Shots fired in the Korean Demilitarized Zone

The North Korean people are without a doubt the most oppressed in the world today.

North Korea’s communist regime rules with an iron fist and brainwashes its population with a steady diet of state propaganda.

That’s why one North Korean soldier just risked everything to escape, and the reaction of his comrades nearly incited an international incident.

North Korea’s most recent defector was a low level soldier.

He was stationed at the DMZ, which is when he took his chance for freedom.

The Daily Caller reports:

The soldier left his guard post at Panmungak in the Joint Security Area and dashed to the southern side of the line, moving toward the Freedom House. His fellow soldiers shot him in the elbow and shoulder as he made his escape. The North Korean soldiers did not pursue the suspected defector across the line, as doing so would likely result in a firefight between North and South Korean troops.

The South Korean military found the unarmed soldier bleeding on the ground and airlifted him to a hospital for treatment. He wore a combat uniform with a low rank, but his identity has yet to be ascertained.

The JSA is a small strip of land along the DMZ where North and South Korean soldiers stand face-to-face. Defections are extremely uncommon as the North Koreans chosen to stand guard at the JSA are often handpicked by Pyongyang for their loyalty.

Thankfully there was no shooting between the North and South.

“Currently, there are no unusual signs in the North Korean military, but we are increasing alertness against the possibility of North Korean provocations,” officials said.

But gunfire at the Joint Security Area is a rare event.

This incident with a soldier defecting and being shot by his fellow soldiers is practically unprecedented at the JSA.

Given that it comes at a time of increased tension over North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing, this event could escalate the situation.