This statement by the new FBI Director just obliterated the Dems’ hopes for impeachment

When Trump fired Comey in May, Democrats immediately claimed it was “obstruction of justice.”

Some House Democrats even introduced Articles of Impeachment based on their accusations.

But with this statement, the new FBI Director just threw cold water on their claims.

Chris Wray was recently confirmed as the new FBI Director.

He recently made his first public appearance since taking on his new role and issued a statement that left Trump opponents stunned.

The Washington Times reports:

“I can say very confidently I have not detected any whiff of interference in that investigation,” Mr. Wray said, speaking alongside intelligence community leaders at a security conference in D.C.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is overseeing the investigation into Moscow’s interference in the election and any coordination with members of the Trump campaign, but the FBI is providing agents to assist the work.

Mr. Wray told an audience at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance conference that he has confidence in those working the probe as well as “enormous respect” for Mr. Mueller.

Democrats contend that Trump fired Comey because he was getting too close in his investigation into the Trump campaign for “collusion.”

So far, no evidence has been found to back up any such claims, but that hasn’t stopped Democrat politicians from calling for more investigations.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said the investigation “will conclude when we conclude we’ve uncovered all the evidence… that may exist of obstruction of justice, of collusion…”

In other words, their investigation will never end.

It’s like the determined crypto-zoologist seeking to prove Big Foot exists.

No matter how little evidence can ever be discovered to verify its existence, that won’t stop them from believing it does and that some day they’ll find the evidence they need.

It’s time for Congress to put an end to this by putting a deadline on funding for the Mueller investigation.

Otherwise, this will continue well into 2020 and beyond, should Trump run and win a second term.

What are your thoughts on the new FBI Director’s comments?

Share your thoughts with us on this and the whole “collusion” investigation in the comments.



  1. Put someone in charge of getting to the truth regarding Obammy and the Clintoons,
    and the rest of the real crooks. Start with Soros and work down through all of
    the swamp creatures. Fire these investi gators who are part of the evil swamp.
    I do not like that Wray has “enormous respect” for Mueller. Not good. What is with
    the new thing of “behind closed doors” interviews with Flynn and Sessions? The
    attorney(s) for President Trump are not allowed to be in these meetings. How can
    that happen? How can the President be defended properly without his attorneys
    being present?

  2. He can’t prove anything so he is going to bankrupt those he thinks did wrong. That’s his way to punish without proof of any wrongdoing.

  3. We just need to replace those Democrats in both houses of congress with people that think the same as Trump! This will happen with the 2018 mid-term elections! If you haven’t already noticed by now, every person that has gone against Donald Trump in the special elections has lost! Look at Jeff Flake of Arizona! He’s anti-Trump and he’s on his way out the door! Then look at Alabama!

  4. I believe that it is costing taxpayers a large fortune. I have been trying to find out how much the salaries are for Mueller and his seventeen staff attorneys for the investigation. But I cannot find any info on it.

  5. This “investigation” has gone on so long, so far, that the “investigators” should know what underwear Putin was wearing on election day. I think it’s about time the leftist accept that their little princess did not win the election and get on with the countries business.

  6. What exactly does that show us, Andy?? That Trump’s son was duped into a setup that was a meaningless meeting!! That means nothing.

  7. Well he was….if you haters would back off he can do a job…you people refuse to let him do his job because then he can’t be the president he is meant to be….

  8. The congress waste money and have no evidence, after all of this time. And, the FBI says their is no evidence. STOP wasting our money. We need to drain the swamp and get people in there that want to make America great again.

  9. We the people are sick and disgusted of all the trash and garbage of the left accusations against our duly elected President Donald J Trump.
    Get over it you sicko’s wake up this is a new day God Bless America.

  10. Poor Andy and Meandblue..are you all butt hurt that your idol Hitlery the criminal didnt get elected ? ah poor snowflakes..

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