The Swamp Just Claimed Another Trump Scalp

Trump is losing his anti-Swamp advisors at a frightening rate.

First, it was Steve Bannon and now it’s Sebastian Gorka.

Some are beginning to ask if Trump is still in control of his own administration.

Upon his departure, Bannon declared, “The Trump Presidency we fought for, and won, is over.”

Gorka’s departure remains a bit murky (an unattributed White House statement said Gorka did not resign).

Regardless, in his now publicly published resignation letter he stated, “it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House.”

“The individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again,’ have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months,” Gorka continued, pointing to Trump’s Afghanistan speech to back up his claim that “a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.”

More worrisome signs come from Trump saying one thing and the administration doing another.

Writing at the National Interest, American Conservative Editor at Large Dan McCarthy argues Trump may have lost control:

That is, if it still even is his administration: Trump would hardly be the first king to be deposed in everything but name by his own court.
The political realities within the administration itself might . . . lead to a situation in which in there are two Trump administrations—the president, and what he says, on one side; and the cabinet and most top White House personnel, and what they do, on the other.

One recent example of this is in regards to Trump’s stated policy banning transgender soldiers.

Defense Secretary James Mattis just announced the military would keep the current [Obama administration] policy in place pending the completion of a study by a self-appointed panel before providing his advice to Trump “concerning implementation of his policy direction.”

So what are your thoughts about all this?

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  1. The 2018 election will replace a bunch of assholes that are there for the graft and corruption. They wanted a majority and screwed it up. Ryan Mcconnell have to go and take mr thumbs down mcain and flaKY flake with them.

  2. President Trump is truly getting rid of what has dogged our Federal Government for way too long, since the 1st President Bush years. That was when the Congress was controlled by Democrats and Liberals. How else do you think Bill Clinton got elected? Just like with Barack Obama. The Congress was controlled by Democrats and Liberals. The Democrats cannot find an ethical man or woman to run for President, as they are all nowadays Liberal Progressives. Liberals, Progressives cannot be trusted as they are always undermining American values, traditions, and Christian and other faith beliefs. Liberals and Progressives don’t believe in God, only themselves. That way they have no one to be accountable to, don’t have a moral meter of right and wrong, they only do what they feel is best for themselves, and no one else. You see, if they believed in God, then they would have to answer to someone more powerful than themselves, and they cannot handle that. President Trump is God-fearing, God-believer and he knows that there is a power greater than himself to be accountable to. President Trump is doing what he said he would, and getting rid of the deadbeat govt. bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle, that are only making policies that benefit themselves. Most are RINOS anyway, the true Conservatives are the ones who are sticking by President Trump because they know he is doing what has been needed to be done for too long. That is also why the media is trying to ‘impeach by proxy’, meaning if they report their fake news enough, lies will be seen as truth. As too many in the pop culture are not well informed of the true facts. Thanks to the left biased media spewing anti-American propaganda. Colleges and universities also have bought into the ‘propaganda’ and try and convince the idiotic college students that Marxism is the way to go, and not democracy and republic govt. that the United States of America was founded on and Under God, as God is in control of everything. Once college students graduate, have families, have to earn a living, and have to face real world problems, most convert away from Liberalism and Progressiveness, and follow the Conservative way of common sense it proves. I am very glad President Trump is our president and I don’t even pay attention to the news, other than Fox News Channel, all other mainstream media news is just B.S. and against my belief. I have lived in New York State for all my life, and I cannot wait until my husband and I retire as we will be leaving NYS, as it is so Liberal and Progressive, it is probably illegal to even be part of the USA. It has drained my husband and I for way too long by over taxing, over-reaching state govt., and it isn’t even worth living in this state any longer. If Andrew Cuomo runs for Presidency in the near future, he is just as bad as Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, as he is extreme left biased and a Liberal. Another unethical person in the Democratic party. He is even renaming streets in NYS that were named for Confederate veterans, and is probably part of the ‘underground mob or mafia’ that still grips Liberal, Progressive states. He agrees and keeps the Soros ‘game plan’ going in NYS.

  3. The swamp is fully entrenched in Washington DC and has a life of its own. It’s everywhere and will take at least 8 years of Trump to eliminate! Have faith, Trump is a can do will do kind of person.

  4. Congress should support trump. A lot of them won on his polices but now they are reniging.
    America look at what your elected officials are doing if they are not working for you or keeping their promise then it’s time to recall them. If they are not for america then it’s time to recall them it is up to the American people to clean out the swamp stand up for what you believe in don’t depend on someone to do it for you

  5. President Trump is in FULL Control and has accomplished more in his short time in Office than the previous Damocrat did in 8 years. In Fact America got 8 years of DESTRUCTION with the Kenyan.

    • You know Obama is an American who was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. There is as much evidence that he was born in America as you have that you were born in America. I don’t know why you don’t accept that. It would make you very angry if I didn’t except your evidence that you are an American. This is a time to think about the flood victims and how each one of us can help them.

      • You should get your facts straight before you post. BHO’s birth certificate has been proven to be falsified. His own brother has stated and produced a Kenyan b/c. Everything this person did, was to tear down the America that we love.

    • Trump is not a politician. He is a doer. He knows what he wants and sometimes that gets him in trouble. He’s not a diplomat, he’s a b’nessman. Look at the GDP to see how he is doing! Look at job creation to see how he is doing! Truth is, no matter what he does he gets critisized by Dems and MSM. Good or bad, it becomes a talking point and the MSM fills the airwaves with their garbage. It amazes me that the man is at a 40% approval rating. Just goes to show that the people who helped elect him are still in his corner. 2018 will be a big election year for many who want to stay in U S politics – we shall see if those who lamblast the man every day, will remain in power. Don’t lose faith, President Trump is doing a very good job.


      • Bannon is an anarchist. If we had anarchy then there would be no help from the government. We would have to depend on the kindness of strangers anytime we needed assistance. No armies, no helicopters, no help in saving our lives or rebuilding.

      • Whatever they find to smear Trump for, you can better bet that Trump is doing just the opposite. Too bad the Marxist Media and Soros propaganda sites don’t realize they are only preaching to their liberal crowd. Any one with an ounce of common sense and a brain knows he has already improved our country by leaps and bounds, even with all the obstacles the enemy, and the liberal left is the ENEMY of America, tries to do to stop him. You go President Trump, millions of us are counting on you and approve of what you are doing!

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