Swamp Monster Mitch McConnell is reeling after this news

Judge Roy Moore just sent a message to The Swamp.

He soundly defeated the Washington, D.C. establishment’s anointed candidate in the Senate primary to replace Jeff Sessions.

And the message Moore sent made Mitch McConnell’s blood run cold.

Judge Moore was dramatically outspent, possibly as much as 10-1, by McConnell’s political machines.

And he soundly defeated his opponent anyway — by running against Mitch McConnell.

“Mitch McConnell needs replaced,” Moore said at his rally the night before the election.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

A Moore victory in the general election would add a strong anti-establishment, insurgent figure into the ranks of GOP figures in Washington, one whose messages and appeal in some ways echo those of the president.

Judge Roy Moore has a proven record of standing up to the federal government.

In 2003, while serving as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court he defied a federal order to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the courtroom.

The Journal continues:

Mr. Bannon, speaking at the Moore victory rally Tuesday night, said this was just the beginning of a drive to challenge establishment Republicans like Mr. Strange and Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who just announced he wouldn’t seek re-election. “You’re going to see in state after state after state…people who follow the model of Judge Moore,” Mr. Bannon said.

The establishment doesn’t like the way the wind is blowing.

D.C. news outlets are predicting a string of Senate retirements from incumbents, rather than face embarrassing losses in primaries.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll fall in line behind anti-establishment candidates like Moore.

Already, Karl Rove has attacked Moore as “this year’s Todd Akin,” a comparison to Missouri’s Republican Senate nominee who lost a winnable race to Claire McCaskill in 2012.

The Swamp sees Moore as a threat to everything they’ve built in Washington, D.C.

And given his record, the Swamp Creatures are probably right to be afraid.

What do you think?

Are Mitch McConnell’s days numbered as majority leader in Washington, D.C?


  1. Drain the swamp including TRAITOR McCain Mitch, and Paul for starters and anyone else who opposed the repeal and replace of failing broken OBAMACARE!

  2. Tried to talk to Bob Corker of TN once in Nashville – and got very rudely flubbed off. Also tried to get just 10 minutes of McCain’s time almost 4 years ago. Received form letter urging me to vote for him. A few months later had occasion to research him. No hero, but a traitorous Songbird!!

  3. McConnell needs to go down the river along with the NFL. I have completely stopped watching any pro sports. These crybabies just don’t get it. And I haven’t missed the games. There is so much to watch on TV along with DVD’s I can watch from my library. I am a Vietnam, career retired NCO. Got paid very little while serving so these crybabies can flaunt the flag and all who came back with a flag draped over their coffin.

  4. And McCain! Trump cleaning out the swamp and these fossils that can’t accept it’s time to go, are hurting Americans all over the country. Term limits should be enforced. The reason they refuse to go is that they are lining there pockets. Just like those Crooked Clinton’s.

  5. Mitch must go! He is absolutely I of getting anything done for the people. Take McCain with you. There should be term limits on all those in government. Clearly these guys are stuck in an era that no longer exists. Bye Mitch!

  6. he is well establish swampee and his removal as well as removal of rest of them is essential to save America. Hope McCain drop dead and would be replaced soon by new blood.

  7. I was worried about the election, because when I went to the Poll at 1:30 PM to vote my ballot was 343 into the voting machine. I thought OMG, Mr. Moore is in trouble. Turned out he won all bot four counties in Alabama. GREAT!!! Now we have to concentrate on December. Democrats don’t do well in Alabama.


  9. McConnell has had ample time to prove himself as a Republican and has failed in the process based on the years he has been in office. Time to drain the swamp.

  10. Karl Rove is a RINO. He supported Strange. Tells is all we need to know. When Moore beats the tar out of that Dungocrat he can be the loser McConnell is. Why wouid we want to run a swamp dweller like Strange? Rove needs to go away. He cares not about any of us.

  11. One minor problem, it’s us constitutional conservatives who are draining the swamp of RINOS. The liberals will never drain and vote out their own gravy train pollos…

  12. McConnell is a real good reason for starting term limits. he has been in 50 years, Pelosi, and any body that has been in more than 2o has to be removed. time changes and they don’t know how to do that.Most of them are senile, Pelosi is suppose to have dementia. they need to retire. with or with out grace.

  13. I donated to his campaign and do you know I got a thank you letter for supporting him today? When have you ever seen that occur?

  14. One of the good things about Moore is already we have lost to gators Corker and Strange. Time to get those gators out of that swamp up there. Now the next step is to get him to win against the Democrat on Dec. 12th I think. Moore stands on his word! What a breath of fresh air in Congress!

  15. Mitch McConnell is not getting things done for I think he has become lazy. He has been up there way to long and he thinks he need to control everything and does not allow for regular order for amendments which is very odd to me. He is trying to get things done the fast way instead of the right way and it does not work. He needs to go!

  16. Hey Mitch, do you by chance recall a conservative candidate in Mississippi that you and your slimy operatives cheated out of a fair chance at opposing your doddering old yes man, Thad Cochran? His name is McDaniel in case you forgot. Well, we have not forgotten your treachery and here is the first installment of payback. Unless you cut and run (which I think is a grand idea) you will see the day when your influence evaporates. When you leave be sure to take your little fat buddy Karl Rove with you. Two down and about ninety-eight to go.

  17. I am so glad that the voters are getting the phony messages from the Swamp and are electing people who side with the American People. I think Trump still has to get rid of the many RHINOS around him who are being false to the POTUS. I believe he is doing a good job (and it isn’t easy) learning who is on his side.
    Thank you Alabama for Judge Moore…now it is on to other states that we have to work on removing McCain, Ryan, Corker, etc. etc. We are all learning who is against us. Just keep it up America…we are fighting to make America Great Again.

  18. Here’s a thought for you, it seems that whatever President Trump and Vice President Pence are for and or endorse the LLSM is hardcore against and will try to derail at every turn, Maybe by endorsing Senator Strange be was really trying to aid Judge Moore! What say you all?

  19. bj We do need term limits, we got in this position because of career politicians, without term limits people will again become complacent and the same thing will happen again. term limits are needed to protect future generations.

  20. There is a long list that starts with McConnell and Ryan. Graham from SC where I live needs to go as well, just like all of the others. McCain, Flake, Corker, Alexander, just a few that need to go. Many others not only in the Senate but the House as well.
    And all of the liberal Democrats need to go. We have to get control of our country again before we all go under. It has to be done by the voters, that sends the strongest message of all. It started with Trump and needs to continue. Moore is the first step, just keep on going until they are all gone.

  21. I’m 75years old and I haven’t seen such public interest and participation in our government and elections since Pres Kennedy ran for office. There were a couple of ‘close’ ones but nothing like this!! I credit the fact that today, we can access so much more on computers and be better informed. However, that can be ‘dicey’ as well. Trying to sort out what is ‘real news’ and what is just plain propaganda can be really difficult at times. I know MSM has really taken a ‘hit’ and been called out because of better information access!! A lot of ‘good’ has come from this.

  22. All with FAT PENSIONS!!!! It was never intended to be that way. No wonder they think they are “special.” Coddled, ass-kissed people, not Gods, and like Hollywood, think their S*** don’t stink and whatever they believe is what WE should believe. We MUST remind them they are just one of us, no more, no less… well maybe a little less.

  23. Spot on Brian! I quit donating to the party several years ago. Only to the candidate. If more people would do that, maybe the party leaders would get the message. Then again, probably not. They’re brains may be to for gone by now.

  24. But the majority don’t, won’t, or too busy surviving to really pay attention. I wish more would get involved and at least vote. Last election may have awoken many. We can hope.

  25. When I heard that news this morning I was ecstatic. After the Iran debacle, he needs to retire. I am not sure how he won in 2012, but after his last 6 years… its is definitely a wise choice for him to retire. Alexander, take notice… YOU’RE NEXT!!!!

  26. I do agree that the POTUS and the VP were fooled. I also believe inn term limits for the idiots in the House and the Senate as they are not in touch with the people. it is time for Mitch McConnell and his friend Paul Ryan to go. The are both useless individuals and both are involved in the Swamp and deeply.

  27. The message I have been hearing is that people are sick of whining millionaire pro athletes who feel they are being abused – and they are sick of politicians who become fabulously wealthy in so called “government service”. These damned elitist politicians on both sides of the aisle represent no one other than those who stuff their pockets. Have you ever tried to get an appointment to see one of these so called “representatives”?

  28. Bjork you are right but we need to get the people to look and pay attention to what these elected ones are doing and IF it is NOT what WE want then vote their sorry asses OUT.

  29. Strange WAS mcconnell’s bought and paid for stooge. He would have made the president look like a fool for supporting him if he was elected. I can only wonder what mcconnell promised the president for his support of strange….

  30. Can you just imagine what things would have been like iF Hildabeast was in the White House with him? That is enough to make one feel like they are going to barf.

  31. Larry Dennis. Have you tried writing to your representatives, and heck, even President Trump? Also, whoever is at the top of that particular food chain, state reps and consumer protection division, TV stations that are supposed to help. Be a very, very squeaky wheel. Sometimes it’s the only way.

  32. Mitch and a POS that NEEDS to GO as he is just a PIA POS. And has been for years. I do not care if he retires or steps down just as long as he goes BYE-BYE. IF he has ANY class and is not just a ass he will get more trash like him to leave as well and help DRAIN THE SWAMP. But we know that will never happen for he ONLY cares about himself.

  33. We don’t need term limits. We the people are term limits, we have shown time and time again the power of the VOTE. We the people are draining the swamp.

  34. I think the President was shim-shammed into believing Luther Strange should be his choice. I’m not sure why he would run against someone who is ‘on his side’ against the swamp. As for McConnell – everyone is right – he needs to go & hopefully will not be re-elected in Kentucky. As for the money that was spent – probably came from Soros so don’t feel sorry for any poor people. Soros needs to go too!

  35. McConnell is a prime example of Washington. Get elected,tell lies,pass useless legislation and collect a pay check and retirement for doing nothing. Just think if we weren’t paying all the swamp rats for nothing how much money we would be saving.

  36. Never donate to either political party. Donate to your candidate of choice directly. It’s time for RINO’s like McCain, Flake, McConnell, Murkowski (SP?) and others to go bye bye.

  37. All of the parasites from both parties need to go. Both Dem and Repub. The swamp is deep and wide. I am seeing that most of the government agencies are no longer responding to public requests. They are a waste of the good salaries and benefits, they suck from the taxpayers. I have contacted 7 agencies about a problem I am having with the government this month. Not one has responded or given me the courtesy of an answer. The only agency I can still find that serves the people is Medicare.
    They answer the phone quickly and you will be talking to someone who is intelligent, and helpful. IRS, useless. Social Security, I can have a better conversation with my dog. They interrupt you to say the same stupid thing, over and over. If you do not agree with them they will hang up. Wait time for IRS or SS about 1-2 hours. You may get hung up before you talk to anyone. Medicare, 5 minutes. and they do care.

  38. PAUL – – – even sadder than that is the fact that borth POTUS Trump and VPOTUS Pence enthusiastically endorsed Strange and publically stated Moore could not win the general election. Even sadder than that is the failed promise to “drain the swamp”. Failed promise because both POTUS and VPOTUS have been supporting swamp dwellers while all but ignoring Constitutional conservatives AND the swamp AIN’T getting drained.

  39. Kep: I suspect the only way to get rid of career politicians is to run yourself (like Kid Rock). Yeah, he has the funds, you don’t. But seriously, we don’t need lawyers in D.C.; we need people who are willing to make the best decisions for America that they can.

  40. After this and the coming SOUND THUMPING of McConnell, maybe he will get the hint of the equally despicable Sen. Corker and RETIRE – EARLY PLEASE. Sen. Mitch “Surrender Monkey” McConnell, JUST GO AWAY! You a just a bad dream!

  41. He will likely retire also knowing what his ratings are in Kentucky. He is pretty sure he will not win another election in that state.

  42. The sad part here is the amount of monies that Mitch spent against another Republican. I am pretty sure the donors do not mean for their hard earned money to be wasted. I do not want to donate to the party of Mitch.

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