Taco Bell began charging for this shocking item for the first time as part of its new menu

The cost of everything is on the rise in Joe Biden’s America.

Now that includes add-ons that used to be complimentary.

And Taco Bell began charging for this shocking item for the first time as part of its new menu.

Complimentary sauce packets are part of the experience for many customers of Taco Bell.

An order at the Mexican-inspired outlet can come with a heap of packets of mild, hot, fire, or diablo sauce packets.

But fans of the chain will now have to cough up extra for the newest sauce packet.

Taco Bell charging for new Avocado Verde Salsa sauce packet

Taco Bell recently rolled out its new cantina chicken menu, which includes a single complimentary packet of Avocado Verde Salsa with each item purchased.

Any extra sauce packets will be $0.20 each, depending on the restaurant.

The cantina chicken menu includes the cantina chicken soft taco, cantina chicken crispy taco, cantina chicken burrito, cantina chicken quesadilla, and cantina chicken bowl.

“This Cantina Chicken menu has been a labor of love and we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we landed on the best slow-roasted chicken recipe and selected the finest supporting ingredients to maximize craveability,” said Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. “As we constantly listen to our audiences, we know that a winning equation is giving them what we know they want plus something next-level. We knew our fans wanted more chicken, and we also knew that we could elevate chicken with unexpected ingredients like purple cabbage and Avocado Verde Salsa.”

At half an ounce, the Avocado Verde Salsa is about twice the size of a typical sauce packet at the chain.

And its packaging recommends keeping them cold and that it’s “best chilled, shaken, sauced.”

“The all-new Avocado Verde Salsa, which features tomatillos, green chili peppers, and real avocado pulp and was developed to complement Cantina Chicken menu items,” Taco Bell said in a statement. 

They also include the usual humorous sayings featured on other Taco Bell sauce packets like “taking a break from my break.”

New sauce packet is considered a “premium item” by Taco Bell

The new chicken cantina menu promises to deliver “premium ingredients” to customers according to a press release from Taco Bell.

As such, the Avocado Verde Salsa is being treated as a premium addition to an order by the restaurant.

Taco Bell told Fox Business that the new salsa is “similar to other premium sauces and menu add-ons, such as nacho cheese sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, and guacamole.”

The chain added that it will become a permanent addition to the menu.

Fortunately for fans of Taco Bell, the classic sauce packets will still remain free of charge.

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