. Iranians wanted to revolt against Khomeini, they begged Obama for help, he turned his back on them, he fed their demon ruler and made him fat and healthy.

    There was a time we took care of our enemies, but now we just negotiate and do the same things over and over with no results, I think that is the definition for insanity. In this case the definition of suicide.

  5. Exactly Irish, too bad a lot of the supposedly college “educated” people in this country can’t see what’s happening. Probably because they’re all being taught by 60’s leftist commies.

  6. Use the method utilized by the Mexican Drug Cartels. Load a bag of rice on a catapult and launch it into the North…Better yet, use the magnetic replacer gun. More range and no fire for the (Russian) Fire-Finder equivalent.

  7. Good idea (Dropping Food)……….. but any such flight would incite numerous antiaircraft missles and could kick off a nuclear war.

  8. That’s exactly what it wouid look like in this country if the left had their way. They want to eliminate the middle class. Then they the elites would rule. I can’t understand why any person who escapes or immigrated to this country would want to live in the same cesspool they came from. Obviously they do. They support democrats. This is why the left wants our guns. They can then be a dictatorship.

  9. We should drop large amounts of rice, and other items of food to the rural areas. Those people are starving, and that fat pig eats good. I bet he hasn’t been in the back country of North Korea. If those people ever see how they live in the capital they will be a riot.

  10. Ohhhh, you just said something that I hadn’t thought of. That guys family WILL be punished… and any friends… what a sad sick shame.

  11. This war will not be a ground war fought in the mountains it would be lazer guided missile war by ship over in three days max.

  12. I hope the poor bastard has no relatives left behind, Lil Kim will use them for target practice, ALL OF THEM.

  13. NK is a terrible battlefield (I know, all battlefields are terrible) , the Korean War proved this, the terrain is terrible.

  14. It would be better for a low level war between South Korea and North Korea at this time and get it over with. South Korea would kick North Korea’s butt and get rid of this rogue regime. North Korea is bluffing on nuclear war they would be wiped off the face of the earth.

  15. There will not be repercussions. THIS has been ongoing since the end of the “Korean “War” ” Conflict.
    Knew a Gunny Sgt , he said it was always a pop shot here and there , but really good hunting in the DMZ. Lots of deer, etc.

  16. Who could blame him for wanting to get out of there? Not me. However, this COULD be the start of a new escalated tension between them, actually resulting in an all-out battle. I have a hunch that our president will want to help the S. Koreans avoid conflict, but if Kim Jong Un is as much of a foolhardy and power hungry a-hole he’s got a reputation for, we’re probably in it for the long haul, just like with Viet Nam.

  17. Smart guy to get away from that Oppressed Country, even if it means risking your life. Better off dead than to live under that FAT little Porker!

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