Stormy Daniels was just exposed

Porn star Stormy Daniels says spreading her story of an alleged affair with Donald Trump isn’t about politics or personal gain.

And the liberal media can’t get enough as they relentlessly wage war on the president.

But when Stormy Daniels revealed where her “hush money” would go if she wins her lawsuit, she was exposed for all to see.

According to the Daily Beast, if Stormy Daniels wins her defamation case against attorney Michael Cohen, she’ll donate $130,000 to Planned Parenthood — America’s largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood also spent $30 million in 2016 trying to elect Hillary Clinton.

Penthouse landed an in-depth interview with the porn star titled “Getting Intimate With the Most Wanted Woman in America.”

The Washington Times reports:

The adult-film star whose real name is Stephanie Clifford will, if she wins the case, donate $130,000 to America’s biggest abortion provider in Mr. Cohen’s and President Trump’s names.

Ms. Clifford gave the Penthouse interview to pair with a cover story and a nude spread for the issue thatgoes on sale May 8 and names her “Penthouse Pet of the Century.”

“We are really excited to have Stormy back on the cover of the magazine,” said Kelly Holland, the porn magazine’s CEO and owner. “She was a ‘Penthouse’ Pet back in 2007, so we have a history with Stormy, and she has a good relationship with us.”

The $130,000 figure matches the amount of hush money Mr. Cohen acknowledges having given Ms. Clifford in October 2016 as part of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding her claims of an affair with the then-tycoon a decade earlier. Mr. Cohen said he made the payment without the knowledge or cooperation of Mr. Trump or his organizations.

By announcing her intention to donate the money to Planned Parenthood, Stormy Daniels exposes her underlying political leanings.

While claiming she’s not doing this for the publicity, she certainly has no problem profiting from it.

Daniels is currently raking in the cash on a national stripping tour called “Make America Horny Again.

What do you think about Stormy Daniels’ plans to donate $130,000 to America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood?

What about her alleged decade-old affair?

Is this all for personal and political gain?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  2. I think the Stormy Daniels fiasco is dead. No one gives a dam one way or the other. If John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton, to name a few, can have women running in and out of the White House at will, Donald Trump is entitled to have an affair ten years or more before he got into office, if it ever happened at all. This is all blown up by a desperate MSM, and they lost on this one also.

          • Anna I agree ! Stormy is nothing more than trailer trash absent of any class. Women even in the occupations of being strippers, escorts or High Class Hookers can do so with a little class.

    • It goes back a lot further, FDR had a Mistress and it goes even further back. Can’t recall which one but before Wilson.

    • Stormy Daniels is nothing but an old, dried up, washed up, used up slut. This is the only way she can get people to pay attention to her. Plus she needs the money.

    • You have to love the headlines tho…………Story has exposed herself in over 100 DVD’s……..She loved exposing everything…….Her body is not that great either..

  3. Once a call girl always a call girl. The reason why the left wing liberals like Stormy is; because, they think the can use her immorality to remove a legally elected president from office. We can’t forget deep state and transgenders Obama and Michael along with Mueller only want to remove Trump and create a one world government run by the elites.

      • Stormy Daniels is trash ! I do agree with you on that issue. But as far as her being a prostitute is but another issue. I see nothing wrong with any woman who chooses that occupation. Women should be able to do with their bodies what ever they wish. Even to make a living/income.

  4. What is really sad about this woman, is she is living outside of the grace and mercy of Holy Living Father God in Heaven, she is promoting sex outside of wedlock/marriage, promoting a lifestyle of adultery and fornication, lust, all of these are sins are sins of the flesh, these are mortal sins, that lead to other sin, and also to be on that road of perdition. If she were to die, right now as she is believing and living and profiting from using her whole body, mind, and soul as a prostitute, hersoul would enter immediately straight into Hell. She is already judged by the Holy Living Word of God, the Bible. The Holy Bible warns us and tells us, if you live a lifestyle of being an adulterer, fornicator, lusts of the flesh, sex outside of wedlock, your soul cannot enter into the Kingdom of God which is Heaven, being unrepentant (meaning stop living that lifestyle and come to Jesus Christ and be redeemed leading to salvation). She is also profiting off of her lies, she waits for over 10 years to bring up allegedly having sex with the President Trump, this is for profit and it is political. She is a liar, you know them by their fruit. Then she boldly and proudly, if! she wins, will give $130,000 to Planned Parenthood who are abortionists/murderers of the most innocent of the innocent in the most sacred place in the world, the womb of a mother/woman/female, and Planned Parenthood sells baby parts and/or probably would give a live infant(s) to Satanists to perform their Satanic rituals sacrificing babies to Satan. SHE IS AN EVIL WOMAN, SHE REALLY IS, AND WOE UPON HER SOUL, FOR KNOW MAN KNOWS THE DAY OR HOUR THAT THE LORD WILL CALL UPON YOUR SOUL, WHAT ROAD WILL YOU BE ON. THIS PROSTITUTE, AND SHE IS A PROSTITUTE IS ON THE ROAD OF PERDITION (SHE IS STILL SELLING HER BODY TO LEAD MAN INTO MORTAL SINS, SHE HAS A LOT OF BLOOD (LIVING SOULS) ON HER HANDS), TO HELL AND BRIM FIRE, AND SHE’LL BE THERE FOR ETERNITY ALONG WITH THE ANTICHRIST AND HIS DEMONS. SHE BEST GET RIGHT WITH HOLY LIVING FATHER GOD NOW, IN JESUS THE CHRIST NAME, SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. AND! SHE WILL NOT WIN HER CASE, SHE ALREADY LOST (SHE HAS EXPOSED WHAT IS IN HER HEART, SHE EVEN PROMOTES MURDER, THE MURDERING OF A BABY IN THE WOMB OF THEIR MOTHER).

  5. There needs to be more exposure of who the lawyer was that represented Danniels, he is a true lefty and studied under Alynski and has been a hatchet man for the DNCommunist, his job was to obscure and defame Trump for having consensual sex with a willing hooker……I hope she wasn’t dumb enough to pay this clown but she has managed some cash on her own….

  6. If stormy had all of the dicks stuck out of her that were stuck in her she would look like a porcupine with a 2 mile train. And she is suing the President for defamation of character. Don’t you just love this country.

    • Stormy Daniels, prostitute: Something she can brag about to her children, they must be proud when she tells them you don’t have to have an education, don’t have to work, don’t have to have morals, honesty or integrity, just S&F when the money is right. THEN you can tell lies to all your customers in the main stream media; they will publish without vetting anything as long as it impunes the reputation of ANYONE they don’t agree with. Piece of S**T along with her customers in the msm.

  7. Stormy Daniels is nothing but a disgusting high paid prostitute and I can’t think of any respectful woman that would feel any different.

  8. Stormy is obnoxious, disgusting scum. She is totally, absolutely gross. She waited 12 years to report whatever. Now she is being featured on a Penthouse cover page, interview, and nude spread! She is unbelievable!!

    • This whole thing about Stormy is just plain DISGUSTING. A night stand with a prostitute that Donald Trump had long before he was elected POTUS. What the hell is the difference? Anything the RATS can do to smear the President. Most of them live in glass houses and shouldn’t throw stones themselves. What he did in his private life 12-years prior has absolutely NOTHING to do NOW being the duly elected POTUS. He is NOT a saint or God. Move on in life and let the GD President due his job which is OUTSTANDING and has accomplished than any president we had in MANY years. Go Trump Go and Thank God.

    • This TRAMP has set her future in her portrayels to womanhood and has been a SLUT from WAY back. Her Mother may state that she is PROUD of her daughter, but what will her DAUGHTER say when she finds out that her mother has SOLD her SOUL to the DEVIL and takes ALL the Devil will give, in exchange for her soul. LOTSA LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE DUMPSTER!

    • This is a wicked woman and you better believe there’s somebody bigger than her that is watching. And she will pay where she believes it or not. We didn’t have to be reminded how evil she is but when she said she going to fund killing babies that is the bottom of the barrel. How does she think about her daughter seeing all this and having to live with a mother ( if you can call her that) that sells her body and poses nude for that filthy magazine.

    • You are right Gaye. God is watching Stormy and what comes around will go around. It amazes me what people will do for money. The route of ALL evil. She will donate. Right!!!! I just bet she will. If she claims she wasn’t a prostitute, accepting this money certainly will make her one. It amazes me that the media just thrives on this shit. Trump is not God. He is our duly elected POTUS and a damn good one at that.

    • I saw a post day-before-yesterday with your name but didn’t think it was you AND SAID SO to the poster. Your name had a capital “B” but the rest of the letters were lower case. Thanks for clarifying that….

  9. FIRST she was Hillary’s BEST friend, then Perv Bill GOT to her, then Hillary found out and got PISSED, so she THREATENED “poor” Stormy; either go out there in PUBLIC and EXPOSE yourself by making up a STORY about President Trump or I’ll have you commit SUICIDE……!!!!I rest my case.

    • Sounds like typical Hillary. Now that Bill Cosby has been convicted, it’s time to go after Bill Clinton, lest it seem like a racist plot.

      • I do wonder if she has been with CIGAR Billy Clinton. If we ask the liberals I’m sure they will tell the truth, that has been spoon fed to them by the Clinton News Network.

      • Does any one remember Hilary great words stand by your man i wonder if not the other way around in stormy case stand by your money or you lose it

    • Sounds good and something the CLINTON’s would conspire, but try to prove it. Slick Billy has been with lots of women, but can you really blame him???? Hillary is as nasty, DEPLORABLE and evil as they come.

  10. I think she is very JEALOUS of the First Lady. Her AGENDA seems to be to publicly embarrasse Melenia by making a big deal out of him being married to her when he used her like the Handi Wipe she obviously is!

    • I would never make the assumption that President Trump “USED” her. She has made a charge that has not been verified. With her background, I wouldn’t believe a thing that she said.

      • Your’e right. She is using the President, to gain fame and money. I would never believe anything that comes out of her mouth (except maybe one thing).

      • Great response Jim. You certainly could be right especially w/o any verification. Like I said, the whole story is unbelievable and DISGUSTING that people will do and accuse anyone to profit for fame and the almighty DOLLAR.

  11. what about all of the money and publicity stormy is taking in? where does that go – in her pocket. in any event, stormy breached an agreement and she is attempting to give away $130,000 to which she is not not entitled. Neat attmept to further exploit, but americans are not that dumb to she right through her.

    • If she loses, and she should, she is going to be in big time debt at $1 MILLION per disclosure. She hasn’t stopped disclosing every day for months. I wonder why her lawyer never told her that a contract is to be honored by the two signatures on the contract. Why do all the stories refer to an affair, one night does not constitute an affair. I think one night is called a Trick. If it even happened, how much does she get per Trick?

      • Your’e right. Her lawyer can’t be very smart, or he thinks she will win and he will get more money from it than she will. One minute it’s an affair, the next it was a one night stand.

  12. Stormy Daniels exposed? You have to be kidding. What do you think she did as a profession? You can’t get more exposed than that. She’s been exposed for many years.

  13. What a dog, how do we let people like this get by with this? I have to puke when I hear her lies.

    And Planned what? I would like to see the good lord strike them dead with a bolt of lightening while their friends are watching. They are all idiots, who are no different than those who the good lord took many years ago. What do they think they will gain? She is a Dick person.

  14. Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford thinks she’s on top of the world now, but she’s not. The whole world (which she’s been playing to incessantly) isn’t all made of ugly horny old men. Any woman who thinks so little of herself and her mental ability to earn money (without using her body), needs a really good psychiatrist, who won’t take sex for his/her fee.

    • I think that woman (I cannot call her a lady) is just trying to make an extra buck and getting older she wants to be in the publicity as otherwise she cannot earn any money anymore as in her “profession” she has so many “younger competitors” so she has to invent things to stay in the eyes of the people.

    • You are so right William L Ramsburg. It is too bad these Demorats didn’t devote as much of their time and energy trying to prosecute the imposter Obama who was not even qualified to be POTUS for 2-terms thanks to Soros and tried to bring our great country down to her knees. He was no more qualified than my husband who was born in the USA and is an American. Is has been completely DISGUSTING and can’t believe it has gone on for as long as it has. Trump is a strong man for tolerating all of this daily abuse and must love our country as much as he does his family. God Bless President Trump.

  15. The title on the news article was Stormy Daniels Exposed.I beg to differ on that.SHE has been exposing herself for quite some time,not JUST exposed.I am wondering if Tump did have sex with her how she knocked him out with drugs to get him to consent to having sex with that UGLY thing.ANYBODY that would have sex with her is the same people that have a death wish.She has been in bed with TOOOOOO many people.

  16. Where’s the evidence, the photos, other testimony etc? His word against hers. But dems think we’re as stupid as they are.

      • If it was a one night stand, why is she calling it an “affair”? If Trump actually did this, it was 12 years ago!!! Billy did his stuff in the white house.

    • Women like her are out for what they can get sexually and then trap the men. She should not win the law suite. She was for Hillary and she is working for her trying to get Trump out. This is strictly my opinion. The story should be took out of the news. I am fed up hearing about it.

      • I am so GD sick of hearing this shit day in and day out about what happened 12 stinking years ago BEFORE Donald Trump was duly elected POTUS by the American people of this great country. Who gives a rats ass what Donald did and said in his private life which had nothing to do with his Presidency? Like I said, he is NOT God, he is a man whom I am sure, had sex with other woman before he was elected POTUS. Have a life people. Must be nice to think you are ALL perfect???? The man is doing a GREAT JOB and we are so lucky to have him as our President of this great country. Move on and get a LIFE. Stop all this abusive shit NOW. It is getting really old and people are sick of it.

      • Proof that some people will do anything for money. Is there no shame in publicly airing your dirty laundry. Undeniably done for personal and financial gain. If that wasn’t enough….donate money for abortion factory (pp) in their names. Lowest of the low!!!

    • if trump did provide $130,000 has anyone considered what that meant to trump. it would be like $50.00 to you or me. it may simply be that she demanded $1,000,000 and was easier to pay the small amount, not worthy of wasting his lawyers time in a public lawsuit not even accepted by the national enquirer. the only certain thing is that she reneged her exclusive publication contract. also that she had signed affair denial documents and agreed to support denial of any relationship. So on top of all her other character deviations we can say that she is a liar. she should be sued for non compliance with contract issues. she is just in it for the money and fame.

  17. to all who are for our lader just support the man for all the good he has done and will do ,ignore all the trash and helpand support pres . we need him and must help him to continue to turn the tide . we must not give up our country to the scaggs . .OLD VET

    • This has GOLD DIGGER wrote all over it and the lift wingers are eaten it up they don’t have sense enough to see what Mr. Trump is trying to do for the United States of America they’re still happy paying for “OBAMA CARE” and crying over HILLARY how stupid can they get!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Apparently there’s no limit to their stupidity and they seem to keep proveing that with each new preposterous criminal investigation of Trump they start, now if they investigated themselves, they would hit pay dirt.

  18. Stormy Daniels was just exposed


  19. The way I see it, if she is successful in breaking the contract, she owes the money that she originally got back to Cohen plus the interest that it would have accumulated at the interest rate of that time period, and that should be compound interest.

  20. Miraculous!
    After years of remaining silent, this piece of garbage now comes forward.
    Please tell me why?????
    If not for the almighty dollar, what else does she want…..except
    She is a disgrace to herself, and nothing more than a charlatan.
    Hiring of a crooked attorney who publicizes the phony story Accusing threats on her life is absurd.
    Go home and take care of your daughter, instead of trying to profit at the cost of innocent people
    The fake press knows how to find crooked phonies of your caliber.

  21. first of all wasn’t the problem about sexual harassment? Ladies and or gentlemen were being forced to have sexual advancement made on them. Stormy Daniels admitted to agreeing having intercourse,and this is her profession. Donald Trump as he was at the time broke no law as all the liberals claim. Stormy gave this money to an organization that sells baby body parts. Everyone involved needs to ask God to forgive the sinful act that they have done and be done with it.

  22. A Whore and her pimp will pay for all their wrong doings ! What goes around comes around! Murphy’s law will show up unexpectedly..Deep State is digging their hole DEEPER THAN they care to because the TIDE is turning and it is from inside their own circle ..Good luck finding the leak A-HOLES….

  23. ALL FED $$ NEEDS to be STOPPED Immediately, No Matter what. PPH IS a Completely False Narrative. SD or not. Baby parts Sold for Research
    Which Proceed to Vacc’s/ Hormone shot & More. PPH = V.V. Baaad/Evile.

  24. SD gives money to Planned Parenthood where they sell body parts of the babies they murder.How come our tax dollars also go to Planned Parenthood ? Contact your congress members regarding your tax money being spent this way. HC had lovers who died. When visiting Italy a few yeas ago , a small village members talked about HC and the lover she was there with a week before he died an unnatural death. This is not the first of men she knew who died strangely. remember when she said a fellow was robbed when he was killed in the USA ? Why then did he have his wallet and car keys on him. If you wish, check this out with men she knew who died before testifying against he in court. HC and SD are not Americans we can be proud of. They both should pay a price for their behaviors. If we as citizens did any if this without the connections they have we would be in prison .

      • Hey, let’s face it. Her working in the porn business, I’m sure she was a regular customer there to abort all those babies when she got pregnant!

    • she like any other lose woman just out for the money but she has a soul we need to be praying for plan parent hood they need to read the tenth commandment They shall not killthat all it is when you abort these poor babies they have just the right to live as we do

  25. That is an OVERT bribe to every liberal judge and politician out there.

    Stormy Daniels is bribing them to let her win so they can be a part of funding Planed Parenthood.

    The case ought to be dismissed for that BRIBE alone!

  26. See how the media & the people are eating all this up !!! Stormy, Commy, & Mueller. Keeping the American people occupied while Rome is burning. Something is going on, possibly with the Clintons, Obama, & others who want Trump to fail. I like the guy. He doesn’t talk in circles like Obama & H. Clinton.

    • Your very correct, he is one of the first I would say that is an honest man. The left is going down in flames because they have nothing against this man. The longer he is in the White House the more I like and respect him. He is finally getting the right people around him and not listening to career politicians…

    • I’m thinking the same thing. You could probably add soros in there. He is right there with Hillary and Obama. Those congressmen who hate President Trump are afraid he WILL drain the swamp, partly because they resent him for stepping in where they think they all belong, and he is an outsider who is getting things done and showing them to be do nothings.

  27. The corrupt MSM is digging its own grave. It pays major attention to Ms. Daniels,she receives all of her press attention because the story has a lead-in to the name of Trump and the idiots of the MSM can’t get enough of “Stormy” for that single reason. The stupid leftist “press” encourages her by not only focusing on it as a major moment in history, but it gives her and her lawyer unlimited access to notoriety, while real news that affects the nation and the world hardly receives the attention which could be of far more importance.
    In the interim, those consumers who frequent leftist editorial newspapers or TV are left with little of real news which could affect their very lives. The question now exists whether the public which pays such rapt attention is so ignorant that all it can read or pay attention to is National Enquirer or sex and prostitution periodicals.

    • Skunks like this one is what keeps Penthouse in business. If it wasn’t for her Immoral Livings matching those of Penthouse, she would be on the Breeding Channel on TV.

  28. Stormy is All about herself. Look at me ……. Look at me. Heck with morality and ethics. Sad person. Wasting her life in this way. There is no happiness here.

  29. I’m surprise she speaks as clearly as she does without a large object stuffed in her mouth. I figured she would have a hard time thinking unless she was on her hands and knees or flat of her back.

  30. lets not throw stones at glass houses. At one time or another every man has had an affair or considered one. So what so wrong that TRUMP HAD AN AFFAIR and there was no reason to talk about it unless u are a liberal who is trying to bring down the pres. It is many years ago that it happened and im sure if there were a problem between him and his wife it had been resolved long ago. let consentrate in making America great again and not waster our time and money defending aligations from a sleez ball.

    • The other prostitutes may find that their bookings taking a down-turn when their Johns realize the possibility of being black mailed. She did admit that it was a one night stand, and not an affair. So she has gone from a proclamation, to amending it as a one night stand. How long before this whole fiasco becomes a nothing burger? I feel sorry for the children.

  31. Pres. Trump hasn’t been sexually involved with Stormy Daniels since he was elected. So, drop it. We, the People are really tired of this.

    • That’s what I said when the prostitute came out with this. Also, this didn’t happen in the Oval Office or in The White House, and she wasn’t an intern.

  32. Shouldn’t child protection service look in to the welfare of the child? She has got to be totally confused, and mommy (used as a figure of speech) isn’t there to provide the support, and guidance. They say it’s the oldest profession, and there are a lot women do it, but don’t see them telling the whole world just to make a fast buck. Now the DNC is suing Russia, and President Trump for rigging the election. Go figure as the old saying goes “They just about shot their wad”. All blanks.

    • You have an excellent point. I had an aunt with a daughter. My aunt was a party girl, always with different men. My cousin was sent to boarding school, as she was
      inconvenient to have around. After graduation, she came home, and really got mixed up with the lifestyle. She committed suicide at 21.

    • CPS IS Another V.Questionable org. to say the least. Trafficking involved there as well. Not Good. Many orgs are V. Clever in ‘cover up’ on High Levels. Have read too many Sickening stories.

  33. This woman proves the point that Donald Trump is far from perfect. Now let’s see. How does that make him different from any of the rest of us. The sad thing is that the democratic party and media would try to use this to enhance their hate America campaign…to undermine the ability of the president to accomplish critically needed improvements to our economy and our world standing. No one on the political right defends Mr. Trump’s past indiscretions or immature sexual attitudes. But by now, most recognize that the swamp was bigger and filled with more vipers than anyone imagined, and it required a person of Mr. Trump’s enormous tenacity and ability to withstand personal attacks, to possibly rescue the Country from that mess.

    • The media is pounding stormy for one reason and one reason only that is to separate the evangelical from President Trump. By harping on sexual misconduct the east coast media believes this will create the wedge they are looking for. The problem is we flyover country have been traumatised for decades by their movies regarding sexual contact that hearing a porno star brag about tapping a billionaire 12 years ago does not raise an eyebrow with us now.

  34. You’ve all got it wrong. The 1st slime ball is Stormy’s attorney. He strictly in this for the fame and money, just like all attorney. He doesn’t care about the truth, he was taught in law school how to lie and twist. We need to do something about attorneys. The State Bars in this country protects them and the Judicial branch permit judge to pick who they like and that is how justice is today. Stormy, yes is a low crawling whore out for money and fame, but she is also the fish in the water for crook attorneys and judges to make their name and fame.

    • I could care less about SD. She is a low life and was easy pickings for her alum ball attorney. If anyone thinks we care who he slept with, get a life. God chose him to run this country and he is doing a great job. No one has ever done a better job. And he is not
      Having sec with strange women. SO YOU ALL CAN STUFF IT. We also love his wife Melania. She is a very sweet, elegant, classy woman and she is
      Beautiful. In fact I don’t believe your slummy story.

  35. This Jezebel from hell, just won’t go away.
    We are tired of seeing and hearing from her, and her slimy attorney.
    These two accusers, Stormy and McDougal are paid sex
    entertainers. They are not “victims” of anything. They first
    of all, get paid, to entice men. They show their wares and try
    to get men sexually aroused. Then they have the gall to take
    hush money, and get upset that they signed an agreement to shut up.
    If over $100 thousand wasn’t enough, they shouldn’t have signed the
    NDA. They accepted payment didn’t they? That should have put an end
    to this, but they are too greedy and sleazy.

  36. Has she been tested for any STDs?
    Before we get any crazier over this female scumbag – consider what she does for a living and tell me why ANYONE should care about anything she says, does, thinks or pretends to give a thing about.
    Please tell her the “15 minutes of fame” are coming to a close and she has to go back to sex worker status.

    • Democrats used the same trick on Herman Cain in Georgia. They brought out a woman stating Herman sexually harassed her, when that didn’t get much traction, they just kept bring more women claiming he did the same to them. Same old dirty tricks by democrats. If this doesn’t work they will find more women

  37. Just another piece of TRASH who will do ANYTHING for MONEY! And she is “so proud” that she will expose herself, mentally and physically, and through these actions prove to the world that she is nothing but a POS.

  38. Senator McCain daughter said it right on the Liberal View program when she said Stormy Daniel tour is “Make America Horney again.”

  39. A whore wanting her day of fame, book or movie deal. She sold her body and took the money and now opens her big mouth to get more. What a low life. Anyone who follows her is one also. Porn? and a young daughter?? Is she going to follow in her mother’s footsteps? This is for politics and fame. She is shit. She wants respect??????????
    oh come on now. I don’t have any for her.

  40. With Trump affairs at least he paid them for their “services”. With Bill Clinton he just raped and felt them up and then lied about it. If true, Hillary has her own affairs to cover up with children, women and men. So why wouldn’t the MSM not have any stories to print/talk about the Clinton’s……hush money by any other name. Planned Parenthood bunch will burn in Hell! Also, Stormy didn’t refuse the $130,000 when she signed agreement and she must have noticed that Trump hadn’t signed it then so why now…….right a bigger paycheck coming from the liberals.

  41. I still can’t figure out how you can “DEFAME” a whore and porn actor, she’s done a pretty good job of that herself by all her life decisions, a SENSABLE judge would throw this case OUT!

  42. Scroll up to Anthony Guastella comment at 11:55 am. The most intellgent comment made today! And let me add in the mean time the deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucus, Rich Thorn, John Ash and Joe Montage all within 6 weeks of the election goes unnoticed by major media networks. Instead… covearge of a useless whore and other intentional mis directions. ABC NBC CBS CNN SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON,

  43. I just wonder how many other men this whore has done this to?! Screwed them and then sued them! I will bet if you do some digging you will find out that she has done this a lot!

  44. Nobody in their right mind would pay any attention to this WHORE!!! AGING AND LOOKING FOR ATTENTION!!!!!N O B O D Y C A R E S!!!!!

    • Amen to the obvious. She is the epitome of an invidious creature of the lowest form. A viper of immorality and has the temerity and gall to do and say these things. But for the public and news outlets to give this worthless person any creedence is the real issue. They are below contempt.


  45. Stormy Daniels and her creepy attorney fit in perfectly with the left. Stormy works in the sex industry, which lefties are obsessed with, and she prostitutes herself out for money. Her 15 minutes should be up, but the dopes on the left will not let it go.

  46. Why are we giving all this attention to disreputable porn actress? Not that she probably had to do much acting. And she gives money to Parenthood Prevention? And speaking of planned Parenthood; Let me see if I understand this correctly. The federal government takes some of our tax dollars and gives it to Planned Parenthood. Then they turn around and donate some of that money to democrat political campaigns? So the democrats ensure that they get funding in the federal budget and then get a kickback in the form of donations? Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

  47. Why are we even talking about this pig, its a shame her mother did not go to plan parenthood when she was expecting this piece of dirt and her lawyer.
    These are money hungry agents of evil.

  48. This women is evil. She is disgusting and I feel sorry for her child. She does not care who she hurts. Her attorney is as evil as she is. Stop giving her all this attention.

  49. Since we are discussing whores and prostitutes, you may as well through in Members of Congress who hide behind a veil of civility while stealing billions of dollars from the taxpayers and selling their offices to the highest bidder.
    At least “Stormy” is honest about being what she is, a prostitute!


  51. How embarrassing that Trump porked that skank!

    How humiliating for Melania.

    Sounds like Trump following Clinton in marital humiliation

    He should publicly apologize to Melania.

    • I would doubt President “porked that skank.” How embarrassing that you would even talk like that unless you’re in the same rut as the rest of the leftist skanks!

    • Perhaps he didn’t do it Eric. People circled the wagons around rapist Bill Clinton. As far as Better ll’s cheating, I can’t blame him . If I had skanky hillary I might look elsewhere too.

  52. “National Stripping Tour”??? This is the “woman” who will take down the President of the United States. How embarrassingly low the left has sunk to rally behind a whore. I guess they can celebrate her Pet of the Century win, how fricking disgusting can one human being be? A baby killing whore is their ammunition.

    • You are so right Shannon! That’s the only thing to make them feel BIG! The left has NOTHING LEFT (no pun intended)! So now, the retarded morons have to hang on to a whore, whom I sure don’t believe! What’s next? I’m sick of these people!!!

      • There it is Gary! I assume there is big money behind this slaughter whether her story is true or not. Also true or not, as of today Trump still gets my vote, we all have a few skeletons.

    • I totally agree!! And her “slogan” is “Make America Horny Again”??? Wow, that’s really pretty low, even for an nasty, aging whore.

  53. Stormy should be arrested for extortion, plain and simple. The way things are going for the rest of the Marxist/Communist/”Democrats?” right now, tipping toward justice, she just might. What a POS! Just the kind of girl you want to take home to mom…..

  54. She just a baby killing ol slut whore looking for 15 min of slut whore fame. she should be hung with the rest of the baby killers at planned parent hood!!! no lets do it the way the bible tells us!! a public stoning!!!! that would get the message out loud and clear!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Once a slut always a slut. Just feel sorry for her child having to grow up having her for a mother,this will ruin her life.

    • Well, the daughter may follow in the greedy field of slutdom anyway. Like mother like daughter. Liberals usually follow and not lead anymore.

  56. It’s amazing how this she is a slut and isn’t in the least bit ashamed for the way she lives her life and disrespects her body and herself in general.

  57. That headline is confusing – “Stormy Daniels exposed” – Isn’t that how she makes a living exposing herself? Not only exposing herself – doing whatever she is told to do while the cameras are rolling. The woman has no shame – no morals – no pride. How low will she go for a buck?

  58. What up with this ucking poles I never saw a poll to get rid of Obama what we needed desperately even this is article is bullshit good riddance

    • “penthouse pet of the century”
      har har
      the only one who could “outdo” her would probably be hillary herself!!
      gimme a break.!!

  59. We are worried about something that may or may not have happened how long ago…??
    It’s all about the talk shows, headlines, and money. She deserves nothing.

  60. Oompa – you are SO right. They ignored all of Clinton’s “dalliances” – and then even tried to get his cuckolded wife elected President. What a creepy bunch of liars. SO GLAD my parents weren’t Democrats – they raised me right – as a true,
    honest, proud Republican. We’re with you President Trump!!

  61. Obviously political……………………………………………. and Stormy and her attorney are ONLY out for publicity and $$$$$……………. disgraceful………..

    • There will always be those individuals (BOTH MEN AND WOMEN) that get their “KICKS” from being “intimate” with “Notarious” people, not caring what they can be exposing themselves to in the way of publicity and possibly losing families, homes, reputation, not to mention what “Disease” she could be hiding in her body. Remember, SOME ILLNESES TO NOT FLAIR UP FOR YEARS!!!!! She is a Tramp, by her own admission, and her daughter will someday realize just how little her “mommy” cared about what she has been exposed to thru her tramp of a mother. Her daughter should be removed from the home and total atmosphere that that poor child is being exposed to.

  62. I thought prostitution was illegal? Hmmmmm I guess not. She is worried as she is getting old and soon will not be able to ply her trade. Just think folks, Planned Parenthood gets money, our taxpayer money, and donates 30M$ to the Clinton campaign. What is wrong with this picture?

  63. We all knew this from the first rumor. The only thing new is where $130,000 is going, I’m really waiting for them to defund Planned Parenthood. What useful service does it provide that something like LabCorp (a lab near me) or a different one can’t do with no agenda?

    • Planned parenthood has zero to do with women’s health. They are just an abortion mill founded by one Margaret Sanger who was out to abort blacks because of their inferior race. These are the lefts idols and heroes. When will black America wake up and realize they are still slaves of the democrat party. The left is the party of racists. Robert Byrd is an idol of the left. Grand master in the KKK. The Democratic Party has never been about equal rights or pro life. Theirs is the way of Satan. Wake up America. The left is the party of Satan. The MSM is the work of Satan.

  64. What a typical lying libtard!!! Not doing it for “personal gain” MY ASS!!! Hey Stormy if it’s not for money then why charge a fee for your appearances??? ITS ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY DOLLAR YOU LYING LIBTARD!!!! Plus what does this have to do with Trump being our President??? It was OK for Bill to be getting some WHILE President but not for Trump when he WASN’T??? WTF libtards I love your double standards…. LIBTARDS… WHAT A JOKE YOU ALL ARE…

    • Oh yeah Butchy….. what a slimeball trump is….I am sure your are proud of your dem Presidents… they are all SAINTS… Trump a slimball? look in the mirror at your party….

    • Well lets see, we could take some quotes from Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama. “you like your doctor, well you can keep your doctor” or maybe we could look at his campaign speech on illegal immigration and how HE “would scale back illegal immigrants” We could even look at his college transcripts, oh wait nope we can’t do that they were sealed, not only that It seems you can’t find anyone who remembers seeing him at Occidental or Columbia, We could look at his BAR EXAM and find out why he LIED on it, and we could see on the same application why he was DISBARRED, well we could look at his birth certificate, oh wait nope we can’t do that either because for some strange reason no body can find one that hasn’t been how should I put that “modified” or MAYBE we could ask him for his alias name used when he answered Hillary Clinton on her unsecured email server….. I guess we could do a lot of those things, and then we could ask why Obama knowing about the so called Russian involvement in out elections in 2014 WHY he didn’t do anything about it, we could ask so many more things, Iran deal, Benghazi, Obama care, gold tennis shoes, 16 year olds, SOROS, photos of him in drag, crack and pot, cocaine, fast and furious……..

      • “MAYBE we could ask him for his alias name used when he answered Hillary Clinton on her unsecured email server….. I guess we could do a lot of those things, and then we could ask why Obama knowing about the so called Russian involvement in out elections”

        Well, we know it WASN’T Carlos Danger, because that was already taken, by Huma’s pervert husband.

        Ask Obama what he meant when he said, Tell Putin I can do MORE after I’m re elected. Notice, he didn’t say IF I’m re elected!!!

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