Someone called Barack Obama a name behind his back that you won’t believe

Barack Obama served as the leader of the Democrat Party since running for President in 2008.

But not everyone respects the job he’s done.

And someone called Barack Obama a name behind his back that you won’t believe.

Left-wing journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere’s new book, Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Trump, blasted Obama as a “parasite” on the Democrat Party.

Dovere noted that during Obama’s eight years in office Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at every level of government.

In Dovere’s telling, those losses were due in large part because Obama did not care about developing the next generation of Democrat Party leaders.

“Obama never built a Democratic bench and never cared to, aside from a few scattered candidates who interested him,” Dovere wrote.

After Obama won the Presidency in 2008, Dovere noted that Obama tapped Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to serve as Democrat National Committee Chairman and essentially turned the organization into a vessel for his 2012 re-election campaign.

The New York Post reports Dovere writing:

In his first term, Dovere writes, Obama used the Democratic Party as a “host” for his re-election campaign.

Kaine was “commuting two days a week to oversee the pilfering of talent, money, resources, and purpose for the Obama reelection effort that was already under way,” Dovere writes.

“In his second term, he cared about what happened to the husk as much as any parasite does,” Dovere writes about Obama.

Obama did win re-election in 2012, but the Democrats suffered disastrous losses in the 2014 and 2016 elections in large part due to the “negligence” Dovere accused Obama of committing with regards to his status as leader of the Democrat Party.

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