Something terrible happened right after Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech

On Thursday Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President.

But the big news of the night came later.

And that’s because something terrible happened right after Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech.

The Democrats’ tolerance for rioting and crime is becoming the number one issue of the Presidential election.

Black Lives Matter rioters continue to lay waste to cities across America with Kenosha, Wisconsin being the latest target.

Democrats are worried the lawlessness and Donald Trump’s “get tough on crime” message is breaking through to voters and shifting the polls.

On Thursday night rioters stormed the streets of Washington, D.C. to terrorize Trump supporters after they left the White House following Trump’s acceptance speech.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tweeted that a mob of 100 violent Black Lives Matter goons swarmed around him and menaced him and his wife as they walked back to their hotel after Trump’s speech.

“Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob,” Paul wrote.

A video posted to social media showed the harrowing walk Senator Paul and his wife made as police officers formed a ring around him to protect him from the mob.

At one point the violent agitators shove over a police officer and nearly break through the ring of security cops formed.

This incident – which is going viral on social media – will only add fuel to Trump’s argument that Democrats will bring mob justice to America by unleashing waves of violent rioters on cities and their political opponents.

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