Stacey Abrams’ big lie about the election just blew up in her face

Stacey Abrams will not admit defeat in the Georgia Gubernatorial election.

She’s been peddling one lie after another.

But now her shady behavior caught up with her and it’s going to blow up in her face.

Abrams has 30 lawyers working on a Hail Mary legal challenge.

She is citing an obscure Georgia statute that has never been used before to claim the entire election should be redone.

The Associated Press reports:

Stacey Abrams’ campaign is preparing an unprecedented legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor’s race that could leave the state’s Supreme Court deciding whether to force another round of voting.

The Democrat’s longshot strategy relies on a statute that’s never been used in such a high-stakes contest. It is being discussed as Georgia elections officials appear to be on the cusp of certifying Republican Brian Kemp as the winner of a bitterly fought campaign that’s been marred by charges of electoral malfeasance.

Top Abrams advisers outlined her prospective case to The Associated Press, stressing that the Democratic candidate hasn’t finalized a decision about whether to proceed once state officials certify Kemp as the victor. That could happen as early as Friday evening.

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Abrams’ campaign chairwoman, is overseeing a team of almost three-dozen lawyers who in the coming days will draft the petition, along with a ream of affidavits from voters and would-be voters who say they were disenfranchised. Abrams would then decide whether to go to court under a provision of Georgia election law that allows losing candidates to challenge results based on “misconduct, fraud or irregularities … sufficient to change or place in doubt the results.”

But some Democrats are furious with this decision.

They believe Abrams is taking away attention from Democrat John Barrow’s Secretary of State runoff that will take place in December.

Abrams is hogging all the attention and resources and leaving Democrats behind the eight ball in that key race.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Adams is a liar and wannabe thief. To claim she is the governor of Georgia when she was beaten by 55,000 votes doesn’t prove she’s ugly and/or reprehensible. It proves she’s insane, a loser without grace, and not fit to be in public office. Using her sister, the judge, to fight her losing battles for her proves there is a collusion of ugly in Georgia as well.

  2. I would imagine that the real voters that were disenfranchised were the ones that were scared off by her thugs with guns. The nerve of this woman to cry disenfranchisement when she brought Black Panthers with guns to rallies and other places is just crazy!

    • They should be double checking her votes I know for a fact that there was illegals voting for her, One of the news crews was asking questions in line and they was doing everything they could to dodge them. One other guy asked them if they was US citizens and they acted like they couldn’t speak English.

    • This is just another politician CRYING the BLUES cuz she was not good enough to win!! I bet she was the bully of the grade-school yard.

    • Look: If you’re tone-deaf enough to be a fat slob of a ‘woman’ who looks like she bathes (if she ever does) in lard? Then you’re definitely down with the BLM lie.

      Stacy is a sow, which insults a sow. Doubtless a perv ho’ too, but that won’t come out ’til she’s in office. God forbid.

    • Exactly, Wonder? Pelosi knew beforehand that the House was going to be won by the Democrats through voter fraud, seems that every Republican that was ahead during the elections, then all the sudden the Democrats got thousand of votes to cause a recount, and Provisional and absentee ballots popped up to give the Democrats the House. Look at California, Arizona, Florida and countless other States. Eric Holder, has been working for George Soros for the last 2 years setting up this to happen. Even, Liberal Hollywood took a break to poke their nose into the elections. The Media has hammered for 2 years 24/7 about the Republicans, campaigning for the Democrats and they preach they are not biased. Remember the Democrat Party are the very ones who created the KKK, For they are the one who lost their slaves.

  3. That must have been a BIG BLOW UP to cover up that HUGE BOVINE COW PIE FACE !!! Next she’ll feel ENTITLED to run for congress to replace that other “genius” GUAM JOHNSON

  4. Stacey Abrams your basic everyday Black Racist. Hollywooders didn’t help but they do keep working successfully on the Browning of America, along with the Democratic Party, and the flower peoples off spring. Republicans will keep trying to help the Blacks who don’t cry but try to achieve the American dream as most of us have done. WORK HARD

      • this stacy abrams is just another parasite on our country that needs to crawl under a rock with the rest of the dirt. We are constantly fighting against the lies and corruption that is indicative of the democratic of today. race is not the issue. The demo mind set is the issue.

        • Race baiters like Stacy Abrams always manage to cry the race card whenever they are criticized, and consequently they always manage to escape accountability.

      • Ric B, You are such a liar! If you have a pea brain, you still know what the game plan is. It is not even about racism, it is about preparing America for assimilation in globalization. This is the Democrats grand plan for our sovereign nation. They have to get their players in place for this to happen. If we were all open to promote breeding browner skin it would mean we are closer to accepting the Dem plan for us to be just another third world country in a globalised one world government. Scary, isn’t it?
        No need to proclaim I am another right wing conspiracy theory nut! More people are realizing what the real story here is! So ghost writer or are you a pen name, the joke is on you!

        • Y’all can do whatever you wan and subscribe to any theory you please ….
          But I am never assimilating with Stacey Abrams ! Yuckey-Foogie

          Y’all can do whatever you want and subscribe to any theory you please.
          But I am never assimilating with Stacey Abrams ! Yuckey-Foogie !!

          • All the more reason to call them out immediately. People are getting tired of it…how many? I don’t know but it’s happening. Obama and Oprah are becoming less effective. Also tired of having the advertising media shoving mixed couples down my throat in their commercials. I have no problem with who chooses who as a mate…but the advertisers are trying to shape people’s minds and affect how children think. WRONG

      • Ric B, you need to make sure brain is in gear before you start posting messages on the internet(that is if you have one). Plus you need to get the facts. That’s like the antham kneelers, haven’t checked the facts to know that 90%+ of blacks shot in America are shot by other blacks. Out of 1,000 rapes in this country, 999 are black on white, “1” is white on black.

    • So true. Affirmative action was a dismal failure. You get a position just because of your skin color???? How can you afford all those lawyers. You must have a very deep war chest.

  5. She is a Hillary clone………………..can’t believe they lost! HA HA HA
    Old fat Oprah didn’t help her either……ha ha ha Oprah even lost her SHOW after going full in on Obama……….that ruined her forever……used to like Oprah but found out she is really a racist.

        • Zeke, I think you have it backwards. Democrats have used and abused Blacks for years and the Blacks continue to buy Democrat dog food and Kool-Aid. They haven’t figured it out yest that the Democrats are not their friends.

      • I try to judge someone by their actions
        not their color…..but she makes that
        impossible. She plays the race card over
        and over…
        Democrats hate to lose…I have a seven year old daughter just like that. In her case
        she has an excuse…she is immature…
        At least my daughter doesn’t resort to
        violence and stealing…
        This country is in a lot of trouble unless
        this country wakes up….and realizes just
        where the Democrats are leading us.

    • Can’t believe GOP lost the midterms and the House so badly, HA HA, especially when so many predicted a “red tsusami.” Old, fat Trump did not help either.

      • what effing planet are you from? Thoughtful? how about not so thoughtful one. You check the numbers in reality and not your dreams? You barely managed to get the house woooo…real fun will be in the senate when Ruth Bader Ginsgurg retires or expires…SCOTUS number 3 will be put on the bench by my beloved DJT and you can sit back and wonder WTF just happened just like Staci Abrams and Hillary Clinton…Yeah…not so thoughtful one hahaha. You will have yer ass on your back then I bet.that will mean America is safe from you commie bastards for the next 30-40 yrs

      • thoughtful?one. re Lost Seats in House :
        DUE to RINOS’ LEAVING ‘CHAIR Positions’.
        > GLAD RINOS LEAVE/LEFT/ GONE. Good for ‘dems’
        ‘they’ CAN SHARE – if you know what i mean.
        >Senate seems STRONG__ V. Important.

        • Hey Reb, thoughtful one must have been drunk and passed out when midterm results came in. They won the house by 37-40 seats, BHO lost the house during his “anarchism” by think 63 seats and lost the Senate also while we have just increased our Senate seats, Govenor’s races were split about half and half.
          Not only do Democrats make up and/or change the game rules, nobody can tell what game they are playing! Bunch of goobers!

  6. Want to know the difference between Stacey Abrams and a bucket of bovine excrement? With the first you can spread it on a field and make things grow. With her, the only thing that would grow is her size. She is a perfect example of bloated government.

  7. isn’t it funny that the perpetrator of the fraud, is the one who wants a re-vote, citing a Georgia election law that allows for a re-vote, because SHE is responsible for the fraud! Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

  8. THis election process has really ticked most of the voting public off. Politicians like Abrams are doing everything they can to “beat the system” and change the rules if they don’t win. Voters should ask themselves where she is getting all the finances to hire this huge team of attorneys to tie up the election. Frankly I was not happy with either candidate. But it has become a disgusting process where these candidates drag the elections through the mud just for their OWN benefit. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised though. These ambulance chasing attorneys will do anything to fill their pockets.

    • What you say is on the mark. But there are two other issues here as well. Voter fraud is not a surprise happening yet nothing has been done to curtail it. Democrats are vehemently against Voter ID laws because it goes against the very thing you describe. But then, there are the voters. Half the country doesn’t vote to pick a value that says they don’t care. The other half has a portion that are naive and gullible and/or don’t pay attention to issues or are ignorant of issues and vote blindly. Some can’t even mark a box correctly. The remainder are left to try to do the right thing but lack the initiative to pressure Congress. Maybe finally Trump will make an effort to fix the problem…but with a Democrat controlled House, I doubt anything will get done because they want to affect the 2020 election in every which way.

  9. You forget one of the worst presidents was jimmy Carter, and he was from planes, ga. Some of his best things; stopped CIA overseas, let the dollar devalue down too one to one exchange rate with the German mark, and finally he purchase f-16 aircraft with only one external fuel tank (calls for three), and he was a democrat. Enough said.

  10. She will be a terrible leader if she can’t follow or accept rule of law. Any claim of racism is a cop out. It’s time to think as a statesman, go higher and act like a true patriot for All the people not just your race. “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood” MLK

    • One big problem with her loss is she didn’t pay her bills. Another is having Oprah coming in and playing the race card to the hilt. Oprah didn’t say anything about what a great qualified person Abrams was to be Governor. She played the race card to the max. Abrams did also. To be the kind of Governor people need and want, you have to be color blind.

  11. AMERICA is in BIG trouble for the next 2 years”’nothing I mean ”NOTHING will be done ”except trying to throw out the winner”’our PRESIDENT”’ sad that the house was lost to so many”’hater’s of our country””I just pray we can hold on till 2020””if not WE ARE LOST and so is AMERICA””

  12. Considering all the hundreds of thousands of voters Brian Kemp disenfranchised from voting, I wouldn’t be complaining about Stacey Abrams. This is a prime example of stealing an election. I NEVER, EVER, want to hear a republican cry again about voter fraud. Because what Brian Kemp did, as attorney general, is the epitome of it!!! Republicans should be ashamed and embarrassed that they stooped to such a low to win an election!!!

    • You have to be kidding. What is it that Kemp did? If you are referring to the few poll places shut down because no one ever voted there, their respective counties did that, not Kemp. The real voter fraud was attempted by democrats in Florida. The dems did get lucky in Arizona, but didn’t fool anyone in Florida. Sore losers all, starting w/ Billary in 2016. The only way the dems took the house was because 40 republicans retired (most of them never-Trumpers). I say good riddance to them

    • LOL!!!…excellent satire…!!! HAhaha!!

      Or are you just an idiot??

      Are you actually defending a bigoted, racist thug such as abrams? Actually ANYone casting a vote for that pos should be MORE than ashamed, but many of the few that did were probably intimidated by her ugliness’ brown-shirts…


    • Oh please. Get a grip Deludo Mike! Are you FRIGGIN serious???? The only political group that needs to go bury their heads in the sand in DISGRACE is the Demonrats!! The Repubs aren’t blameless for some crimes, but trying to pad the voting boxes with fake ballots, having more ballots than there are dems in that county, and “creating” ballots to sway the election? OMG!! If all the Dems are as clueless as you, no wonder they lost the election.

      FYI: the Liberal Democrat party is ready to implode on itself now with both Old Libs and YOUNG Progressives in the House that are already “warring” amongst themselves. Repubs can just step back and watch the fireworks as that Party is torn apart from the inside out — the warring has already begun! Not surprising after watching the lame actions during Kavanaugh’s Confirmation and now the Ballot tampering by dems. No one but “losers” are interested in being affiliated with that scum party!

    • Mike: How’s that Nobummmmmmer kool-aid tasting? From yur post it appears you are real high on that addictive drink. nuf said

    • You are right Leif — Abrahms loves to grandstand — even so far as to burn the symbol of America, our Flag! That’s a picture most Americans will always tie to her and never forget about that tramp!!

      Abrahms is nothing but a loud mouthed egocentric Black beaatch only interested in hearing her own voice. She would be a poor governor because you can’t govern when the only voice you hear is your own and that’s the only voice you trust! ????????????

      Georgia is so fortunate that Abrahams did not win the election. If she keeps pushing these ridiculous suits to try to recapture the election,…and still LOSES,,,how embarassing is that?? She won’t be showing her big ass face anywhere after that disgrace!! Thank God and good riddance!

  13. Stacey Abrams feels she is privileged because she is black and has a $hit load of money supporting her.
    She was a “high” up person in HRC’s campaign so there is no doubt Abrams has the Clinton machine and lawyers working for her as well. Needless to say HRC taught her well and she does not understand the word “no”. I still cannot believe some of the outrageous tactics Abrams used, if a white candidate did this well, you know what would have happened!
    I think this race is over but no doubt Abrams will be causing mischief for many years.

      • zee, Abrams said she was not conceding, she said acknowledging there was no path to victory. Wrote comment as she is considering a lawsuit for a whole new redo of the voting. There are still things going on behind the scenes and to say she will be around for eons, far from end of her career in politics! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

        • Well it was the most corrupt election in America for 2018. Kemp suppressed all the minority votes he could in his role that he should have left — you don’t run the election you are in!

          • thoughtful one, There are reasonable truthful explanations for the voter suppression you eluded to in your comment. Voting polls should be purged periodically, why do dead people, people who have moved from the state, people registered in multiple precincts, and illegals need to stay on voting rolls? (We both know the answer to that.) Why should voting precincts that are barely used be left open when the few who use them can vote at another precinct? Democrats look for things to cry foul about and are not happy unless the deck is stacked in their favor, right? Right!

          • To M. i have worked Presidential ABV Board.
            Easy To Alter a “spoiled Ballot(s)” IF <<<
            Board is Biased/DisHonest. MY DISTRICT
            HONEST. MY Personal 'opine' says NEVER RECOUNT,
            EVER. a 'Some point'RECALL, Says ALL Ballots
            "Spoiled". VOTE AGAIN in a designated Time Frame.
            Perhaps 72 hrs? – AT MOST.

    • Oh goody, we have another wacky democrat to add to the collection. Her comment, “Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right”, gives you the direction of the democratic gaggle.
      I’m with you Wayne.

  14. Democrats have been producing nothing but Zeroes for candidates of recent.
    And the news is full of her types over the last couple of years. Look at Baltimore and the City of St. Louis that was in the news for her types making dumb decisions and not knowing what they were doing. She can’t hold a candle to past GA governors. She couldn’t even wipe their shoes.

  15. Stacey Abrams lost because of racism; she demonstrated her racism by having Oprah Winfrey (Black) and Barack Hussein Obama (Black) to campaign for her because she thought that racists (Black) would overwhelmingly vote for her! Wrong, because people Black, White, and Others, who were not racists saw through her charade!

    • There is no group as racist as black Americans! Aside from voting 95% for all black candidates, their choice of spouses is a dead giveaway, seen more flagrantly in black celebs. I challenge anyone to show me a black music, showbiz or sports celeb whose wife, GF, etc. isn’t at least lighter skinned or even white? Their self loathing is that strong!

    • she lost because people didn’t like the intimidation she used while running, having BLM going up and down the streets with their rifles, and such, asking people if they was going to vote for her, they might have said yes, but I am sure a lot of voters voted NO, because of the intimidation tatics she used.

  16. Or let’s look at it like this: “Maybe “sexual assault” CLAIMS would go DOWN with THIS/HER in Government..???? SHE could STOP a LOT of THAT, I mean with THOSE “LOOKS”, NEVER mind that the BRAIN is MISSING, or got LOST somewhere on it’s WAY to THAT head…..

  17. This gig was her Barry O moment. Star power and the way to riches were right there to be taken. Her decades old student loans and that six figure credit card debt was going to ‘disappear’. A lifetime position feeding off the government sow, the $$$$ speaking circuit and those down-the-road, cushy, do-nothing consulting offers were all but guaranteed. No way this date with destiny could be denied, until it was! Unwilling to deal with reality, she and the cabal of radical leftists that supported her immediately went to the race card. As of today, it’s apparent that effort has also failed. Even with this final defeat, her comment today was that Kemp has secured the legal pathway, and in her eyes the process was not legitmate. Classic legal beagle, weasel speak that the Hunchback of Chappaqua would undoubtedly approve.

  18. Maybe she should TRY to get into Congress, as Congress WELCOMES more and more of THEM/the INFERIORS, like ocasio-cortez….AND maybe, only maybe that is WHY Congress has such LOW approval ratings…?????Just “think” WHO ELSE is in Congress, yeah it’s WATERS…

  19. Or let’s put it this way: “obama was ALLOWED to F-UP America for as long as 8 years, so WHY shouldn’t SHE be “allowed” to F-UP Georgia too as Governor, it’s ONLY Governor NOT president…??? The MORE these INFERIORS “push” the MORE they’ll get THEIR way…WATCH OUT Georgia, here SHE/THEY come…..

  20. Looking for another free hand out. Can’t find work cause nobody will hire her. Keep it up Adams, and spend more of the democratic money. Love to see them spend that money.
    Crawl bank in your hole. You could not govern the state of Ga. anyway. Looking for a pension is all you looking for. Being a poor loser and crying about it is all you can do

  21. crawl back in your hole. Keep it going I love the way you spend the dem. money.. Hope they go broke trying to please you . have no clue whats going on, andm would screw up Ga, politics for every. I do not think you could provide the support Ga is looking for, maybe you just looking for a job. Nobody wanted to hire you, so you trying to jump on a free bandwagon. Sounds just like you.

  22. I wonder how much the “… almost three dozen lawyers is costing Soros to steal the election for Aunt Jemima – look alike

  23. So, her TRY to STEAL the election, by wanting to COUNT IN ILLEGAL VOTES, from the actual WINNER did NOT work, NOW she wants to claim “MALFEASANCE”..??? Makes a lot of SENSE, doesn’t it….The BETRAYER claims BETRAYAL….Now THAT can ONLY come from the LEFT = the brain-DEAD….!!!!

  24. When she Campaigned on High Taxes, Gun Confiscation and allowing Illegals to Vote. I’d say she was Pretty Much Destined for Failure. She has a HUGE Flaw as Far Comprehension and Her new Job should only Limit her Speaking to the WORDS ” Would You Like Fries With That ” !!!!!!

    • She should have been and should be headed for failure, but the fact the crazy left have made it this far in the election process across the country, speaks to a scary future, if and when they are in control again….ugh!!!

  25. Some people are just not ready to have jobs with power. Some people should not have jobs at all. There’s too much corruption going on when certain people win elections are better yet steal are try to steal. That’s just the beginning. Wait till Maixen Waters starts in January she will steal and take and give to certain people.She should not have been elected after inciting people to harrass conservatives , follow them home, and get up in their faces. Why does she still have a damn job may I ask? Well we all know the answer to that question, if it we’re a conservative they would of been fired immediately!

    • EXACTLY my question….Why do CRIMINALS even STILL have JOBS in the US Government…??? Like this wannabe CRIMINAL Abrams, I mean trying to STEAL an election with more than just DIRTY tactics, IS a CRIMINAL…….

  26. I think they should prosecute these vile corrupt politicians when they try and pull illegal garbage and still loose she was beat far and square done with these anarcest they need held accountable for try to corrupt Our elections

  27. It blew up in Abrams’ face? Is THAT what happened to her? I was wondering how she got to look so ugly. Were her front teeth like that before or after the explosion? I don’t know how anyone with a brain could possibly believe anything the woman says. She’s a racist, a liar, and has an Obama-appointed sister who is a judge. With Abrams’ reputation and freedom with the truth, that sister of hers might come in handy.
    _flaming sarcasm_

    • Now it is a deflection from a normal election. Stacey Abrans should be happy to have made it to the primary. The outcome could have been predicted by most 3rd graders. She is not qualified and lacks the ability to serve the STATE OF GEORGIA IN ANY CAPACITY. SHE IS ONE OF MANY CANDIDATES PUT FORTH BY THE DEMOCRATS, WHO ,IN MY OPINION ARE NOT QUALIFIED. MAYBE SHE WILL GROW INTO INTO IT AND HAVE A BETTER CHANCE..

  28. I like my new name for them, Democraps. If the people of Georgia want somebody that acts and looks like her fronting they just might get that which they would deserve.

    • She will not go away. With the money she has behind her, all the liberal lawyers, liberal judges, politicians in Atlanta, they will try to change the law if they have to so she can be governor.

      Just reading the law they are trying to use, it looks like it is not in her favor. They must be going the get Supreme Court of GA to interpret in her favor. If it goes there, she has an excellent chance of winning.

      • Then it would STILL be CHEATING….with the APPROVAL of FAILED judges who need to be REMOVED from the bench, plain and simple…..If this was to happen then maybe “civil war” is going to START in the State of Georgia, then SPREADING out to other States/Regions…????

        • I think you are right Angela. We have seen so much in the Demoncrap party beginning with the lack of proper oversight of the Muller ‘fake investigation…there isn’t anyone in the top echelon that we can trust. Is there a person in our country that can stand Avenatt.

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