Stacey Abrams just insulted Joe Biden in the most humiliating way possible 

Joe Biden is now politically radioactive.

Biden’s sinking poll numbers sent Democrats running for the hills.

And Stacey Abrams just insulted Joe Biden in the most humiliating way possible.

The latest attempt by Joe Biden’s handlers at rebooting a failing Presidency is to launch an all-out attack on American democracy.

Billed as an attempt to “save democracy,” Joe Biden will now demand Democrats nuke the legislative filibuster and pass legislation to rig elections and lock the Republicans out of power forever.

Biden began this new push to turn America into a one-Party state with a trip to Georgia to campaign for socialist incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock.

But the trip immediately got off to a bad start when Stacey Abrams – the biggest rock star in the Democrat Party on so-called “voting rights” issues – snubbed Biden by refusing to appear at his rally.

Of course, Abrams tried to minimize the damage by posting a supportive statement about the Biden event on social media.

“The fight for voting rights takes persistence. As MLK exhorted, ‘The clock of destiny is ticking out. We must act now before it is too late.’ Thank you, @POTUS, for refusing to relent until the work is finished. Welcome back to Georgia where we get good done,” Abrams wrote on Twitter.

But the absence was notable.

Abrams is running again for Governor of Georgia.

Ever since her defeat in 2018, she’s spread The Big Lie that Republican Brian Kemp stole the election through voter suppression.

Kemp defeated Abrams by 50,000 votes in a free and fair election.

Abrams lying about her defeat attacked a core pillar of American democracy.

Now that Abrams is running again for Governor of Georgia in 2022, the fact that she is refusing to show up at Biden’s event sticks out like a sore thumb.

For all the hoopla about Joe Biden winning Georgia by about 12,000 votes in 2020, Georgia is still a lean-Republican state.

And Joe Biden’s socialist agenda is still deeply unpopular in Georgia.

There is no further proof needed than the fact that the likely Democrat nominee for Governor in Georgia does not want to be seen in person with Joe Biden.

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