This stunning poll torpedoed Democrats’ open borders policies

Democrats envision an America with no borders between us and our neighbors.

They argue America is strengthened by our “diversity.”

But do Americans feel the same way?

A new Harvard-Harris Poll taken just before the government shutdown found a majority of Americans want to cut legal immigration, which stands at more than 1 million a year, in half!

This flips the script from the open borders narrative pushed in the media and by Democrats and pro-amnesty Republicans like Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Graham over the weekend said senators will never accept a deal that cuts the overall level of immigration, but the new poll says that’s exactly what Americans want.

The survey asked respondents what number they would like to see. A stunning 35 percent said legal immigration should be 250,000 a year or less, while another 19 percent said it should be between 250,000 and 500,000. Combined, they make up a majority looking for a cut of at least 50 percent over current annual levels. Another 18 percent said they want to see between 500,000 and 1 million.

Just 19 percent said they want to see an increase over 1 million.

Mr. Trump hasn’t said recently what legal immigration number he wants to see, but he has been vocal on changing the way the U.S. picks immigrants. He says skills and ability to assimilate in the U.S. should be weighted over extended family ties.

And the new poll says voters agree, by a 79-21 margin.
More than 60 percent of voters said current border security is “inadequate,” and 54 percent said they support “building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Don’t expect to find that poll mentioned by NBC or CNN anytime soon.

What do you think?

Should America curtail the number of legal immigrants we accept each year?

Should skill and ability to assimilate in the U.S. be a factor in whether or not you’re allowed to immigrate to America?

Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Why is everyone in a rush to over populate the U.S.A.? Stooping to allow for open borders. We’ve been careful to control our population. Part of the reason we are a prosperous nation. Now we’re going to import foreigners to breed like rabbits? W.T.F.!!!!

  2. “Charity begins at home”…not on the streets with hand-outs and entitlements to those who have zero incentive to better themselves…in SPITE of those very hand-outs and entitlements or BECAUSE of them. FED UP TO THE GILLS…

  3. And to further expand on my snapshot…picture this…the Year 2050…your grandchildren asking “Grandpa? Grandma? Why didn’t you do something to stop it?”

  4. It’s really sad that most illegal immigrants and refugees want to come to America because of our freedoms (and benefits such as welfare food stamps etc) yet when they get here they want to turn our country into the country that they left. It makes no sense, why didn’t they stay there to begin with? They wave their country’s flag instead of the US flag, they refuse to learn english they refuse to assimilate. They are being given so many “passes” because of their status that a legal citizen would be jailed over. One of the new passes is that they are allowed to defecate in public, because that’s what they did in their home country. Yet we have to pick up our dog poop or be fined. This is not only unsanitary and disgusting but spreads infectious diseases. They have brought back many diseases that this country had already conquered like polio. I think theses people need to be vetted no only for security risk but also for disease transmission.

  5. So sad, but this could very well be our future, and our last chance to stop it, but most people won’t even bother to pick up a phone to call their Senators to have their voices heard. The “left” however, actually pay people to makes calls all day, to push their agenda, and this time it could really bite us bad.

  6. Overpopulated to the point of zero American identity and total anarchy because the illegal majority will no longer recognize our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights. There will be zero adherence to the rule of law because America will no longer BE a country based on laws. America will have no National Anthem and no Pledge of Allegiance to ????????. Those flown will render America looking like the pavillion entrance to the United Nations. So…let’s misguidedly call ourselves the Diversified Outposts of the Northern Hemisphere in the Westworld…with trend-setting California our seat of power.

  7. you’ve said it all;
    no job, you’re gone
    on welfare, you’re gone
    no insurance you’re gone
    EBT you’re gone

  8. Because they work “off the record” and can get full benefits, like food stamps, welfare, section eight housing, free medical care and who knows what else.
    All this while taking home the equivalent pay of a taxed minimum wage CITIZEN.

  9. EVERY HOUR, the U.S. permanently resettles enough migrants on the basis of family ties to fill a small auditorium.
    EVERY DAY, the U.S. resettles enough migrants on the basis of family ties to fill a LARGE high school.
    EVERY WEEK , the U.S. resettles enough migrants on the basis of family ties to fill a college basketball arena.
    EVERY MONTH, the U.S. resettles more migrants on the basis of family ties than could fill an entire football stadium to capacity.
    ( White house government facts) The Department of Homeland Security reports that Mexican immigrants sponsor an average of 6.38 additional persons via chain migration. If given permanent legal status, each of those people could potentially sponsor their relatives as well. Just how many before we are over populated???

  10. I feel everything is going Trump’s way- & we will have border security.
    Some pathway for DACA is inevitable- if only we can convince them that it is because of conservative views & if/when they can vote, they remember & appreciate that.

  11. If there are no borders there is no country. The US should not have open borders unless Canada, Central and South America are all run from Washington DC. In this case the oceans act as natural borders.

  12. Bravo! You’ve absolutely nailed the solution. If only the US citizens who feel this way could give this proposal to Pres. Trump. he could sign it and it would become law. It could be called “The People Have Spoken”. So let it be written….so let it be done!

  13. I agree with you 100%, Mr. Patterson. In fact with the comments I have read here, I can say I agree 100%. If only President Trump read these comments, he would realize that expecting the democrats to honor any promise they make is not going to happen.

  14. > USA <<< HALTED IMMIGRATION 1925 – 1965 for 0bvious Reasons… Please
    recall World Activities in 1925 …

  15. Drat! Mine too! I really said some heartfelt statements and the last two were cut. I don’t think you can say too much about the Rinos or it’s outta there…..grrrrr

  16. Diversity is not flooding the country with Mexicans who can’t speak English. That is the goal of La Raza, to come here, have lots of babies, then take over. No more Mexicans!!

  17. That sounds like a reasonable solution. Add in some sort of payback for all the benefits they have received.

  18. That sounds like a reasonable solution. Add in some sort of payback for all the benefits they have received.

  19. I agree with all the above. Include in: Instead of us paying them, they need to pay us for every benefit.

  20. Republicans need to LOCK the boarders down, NO ONE comes in to America that is not vetted !!! NO DACA, No open boarders and most of all NO DEMOCRATS GET ELECTED NEXT ELECTION !!! Get rid of ALL in government that will not sign on to NOT making a career of getting elected.

  21. we have to tell our representative to congress our senators that are SUPPOSED to be OUR VOICE NOT their OWN AGENDA? there is where the swamp needs FLUSHED the CAREER POLITICIANS that FORGET WHO they work for? cause it sure IS NOT the LAWBREAKERS that have SNUCK into America and now want America to stop enforcing LAWS to suite them? so America can become a Lawless third world country! and our Legislators want to work for LAWBREAKERS

  22. This note is a copy/paste: (my comment = & i sure hope E’0ne Understands what IS going 0n Here… better start pounding on Potus re this ) Also, Total Lib Ivank in Charge of locating ‘replacement’ C0S(Chief of Staff) Kelly… 0 – M – G ___ Someone, please tell me this is not Real …potus Must let go of ivank in USA politics -PLEEZE…


    All they need to do to stay is be fully biometrically identified!
    Here is the link to the bill that will require full biometric identification of Americans. It is an ENORMOUS bill, hundreds of pages.

    It is obvious they are going to use the illegal immigrant issue to try to get Americans to accept full biometric ID.

  23. I agree Nancy. The Rinos also need to be ousted. Republicans end up with 40 to 50 votes that would have been well over 60 to pass in the Senate. Abolish the Freedom Caucus. It should be considered treason!

  24. I posted a long message last night and it was deleted. I guess I ran off about the Freedom Caucus among others and I said too much ????

  25. Cut all immigration 100% and kick out all illegal aliens. Wait until 2021 then adjust to the needs of the U.S.A.

  26. If you want to stop illegal immigration and slow legal immigration the answer is simple: QUIT PAYING THEM. NO WELFARE, NO FREE HEALTH CARE .NO FOOD STAMPS . NO GOVERNMENT BENEFITS OF ANY KIND. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE HERE, LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. simple as that.

  27. Citizenship by birth should be stopped immediately because foreigners come here to birth their babies so they will always be American citizens even if they spend their entire life growing up in a foreign country!

  28. They leave a country that screwed up and come here to do the same to America. If they like freedom to act ignorant so much WHY DID THEY NOT DO IT in their native country; oops forgot, they would SHOT.

  29. I like your enthusiasm but remember; liberals have had control of congress/potus for the majority of fifty [50] years showing NO IMPROVEMENT in their “social engineering” agenda, these fools never learn because they are brainwashed ideologues living in a fantasy world.

  30. Trump 304 electoral voted **clinton [liberal] 224; Trump knows WHY HE WAS ELECTED even if liberals are still in denial. Conservatives,libertarians,,independents VOTE HEAVY IN 2108/20 keep the “make America Great” train rolling.


  32. AMEN, my friend I am right with you on your thoughts and I do not want all these ILLEGALS in our country. I am part Native American and a VIETNAM VETERAN. I have seen all this ILLEGAL SH_T happnening all my life, and I am tired of all the BULL SH_T. These DAMN DEMONCRUDES are totally out of control and need to be put back in their place. I am proud that we now have a PRESIDENT with a set of balls on him to finally start getting our country back…

  33. WOW, Bella…THANKS! So…merit-ONLY-based DACA, END chain migration, END the visa lottery, USE e-Verify, and END catch-and-release. For starters…

  34. I would accept the DACA kids on condition that they are screened to pick the ones going to college, have jobs (not living off our government) or serving in the armed forces. Must kill the chain migration, and the lotery migration, and establish E-Varify. Hold legal immagration to 500,00 or less per year.

  35. Keep the promise, deport ALL illegal aliens, America is full, stop immigration entirely! These slime balls have been raping America for decades, they cost us billions!

  36. Obama Agents Continue Illegal Alien Invasions
    The Trump administration has quietly reinstated a “catch and release” policy for illegal aliens, several conservative sources claim.

    Back in November, The Washington Times reported that border patrol agents said that since there was no “bed space” in deportation centers, not to even bother turning them in – just let them go.

    “We’re going to have to release them out our front door,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol council said. “Even if we try to turn them over to them, they’re just not going to take them.”

    As a candidate, President Donald Trump promised to crack down on immigration, including the Obama Administration’s controversial “catch and release” program. But that hasn’t happened.

    “The word got back to all of these countries that hey, the catch-and-release hasn’t ended,” Judd said. “The people that are supposed to be enforcing President Trump’s policy, they’re just not. They’re not following through on the promises he made.”

    But now – it’s so much worse.

    Judicial Watch is reporting that illegal aliens who cross the southern border are “quietly being relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights.”

    They’re moving from airports in Texas and Arizona, accompanied by a government minder wearing civilian clothes to avoid drawing attention.

    Read more at TheFederalistpapers
    Report: Trump Restarts Worst Part Of Obama’s ‘Catch and Release’ Illegal Immigrant Program

  37. Sickens me that these ILLEGAL ALIENS who are not even ELIGIBLE for JURY DUTY stomp and yell and dirty our streets with DEMANDS FOR AMNESTY. They came out of the shadows ONLY because billionaire George Soros is their sugar daddy savior. Has any one of them ever said what they would BECOME with amnesty??? Or…amnesty…then stomp and yell and demand even MORE entitlements???

  38. To Bess/Butchy, scroll to reply re your posts.
    renewedright is junko on some level …
    – some of my posts appear ‘convoluted’ of which they are N0T …
    this site ‘delete’s ‘certain words’ – Prime EX is hep-a post to Bess… scroll, read & see… aka ‘night owl’ ?

  39. >YET, Another ‘ERR0R’ in ‘deleted word’ Post… ‘I’ Said :
    re Unsealed 0pen Paper WAS about BAKED BREAD re Kroger chain IN MI – elsewhere? i do not know… ok?
    > god damn it – enuff alright Already ‘
    – ‘knock it 0ff < ( u jerk monitors / 0r AI krAAp )…

  40. Hep-A in Ca. Has ‘affected’ Kroger chain<<Unsealed 0pen Paper< prior WAS
    'sealed twistee ties in plastic' … when questioned, answer was
    'protection' = say what? 'protection' in 0pen Paper? … this
    Large Kroger< Corporation chain Has Lost it … Be Aware of Your
    Grocery 0utlets & what they are doing … H0W Many 1000's miles
    away IS Kroger chain from CA ??? u tell me___

  41. Soros recently transferred 18 Billion! Yes, 18 Billion!!!To ‘various’ 0rgs. for USA ‘TakeDown’… b/cuz ‘he knows his age /health, capish…

  42. Awww…George Soros’ United We Dream protesters DEMANDING amnesty are FURIOUS with Democrats for ending the Schumer Sh*tdown with no bill! Who do they think they are to demand ANYTHING??? DEPORT!!!

  43. Somebody educate me on these ILLEGALS being flown around on domestic commercial carriers to ILLEGAL ‘sponsors’ without benefit of valid IDs! While AMERICANS need Real IDs to get thru TSA and…coming SOON to an airport near YOU…PASSPORTS! What the HELL???


  45. Anyone that wants these leetchers here should take them all into their homes and take care of them with their money. The celebrities politicans want open borders but yet they have tall walls and guards protecting their homes. These politicans should be fired and in jail for breaking the laws for votes and no one is arresting them. Maybe the liberal supporters should live with all these illegals and I go live in Trump’s world where I have more money and being protected

  46. Instead of investigating the president and his staff for collusion with Russia, Mueller should be investigating Governor Moonbeam of California for violating the Constitution of the United States and aiding and abetting convicted felons and other criminals in his state, which is a crime in and of itself. Governors Brown and Cuomo, as well as all other politicians that are promoting Sanctuary Cities and States should be arrested, tried, and convicted of High Treason against The United States Of America and sentenced to DEATH. If that were to happen, watch how fast all the others would come clean and fall in line with the laws of this land !

  47. a 50% tax would make them leave even sooner…… Better yet, how about fining all the businesses that hire these illegals …..? $1,000 a day till they hire a U.S. Citizen…..

  48. Right you are Nancy! They should be vetted and have skills to acquire a job. Even if they have a family, it should be made law across the states that benefits would run out after 12 months. That still would be way more generous than any other country. We need to start protecting our country and our economy or it won’t be the great United States any longer. The corruption almost made the U.S. a lost cause, but I have faith that we the people have seen the light. There are many more millions of us who have had it with the whole rotten thing and maybe, just maybe, will even change their political persuasion. Those that were complacent Republicans and didn’t even vote previously came out of the woodwork last November. I believe now we’re ready to fight for what’s right and our sovereignity. Can you imagine the U.S. being no different than third world countries and a one world government? ????

  49. They want open borders, then move all those people down there, and leave them. If a Mexican has money, and he can screw over his fellow Mexican he’ll do it a heart beat, so when they want open borders look at the one yelling the most. It isn’t the ones that work the fields; it’s the ones that doesn’t work that march. Move Chucky, and Nancy down there to live. MAGA


  51. Behind all of the Democrat sentiments is the U.S. Constitution which the Democrats (read Leninists) are living to erase the U.S.A. as we know it,from history. All other Democrat positions are nothing compared to their hate for the U.S. Constitution, the life blood of our nation’s laws. Obama complained continuously of the Constitution’s requirements, clearly the Democrats envision a huge portion of land, this nation, without borders, without law enforcement, and a part of a “one-world” government.

  52. Agreed. Let the Democrats foot the bills, from their own pocket. Make them house, on their own land, or immediately next door to them. If they survive, they just might begin to change their minds.

  53. Democrats should be held as those pushing a seditious agenda. Immigration should be cut in half, southern border immigration reduced to zero, and current illegals deported. Our laws need to be upheld.

  54. I really think that for the next 10 years (minimum) we only need 50,000 a year for immigration. that would give plenty of time for all the immigrants to become assimilated into our culture. We can always up the number if we find out that we need more immigrants. I agree with almost all of the above comments though.

  55. I agree with Chance and Debra. We are supposed to be one country, One President, and a Constitution that was put in place by our forefathers. Yet we have illegals all over the place, Judges that filed to stop our President from actually enforcing the laws of our country. Governors, and other elected officials that do as they want, and no one stops them. I certainly hope that President Trump can get our country back on the right path. He needs more Republican Senators and House of Representatives elected to replace the Democrats, and the Republicans that are back stabbing him, while being nice to his face, by telling him one thing and doing something else behind his back.

  56. Like the DACA’s, until President Trump said he was closing the DACA program, no one ever said much about them. And they have been long enough that a lot of them have to be over the age of 18, and none of them have tried to become citizens. Instead of applying, they cry, whine, and demand that America keep them and give them amnesty, after all it wasn’t their fault they came here. Send all illegals back home as soon as you round them up.

  57. William B. I agree 100%. Hoping Trump will start cutting back on the home-grown lifetime welfare takers, with the jobs he is creating, and the improving economy. Also make drug testing for any form of welfare the law, and if able bodied they should at least have to do community service if they can’t find jobs to get the welfare.

  58. WhiteFalcon, Jeanne and Linda, Also the diversity lottery. Tax the money that the illegals send home to Mexico and other countries, in the form of money orders, Western Union, or through banks, and Walmart, put the money raised into the Build the Wall fund. A 10% tax would raise the money in a couple years, and maybe encourage some (all) of the illegals to leave and go home.

  59. Thank you Joe, My feeling exactly on illegal immigration. All illegals need to be deported, as for the Obama DACA’s, they need to leave and be vetted before applying for citizenship, and there DACA status should be stated on the citizenship application so that it is noted they did grow up in this country, but they should not get jumped to the front of the line, just for having grown up in the USA. They should also be vetted to be sure they have useful skills that can get them a job.

  60. Diversity?would that make America United we stand DIVIDED we Fall? that Does Not sound like the best path for our country? if the immigrants are doing so much,WHY is it the sanctuary states are going Bankrupt? supporting the social programs for these LAWBREAKERS I mean Illegal? turning America into a LAWLESS third world country?

  61. 250K maximum a year on an exclusive merit basis! No illegals allowed what so ever. They must be deported but allowed a process at the back of the line. DACA people may remain only if they are self sufficient and prove themselves unlikely to become a burden on society. After becoming a duly sworn in US Citizen they may sponsor (bankroll and have complete responsibility for) immediate family members only like parents (whether residing in the United States or not) and siblings. No grandparents, half brothers or sisters, cousins, nephews, etc… allowed. This voluntary sponsorship is irrevocable once established for a period of not less than 15 years or the death of the sponsor whichever comes first at which time sponsored persons must be at least 18 years of age, US citizenship at least in process, self sufficiency proven and proven not likely to become a burden on society, otherwise they must be either deported or sponsorship compelled on immediate family members.

  62. Diversity in itself is not a bad thing but when you use it as the only yardstick to decide who comes and who goes you are asking for trouble. And what we have is trouble. We should, in my opinion stop all illegal immigration, and make no mistake there is no such thing as undocumented immigrants that aren’t illegal. Stop this nonsense and take our country back.

  63. I agree, Marilyn that if those illegals have been working, paying taxes and are a part of our community, they should be here and just apply for citizenship. If they are not, if they are on Welfare, Medicaid or state aid, then they should be deported because they are proving they are not a positive force here but a very negative one.

  64. Exactly Mike! Why change anything that has been working for so long? They might have to work at something.

  65. It’s called corruption. They only care about their own agendas and their own constituants who vote to keep them in office. It is no longer for the people, by the people, etc. They don’t care about what we want. It should be illegal to do what California is doing and their elected officials should be immediately ousted when they try to come against our President and the constitution. Several Judges have also filed to stop what Trump is trying to do with immigration. Should be immediate dismissal. They’ve gotten away with it but I hope all of that changes over time.

  66. I love what you’ve said! Gillyanne you have the right ideas. I hope Trump and more like him will keep the Republicans a majority that are not being paid off by corruption. I would also like to see this country as number one again with all the other countries’ respect. We’ve never seen anything like President Trump. All of the lefties are acting like they’ve lost their minds because they can’t believe someone like him who can’t be paid off and has the people of this country at heart is in the Presidency. Whether you like his personality or not, this is a new day! The good laws and things he wants to do to make us great again will win more and more americans and their votes.

  67. In fact, Deborah, I don’t believe we “need” any skills. The H1b program has already depressed salaries in engineering and technical fields. Let’s just have a moratorium on immigration until there is a real need. Overpopulation is the greatest threat to the world. The U.S. can lead the world by example. Stable population for ten years, and just see how we do, and let the world see how zero population growth makes all the stupid limits on fossil fuels and “carbon footprint” unnecessary.

  68. Immigrants should be ineligible for any welfare program for at least five years. OK, ten years. Only contributors should be allowed in…just like other advanced nations do. We have PLENTY of home-grown lifetime welfare takers, thanks to Johnson’s Great Society. We don’t need to import more!

  69. Dora, please get the acronym right. It’s RINO, not Rhino. Republican In Name Only. When you spell it wrong, it reflects on all conservatives. Thanks.

  70. If you do bring them in , say about 250,000 splitinequql groups and place them on , loony Clooney, Hanoi Jane , maxi mouth Waters , Chuckie lucky, and killary’s property , with free living the Clinton’s have enough to pay for it all!

  71. Bessie Sam, you’ve nailed it. Like Michael Savage has said for years…Borders – Language – and Culture. Lose any of them, and sooner or later, you lose your nation. We’re on the verge of losing all three. Only 53% of our voters are net taxpayers. Once that falls under 50%, we have had it. The Alexis de Tocqueville syndrome comes true, and the majority votes more benefits, followed by an end to our democracy and a necessary dictatorship. 200 years is the average historical life a a democracy.

  72. There should NEVER be sanctuary cities. California is a classic example of an unsecured immigration policy. It’s very sad. I lived in California for many years and still have relatives and friends there.

  73. Wow, I was not aware of this. This just goes to show how broken our government and systems are. Sounds unfair to me. Even though it may tick you off, maybe you could complete paperwork for background check to be approved to be a legal. Then at a future date, you may finally enter with no problem. I know it takes a long time, but maybe it would be worth it.

  74. Good point! The Dreamers are in their 20’s and 30’s now and hopefully working. However, if any are on welfare or medicaid it should be instant deportation! If they want to come back, do it legally with a hard background and skill check, or else no way!

  75. Need to tell your kids and grandkids that are being brainwashed by liberal professors and teachers that they are out of touch with how most Americans feel about immigration. Oh I forgot Teacher’s Unions tell them how to think…

  76. America should stop ALL illegal immigration and greatly reduce legal immigration until all this immigration mess is corrected. Those that have over stayed their visas should get the boot just like all other illegal aliens. Chain migration should be totally ended.

  77. The Hildebeast and Clinton cartel are one of the most corrupt that has slithered down the pike. Why they haven’t been thrown in jail and also throw away the key is a mystery!

  78. We should back our President and demand that all illegal aliens be deported. Also, stop immigration to America for some number of years, so that the recent legal immigrants can assimilate, learn English and prove worthy of receiving citizenship. During the Obama administration the Libraries in cities like New York were given the task of issuing work permits to people who just have disembarked at Kennedy airport or were carrying a Drivers License with their foreign passports (this has been used for many years). With this permits they are allowed to bring as many relatives as they want, from the very old and sick to the very young, all courtesy of our Government and to the detriment of the American people and the legal aliens. This has to stop, otherwise we can say goodbye to this country.

  79. Guess what, if we limit immigration to 250,000 and there comes a time that it is determined we need more, we can increase the amount. How many Illegal Immigrants do we need each year? How many Legal Immigrants who cannot support themselves do we need each year. Are you in fear of running out of Welfare Recipients?

  80. True, but we have to start somewhere. The system has been so corrupt for years that it seems impossible, but if there are enough of us who vote for Republicans whenever there is an opening, it’s a start. Not that There isn’t corruption in the Republican party, but if you don’t listen to the lies of leftist news and listen to Fox cable news people will be more informed. If every single person (republican) would vote, keeping the majority would let us see improvement, little by little. Some of the laws passed and recent changes are unbelievably positive. It would be awesome if able bodied immgrants and illegals would not have the right to vote, if they were on Medicare or Medicaid for over 3 years and not working; would there even be a democratic party? The blatant corruption of the Clinton cartel is a whole different animal, but as I said, we’ve got to start somewhere.

  81. Trump is not an island unto himself! He acts ONLY on the will of ALL Americans who share like values! NEVER cut yourself out of that precious loop!

  82. How many citizens do we lose per year due to death of any kind? We will grow smaller due to natural attrition. Will that along with cutting the numbers of immigrants give us what we need?

  83. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH homeless in America. I agree with other statements made here…HIATUS ON IMMIGRATION! Start by CLEANING UP the Hep-A epidemic in SoCal and wherever ELSE in that Western State of Anarchy! And SWEEP UP all illegals and DEPORT!

  84. Did you ever notice that no one ever mentions how – many of these people – have been here for decades and have never even tried to become citizens? Why is that?

  85. I’m with most of you! But what I would really like to see now, is that our elected officials are concerned about us. American citizens! What we feel or how we feel is falling on deaf ears on Capitol Hill. I don’t see how the people we the voters elected to work for us, don’t have our backs. Why are they so concerned with a portion of the public that doesn’t vote, or at least aren’t supposed to. Also, why is California a state in the United States, able to do as they want to with federal law? We are citizens of one country under one government, and should follow all laws set for us. Yet California acts like that one loud mouthed obnoxious student in a room, with the well behaved. Congress and the Senate need to understand how we feel.

  86. I agree with gillyanne Baker. This country will not survive at the rate the leberal and Rhinos want it. You all know who those Rhinos are.

  87. Before the United States ‘looks’ like Western Europe and Scandinavia…countries losing their identities…drastically CUT CUT CUT immigration.

    Implement a merit-based system ONLY
    Speak ENGLISH
    Capable of giving MORE than what is received and used
    Civics education requirement
    KNOW our U.S. Constitution
    KNOW U.S. laws and abide by them
    Willingness to ASSIMILATE into American society
    NO entitlements for 10 years
    APPRECIATE good fortune that comes with LEGALITY

    The above are MY parameters. Feel free to expand on it! ????????????????????????

  88. Right on point! The majority of americans know this is a no brainer. Enough of the idiocy. Let them go through a legal process that checks backgrounds and skills. Most of all…….no more stealing from our social security and our country to give away free medical, welfare and medicaid to immigrants or anyone who doesn’t deserve it. This country can be better than ever if the corrupt people in government work for the people of the United States and not their own agenda and their constituants. AND 8 years should be their term limit! No more burrowing in like a cocroach, getting more and more corrupt and older than they can think straight!

  89. Sorry we are not in charge. Do you really believe that these idiots were legally elected. You will have to stop election fraud if you want to regain control of your country.
    Hillery with 28% approval won against Bernie with 65% approval in CA. They were not able to do a recount because nothing made sinse

  90. I propose ZERO IMMIGRATION FOR 10 YEARS (except for merited exceptions), until President Donald J. Trump (and the next Republican President) have cleaned up this country. And before I bite the dust, I pray I’ll see a few more Trumps (Donald, Jr. and Eric) running for President – they’ll have the same agenda, as they were trained by the best. I was three years old at the end of WWII when America was NUMBER ONE, so I know what it feels like — and I’d like to leave this world when we are NUMBER ONE AGAIN. So MAGA, MAGA, MAGA Mr. President. You’ve got the will, the fight, the stamina, the desire and the love for your country. We should all want our country to be No. 1 again, because we’ll not only be solvent — we’ll be safe.

  91. From 1925-1965 there was a ban on immigration. That’s right, 40 years of zero immigration. Reason: our leaders wanted to give our early immigrants the time to assimilate. It’s time for another ban!

  92. No immigration until the wall is built. Send DECA back to their parents and let them get in line. Come back as legal immigrants if they qualify.

  93. I agree with Faye. Stop all immigration until the idiots in the Democratic Party stands with 325 million legal American and deport each and every illegal aliens in our country. Hi

  94. Sounds like a plan to me. If you leave the US you have to prove you have enough funds to provide for yourself and family in the country you are going to, open a bank account in that country and are still on probation for 5 years. If you just try to sneak in deported the day you are caught, face jail time or just disappear.

  95. Deporting does not discourage these criminals. They are back in 2 weeks or less. Give them 5 years of inprisonment with hard labor. Let them build the wall. If they want to take jobs from our citizens, then let them have these jobs. They will not return so fast. They are already complaining about working for $1 a day when in prison. Give them a 10% raise.

  96. Immigration was a decent thing but the liberal democrats now turn it against American citizens not only by taking hard earned money with benefits fit for a king, but also threaten our national security by hiding the terrorists, rapist, murders and other undesirables in Obama and democrat created sanctuary cities. And, let’s talk about diseases!!!
    Currently there are many videos showing tent people, with garbage piled up high, illegal immigrants, living in their favorite state, California. If this is the sun shine state’s best plan, I don’t think the rest of of us want any of it.
    Maybe we are are starting to get the picture of how bad an open, unsecured immigration policy can be for the country!
    Wonder, in the picture with story, if that protester does anything but that?

  97. Sounds like you should take a ride to Dearborn Michigan and see for yourself.. and I dare you to park your car and get out and walk around the streets.

    I do not believe that this is Trumps program, but more treason with low level civil servents.
    An honest Fillippina with a verifiable clean record, can not get a visitors visa, or even a transit visa when passing though a US airport on their way to one of the 69 counties that welcome them. They speak English, they used to be a US territory, and one of our stauch allies. They do not want to stay in the US, just visit or conduct some business.

  99. Why has nobody said anything about hillary giving the world our response time on the nuclear missiles.. Or does anyone believe that she misplaced 6.5 billion dollars of taxpayers money..

  100. NO more illegals EVER. Come to this country legally or forget it. IF you are granted
    entry YOU must speak english and NOT be a burden on our society.

  101. I say we clean up our own backyard before we clean some other country’s.. let’s get every American citizens working and get the economy thriving.. The democrats still want to bankrupt America, they want open borders that way they flood welfare and Medicare and Medicaid and bankrupt them too.

  102. I’m in favor of no immigrants for about 10 years; and deportation of illegal immigrants. Take a look at Europe and see what legal and illegal immigration has done. More terrorist attacks, rape,criminal activity and it will get worse both here and there.
    Just look at the no go zones popping up in the usa..michigan for example.

  103. was that a question? we need selct people with skills that macth the needs. We don’t need anymore cabdrivers,nasty gas station attendants and the rich people will just have to pay real wages to a white or black American to do their lawns.

  104. When will our elected officials realize that we the voting public are in charge and what we want should / will our way. If they continue to refuse to do what we want then their term in Congress is over.

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