Swamp Monster Mitch McConnell is reeling after this news

Judge Roy Moore just sent a message to The Swamp.

He soundly defeated the Washington, D.C. establishment’s anointed candidate in the Senate primary to replace Jeff Sessions.

And the message Moore sent made Mitch McConnell’s blood run cold.

Judge Moore was dramatically outspent, possibly as much as 10-1, by McConnell’s political machines.

And he soundly defeated his opponent anyway — by running against Mitch McConnell.

“Mitch McConnell needs replaced,” Moore said at his rally the night before the election.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

A Moore victory in the general election would add a strong anti-establishment, insurgent figure into the ranks of GOP figures in Washington, one whose messages and appeal in some ways echo those of the president.

Judge Roy Moore has a proven record of standing up to the federal government.

In 2003, while serving as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court he defied a federal order to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the courtroom.

The Journal continues:

Mr. Bannon, speaking at the Moore victory rally Tuesday night, said this was just the beginning of a drive to challenge establishment Republicans like Mr. Strange and Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who just announced he wouldn’t seek re-election. “You’re going to see in state after state after state…people who follow the model of Judge Moore,” Mr. Bannon said.

The establishment doesn’t like the way the wind is blowing.

D.C. news outlets are predicting a string of Senate retirements from incumbents, rather than face embarrassing losses in primaries.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll fall in line behind anti-establishment candidates like Moore.

Already, Karl Rove has attacked Moore as “this year’s Todd Akin,” a comparison to Missouri’s Republican Senate nominee who lost a winnable race to Claire McCaskill in 2012.

The Swamp sees Moore as a threat to everything they’ve built in Washington, D.C.

And given his record, the Swamp Creatures are probably right to be afraid.

What do you think?

Are Mitch McConnell’s days numbered as majority leader in Washington, D.C?



  1. Drain the swamp including TRAITOR McCain Mitch, and Paul for starters and anyone else who opposed the repeal and replace of failing broken OBAMACARE!

  2. Tried to talk to Bob Corker of TN once in Nashville – and got very rudely flubbed off. Also tried to get just 10 minutes of McCain’s time almost 4 years ago. Received form letter urging me to vote for him. A few months later had occasion to research him. No hero, but a traitorous Songbird!!

  3. McConnell needs to go down the river along with the NFL. I have completely stopped watching any pro sports. These crybabies just don’t get it. And I haven’t missed the games. There is so much to watch on TV along with DVD’s I can watch from my library. I am a Vietnam, career retired NCO. Got paid very little while serving so these crybabies can flaunt the flag and all who came back with a flag draped over their coffin.

  4. And McCain! Trump cleaning out the swamp and these fossils that can’t accept it’s time to go, are hurting Americans all over the country. Term limits should be enforced. The reason they refuse to go is that they are lining there pockets. Just like those Crooked Clinton’s.

  5. Mitch must go! He is absolutely I of getting anything done for the people. Take McCain with you. There should be term limits on all those in government. Clearly these guys are stuck in an era that no longer exists. Bye Mitch!

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