This statement about Hillary Clinton challenging Trump is making everyone sit up and take notice

What will Hillary Clinton do next?

Pundits have speculated on her future since she lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.


  1. She can not accept the fact that we are sick of all the Clintons. She needs to shut up and climb back under her rock.

  2. If she isn’t in prison or dead by 2020 it would be a miracle for sure.
    People are onto her scams by now, and are tired of her “What Happened”
    whinnings. She cannot even remain upright during her book tour. She got
    injured. How in the world would she ever withstand another rigorous campaign?
    I don’t see it in her future. I believe she will have her hands full during
    her upcoming indictments and numerous investigations.

  3. Hrc is the only human being on planet earth that does not know that she and her philandering, woman abuser, husband are no longer an asset to the democRAT party. They are a liability, whose presence reminds Americans that these two traitors and congenital liars were once the face of the democRAT party. As a supporter of President Trump, and a Republican, I hope that the clinton’s will continue to do irreparable damage to the democRAT party by not disappearing into the woodwork. Hrc the narcissist does not and cannot accept the fact that even her party does not want anything to do with her or her husband.

  4. I agree with all of this crap about the Clintons. First and foremost, Bill Clinton was a scum bag individual before he ever ran for anything! What kind of a person would marry scum like Hillary? That’s proof enough about the man’s charachter!!!

  5. You can bet our tax dollars paid for not only the Climtons fallout shelter, Obama, all the elites, they could care less they’re ready and trying to pro one a war with Russia. Everyone should quit watching the bs news until it backs up and prosecutes all the Clinton orgs., Foundations, and her corrupt dealings while sec of state. I’m watching all her little people be murdered or taken down. Shultz now, she’s still using Huma.

  6. Hillary by all rights should be in jail why she’s not is an absolute shame on our judicial system and government like she says I am above the law.

  7. “Hillary Clinton should take the hint that the American people do not want her to be President.”, so what has changed except that America now knows about the Clinton dirt bag of tricks that are played, how she cannot handle stress, and her melt down when she lost the election. In 2020 she will be nearly 75 years old and would more than likely not even last through her term if she was elected. Is it not time to forget the Clintons and old, outdated, has beens, that have a very questionable past not to mention all their illegal activities and her violations of the National Security Acts.

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