Something Chuck Schumer said just came back to bite him

Chuck Schumer is a hard core champion of open borders and amnesty.

He praises illegal aliens like the fabric of America.

But he quickly came to regret these comments.

Back in 2009, when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and Barack Obama occupied the White House, there was talk of an amnesty bill.

But Democrats didn’t budge on the issue.

That’s because amnesty for illegal aliens was just as toxic then as it is now.

And there was one Senator who gave a major speech describing why any immigration bill must end illegal immigration once and for all.

That Senator was Chuck Schumer.

In 2009, he gave a speech where he declared that illegal immigration was “wrong.”

The Daily Caller reports:

“During a speech at the Immigration Law & Policy Conference at Georgetown Law, Schumer repeatedly argued that immigration reform should focus on encouraging legal immigration and should make clear that “illegal immigration is wrong.”

“The American people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration,” Schumer explained at the conference. “We will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept.”

“The following seven principles are all based on this concept and comprise what I believe to be the framework for a bill that can receive overwhelming and bipartisan congressional support,” he said.

“First, illegal immigration is wrong,” Schumer declared, “and a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration.”

What changed?

The Democrat Party is now so completely dependent on Hispanic votes on urban liberals that amnesty for illegal aliens with no restrictions what so ever on immigration is now a party litmus test.

Will Schumer’s hypocrisy cost the Democrats in DACA debate and the 2018 midterms? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Just about ALL that I have “run into” on-line, are P_$$ed, that they did it the Right Way, while the illegal aliens are being CATERED to, by BOTH Parties! Frankly, I am sick & tired of this LIBERAL Government “Policies” REWARDING people who break OUR laws! Either WE are a “nation of laws”, or we’re NOT! And, IF we aren’t, the LEFTISTS seriously need to SHUT UP about MORE “gun control”!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan, which is WHY no one in Either House of Congress would BACK this provision! ANYONE who thinks that WE are NOT spending a fortune taking care of illegal aliens & their children, seriously NEEDS ot READ the CBO Reports!

  3. Personally, I will NOT be voting For any candidate who thinks that illegal alien “immigration”/invasion is OK! Chuck Schumer is the NEW demo seen in any dictionary when it talks about the meaning of HYPOCRISY!

  4. when did obumpuke care if it was legal or not , seems to me that he has never paid much attn. to either ???!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DACA(Dreamers) can stay in our USA if they repay all the money that has been spent on them and then all of them(men and women) must serve at least 2 years in their chosen branch of the ARMY, Air Force, Navy, etc. Wonder what they would do them. I bet the would hightail it out of our country! They would still have to file and complete applications requirements for US citizenship.

  6. DACA was never a law – The Democratic Congress voted many times and refused to make it one. It was an unlawful Executive Order by Obama who knew it was against the existing immigration laws.

    As they support this law, they are breaking the law of harboring criminals themselves.
    Remove all illegal people, which will restore jobs for legal people..
    Its a d@@m shame one can put up their life for 6 years in the Army to protect this illegal harboring group of so called people leaders. I see none or not many of them who have served in the armed force to fight to the death to protect what? Them who has not served be as they are now. HAH!!

  8. The progressive MIND SET: Hate every President Trump agenda.
    The hate has so over powered their discernment, they no longer know what they stand for.
    Even though you know the truth, you believe the lie.
    Beware of those who call evil good and good evil.
    Liberal philosophy believes you can have it both ways.

  9. Unless NYC falls into the sea, or becomes its OWN self-sustaining STATE, paying for all its welfare payments and social services for illegals WITH ITS OWN(!!!) FUNDS, and NOT SHARED FUNDS FROM HARD-WORKING LEGITIMATE NEW YORK (STATE) CITIZEN TAXES, only then will they see the logic and fairness of immigration enforcement. Additionally, it would help greatly if a magnitude 10+ earthquake sunk all of the state of California into the sea: illegals, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Jerry Brown, self-righteous Democrats, and Hoillywood and its liberals!!!!

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