Something bizarre happened to Pope Francis and it has Christians panicked

Pope Francis is in the middle of controversy again.

It all revolves around a new book that was written under his name.

And what happened left millions of Christians wondering about the future of the Church.

Learning to Learn: Reflections on Education Issues is a new book that appeared under Pope Francis’ name.

The works sparked controversy when the forward was written by Italian Education Minister Valeria Fedeli – who is a prominent homosexual rights activist who promotes “gender theory.”

Breitbart reports:

“When a book bearing the Pope’s name, Learning to Learn: Reflections on Education Issues (“Imparare ad imparare. Riflessioni sui temi dell’educazione”), appeared in bookstores last Thursday, it bore the preface by Fedeli, sparking a wave of criticism by Catholics and pro-family groups.

One local media outlet noted that the choice for preface-writer seemed “almost a provocation.”

When Fedeli was appointed Education Minister last December, the Italian pro-family group Generazione Famiglia called the decision a “declaration of war” against the traditional family and the right of children to have a mother and a father.

In recent years, Fedeli has been “undoubtedly the most tenacious and ideological supporter of the manipulation of school programs at every level according to the dictates of gender theories,” the organization declared.

Last month, Fedeli came out publicly against the organizers of “Family Day” for their opposition to the use of gender theory in the nation’s schools.”

Pope Francis opposes “gender theory.” He once claimed it was part of a war on traditional marriage.

While the book is about education, having her name appear under the Pope’s gives the impression he blesses her work.

So why was an individual who promotes an ideology hostile to the Church invited to write the forward to a book attributed to the Pope?

That does not appear to the case. Could this have been the work of a hostile agent seeking to undermine the Church’s position on marriage?

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  1. I think Francis us a fake pope. And a bad one at that we need him gone asap
    He has said the Koran and the bible are equal and that we Re not to have
    a personal relationship with Christ bad thing to say even Putin says
    He is not holy(Putin is a christian).

  2. For starters, people used to be either Protestant, Catholic, or Jew. Since the first two joined it’s been Christian or Jew. Few remember what a true Christian really is. True Christians have come under God’s conviction for their sins, have knelt in tears (humbling themselves as little children), confessed their sins and asked God’s forgiveness. They accepted the Holy Spirit into their hearts and live their remaining lives for God. No where does the Bible say they are to confess to a pope, vicar or anyone else. Jesus is the one we should go to for confession and help. The Bible says we are to “call no man Father”, concerning religion. People need to wake up and realize the difference between a Christian and a catholic.

  3. Pope Francis was a Marxist street preached from Argentina – which is bad enough. On the other hand we Americans just survived 8 years of the presidency of that half-caste Marxist Muslim B. Hussein Obama from Kenya.

    • Marc, you are totally wrong. I grew up in Argentina. Was born near Bergoglio but never met him. He was a defender of Peron, a dictator that persecuted the Catholic Church. I don’t think he defended the persecuted Church, but his advisor was a very solid and prominent SJ(Azua).

  4. I think the Catholic Church is very well aware of what it is doing. It has been slowly developing new beliefs and positions with regard to its religion. I find the lectures by Walter Veith on You Tube to be extremely informative and a must read for all Catholics. Be prepared for shock and disbelief to learn that the Catholic Church is head of the NWO and what its plans are for the world.

  5. the pope was a homosexual and a child molesator from argentina the catholic people better remove him as pope before there is more child predatory priests sad very sad God and our savior Jesus Christ will bring wrath to this world as none has been seen since God created the world r=ead your bible all prophecy will be fulfilled.

  6. If, as the pope has said, that one does not even have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven–why do we need the Catholic Church? If one can be a homosexual & still be saved in that condition, what about the moral teaching of the Bible against this? If I were a Catholic, after these 2 (& there are other almost equally outrageous edicts the pope has made), I would no longer be a Catholic.

  7. Abuse is committed by all sexes. It is the abuse that needs stopping. Not all but just a small minority of abusers of all sexes need to be stopped. Picking on GAYS is not fair.

  8. True born again Christians will immediately recognize that all of this strange information coming down from the pope is satanic. No where in the Bible is there reference to the so-called authority of a pope. Our Authority is derived directly from God who gave us His son to die for us on the cross and through that sacrifice our redemption was paid in full. Jesus said just before he ascended into heaven “all authority has been given unto me, that authority was in essence given to us as born again believers and is our today.The Pope was installed by Satan himself in an attempt to change God’s simple plan for salvation.Don’t be fooled by it

    • St Peter was the first Pope. Please review your bible again and do further historical investigation. Look to Catholic Answers or Scott Hahn and many of the Protestant converts to Catholicism that came to know JESUS message fulfilled through His Church. The Church will never fail. There have been bad popes but we have been given dogmas of our faith to live under until JESUS comes again.

      • Perhaps everyone should READ the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” as they are GOD’S own words as NONE of the Bibles were written by Jesus OR GOD, but by “holy people” from the Churches!!! God’s own words in the first and second “Commandment” plainly states, “PUT NO OTHERS BEFORE ME” and “MAKE NO GRAVEN IMAGES”!!! To me, that says that people should not worship the “Pope” nor any other “Graven” images or statues in the Catholic Church.

      • The one thing i agree with is to read historical info but also more important the book left by God.. the bible.. the truth will.set you free.. the church is built upon prophets and appostles with jesus as the cornerstone, Jesus the high preiest and Jesus the thruth, the way and the life.. nobody goes to the Father but through me.. sorry its not peter

        • I don’t call Catholics Christians. I don’t follow the pope. The pope means nothing to me. I am a follower of JESUS CHRIST, HE died in the cross for MY SINS. Not the pope who leads his followers to HELL.

  9. About 60-65% of Catholic priests are gay, homosexual. Whether the Pope is one of those numbers is academic since 60-65 percent of his underlings are gay. This is something that he has to deal with as the head of the Catholic Church. This is an absolute fact. Check it out yourself. He and the popes that succeed him must slowly but surely move the Catholic Church toward the gay agenda. It is inevitable. This is just the first move.

    • Such lies you spread but GOD knows and the souls you pull from GOD he will hold you responsible for or this is what the bible says. I pray you come to know CHRIST love and the beauty of his church. Sad people like you do this. Praying for our world….

  10. I think perhaps the Catholics should investigate what is going on behind the Vatican gates and ensure there Christian legacy is intact!

    • Here is what I found out, many years ago: The Catholic Church and Muslims, the Islamic so called state, (of which there really isn’t such as state) are exactly alike in that they are BOTH, church-state set-ups! They both are dictators, disguised as churches and appear to be religious, and yet they are not! The C/C in it’s history,as well as Islam, ONLY shows itself in the outward appearance to be religious, but, IF people would get a FREE Koran and the Shria Law and read them, they could SEE this is fact! Same w/the C/C, they are POLITICAL, and have been since their inception back in about 350 a.d. w/Constantine! Both of these states are struggling to get control over the planet and one will win, and it will not be Islam as in Rev 17 KJV Eventually though, the C/C will be burnt and raped as per a church revolt by the nations.

  11. Pope John Paul warned us against “liberation theology” saying that too many confuse the words of Christ with those of Lenin. My oh

  12. I may be wrong, but i would not be at all surprised if you could dig deep enough and hard enough you would find that the Pope is/was an active closet Homosexual and possible child molester. I am lead to believe this from all his pro views and comments on Gays. I may be wrong but i don’t believe so.

    • You don’t have to dig too deep to find that the history of the Catholic church is steeped in sexual conflicts and actual paganism.along with idol worship there several books at the library that expose this.

  13. This kind of teaching does NOT reflect the lifestyle God wants for us! He created both man and woman to be a unity…. NOT a man and another man, or woman with another woman… plain and simple. The pope is only condoning homosexuality (note: I didn’t say “encouraging”) so he won’t lose popularity or get into trouble with harassment from the Left. Pathetic. Spineless. I have ZERO respect for this pope. I’m very disappointed in him for taking such a liberal stance.

  14. This Pope is too involved in issues that have nothing to do with the church. He is against America’s president as he sits behind a wall with security, he preaches to give to others but gives nothing from the Vatican. He speaks loudly but does NOT do as he preaches. Marriage is between a man and a woman and never should anyone with other beliefs be involved with anything regard the Catholic faith. Shame on the Pope and his actions!

    • As an “EX” Thank God Catholic, stuck in a false church claiming to have the vicar of christ, I can say this. The C/C is no more a Christian Church that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars! The pope is no representative of anyone except himself and mostly NOT Of Jesus Christ or Peter! Most of what the C/C teaches is NONSENSE anyway and can be proven as such by The word of GOD, found in The King James Bible, not the New American Bible. I “REJECT” Catholicism as I did almost 30 years ago! When the pope speaks from the chair, it must be the high chair!

    • You are absolutely right. He should attend to church business and leave the world alone. He wants to be a star, and just loves to see himself on TV. What a asshole he is.

  15. That doesn’t surprise me. For centuries the priest have been sexually abusing children. Know they want to make it legal to do so.

    • Sad that you spread such falsehood!! While it is extremely sad that sexual abuse of any kind take place, the Catholic Church has a similar amount of sexual abuse by priests as any other religious organization. Unfortunately having sexual abuse associated with the Catholic Church has the biggest media grab just like this article. Research and pray. Pray that we all have a little humility and that we do something each day to become more holy and virtuous. We change hearts not for what we, or the world wants but we come to know through scripture and tradition what CHRIST WANTS US TO BE

      • Not true! You go to any independent church (not ruled by any organization such as the catholics, or southern baptists) and you won’t find this going on. You don’t know what you’re talking about!

    • Man … created in his (GODs) image and likeness ? Adam and Eve created to breed and grow mankind. Where does homosexuality fit in this equation ? There is something very wrong here. Like the destruction of the human species.

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