Tara Reade stepped forward with another allegation that will put your jaw on the floor

Tara Reade continues to upend the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Reade’s credible allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 is threatening to envelop the Biden campaign.

And now Tara Reade stepped forward with another allegation that will put your jaw on the floor.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Clinton endorsed Biden despite claiming that women who made allegations of sexual assault deserve to be believed, but never commenting on Reade’s allegations.

In an interview with Fox News, Reade alleged that Clinton endorsing Biden and ignoring her allegations brought back all the bad memories from 2016 about how Hillary Clinton enabled Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior by attacking the women that stepped forward against him.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me,” Reade explained. “Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”

“I will not be smeared, dismissed or ignored. I stand in truth and I will keep speaking out,” Reade added.

So far, Biden has only denied Reade’s allegations through a spokeswoman.

But evidence piled up that Reade’s accusations are credible as multiple corroborating witnesses have stepped forward.

And Reade has made it clear that she will not disappear or be silenced.

If anything, Democrats’ attempts to ignore her allegations will only serve to make her a louder force on the campaign trail.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Readers own lawyervdropped her as a client. She can not be trusted at all even lied about completing school. She has always been an attention seeker. She belongs in the Republican Party so come on over Tara.

  2. Credibility!! Anyone know what that means?

    Distraction!! Anyone know what that means? You really care about what Tara Reade has to say … really??? Do your research on this woman.

    Living in the MAGA WINNING USA … YESIREE … 1.56 M confirmed Covid-19 cases. 92,000+ DEAD! Shattered economy! INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF CORRUPTION. Don the Con has done you in with abject incompetence. Even pal Howard Stern is trying to tell you the truth … YOU SHOULD CONSIDER FACTS! But easier to be conned than to admit you have been …

  3. Rose McGowan has denounced the Democrat Party because of Reade’s allegations being ignored by the left. She’s making it clear she’s left them for good. Alleluia.

  4. I didn’t want to believe Tara but some where in the back of my mind I do. She is a Democrat to them a “Whistleblower” They initiate the whistleblowers in their vocabulary. Weather they exists or not. So, yes her testimony is relevant. This time around I will go with their flow. This one sounds truthful.

  5. Is your name vasu murderer, because you put Vaseline on your tiny pekker and play with it? Do you use Vaseline on your sphincter for easier entry from Barack Buttcrack or husband Big Mike? So they can enter you? You like that doncha little willie?

  6. Larry that wasn’t Trump in that interview. That was a Trump voice impersonator. Since there was no video with that audio there is no proof at all that was Trump being interviewed. The lying MSM strikes again and you gullible, libeberal, Demwits swallow it hook, line and sinker.

  7. Tara Reade, I wld love to help u speak louder an louder to stop creepy molester Biden, he shld in no way run this country, an has everyone forgot about the Ukraine bribe,blatant abuse of power,just like the rest of the commie Democrats, plz contact me if I can help u in any way

  8. Trump is the only President that I know that is really working hard for America….. for us Americans

  9. Sleepy creepy uncle joe cant keep his hands off of little girls, other peoples money or wives. He is the lowest form of life that ever walked this earth, there is a place God has prepared especially for him, I truely hope him and others like him repent. IF YOU VOTE FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS YOU SHOULD DO LIKEWISE!

  10. Hey Vasu Murti: Are you saying you don’t like President Donald Trump? At least you are not biased in any way. Are you? I will vote for the candidate whose policies will be good for America NOW regardless of what they are accused of saying or doing 25-30 years ago. Let me see…..I think I will vote for reelection of our President, yours and mine, Donald J Trump.

  11. Dr. Bruce, you are correct. The dems have thrown God out and without God satan moves in. satan controls the dem party and it is obvious by their hate and lies, which are of satan. And, yes, if we don’t get Christians back into our government, this country is finished. A nation without God cannot stand. satan will rule for a time but God wins. The dems will join their master satan and we will never have to deal with them again

  12. Let me make something perfectly clear. Democrats are liberals, liberals are controlled by Satan. There isn’t any mystery about them being any of the EVIL sinful predatory animals that exist in this world. I doubt that you can find one male liberal/democrat that hasn’t done something despicable to a young woman. The liberal/democrats also have the highest number of other EVIL sinful predatory animals the homosexual men and women. It is a disgrace that this Nation just doesn’t need. We need to elect good Christian men to every political position. IF we do this we will see GOD’s blessings return 10 fold maybe even 100 fold. Come on America, We must elect the very best possible and that is good Christians.

  13. Reply to Scott: yes it’s way past time for Tara to disassociate from the demon rat party. They can’t be trusted. They are out for power and our money.

  14. Larry and Doris are you the same person?, a transvestite, giving the same side. Nobody listens to fools like you so just shut up and go away, you are wasting everyone’s time with your nonsense. Tara is telling the truth but the demoncrats can’t accept it. She even has collaboration which Ballsy Ford didn’t. Where are the Me tooers?

  15. The democrats are full of perverts and sexual assaulters. Lock them all up and the entire party would fold. So what are we waiting for ?

  16. Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee, Juanita Broaddrick and now Tara Reade Will the Democratic Party ever give justice for the indignation suffered by the hands of a Democratic President and Vice President. Where is the # Me To0 Movement its time they step up to the plate and hold the Democratic Party accountable The Party is the one who put these men in a position of power of which they took advantage of these women,c

  17. Vasu stop with the propaganda. So some idiots s doesn’t like Trump. Who cares? I guess that you like the morals of retard joe better. You know the guy. The one who stood in front of the camera and bragged about threatening and bribing the Ukraine President ppl

  18. Lorryanne, you, Snot27 and Thomas the dip Schitt are all true blue left wing cox Zuckers. Just like Jeffrey mother Zucker. It’s about a POS commiecrat double standard. Messy manly looking whorono, kuntstain Gildebrand and even Kamal Toe Hairyass all said they believed in out of her gourd Ford, without seeing the facts. I say prosecute Bitme. His dimentia will kill him before trial.

    Then if we could get Inglorious Bastards’ Donnie Donowitz to play baseball with all the dem scumbags, we all might have a good tim.

  19. Hey Vaseline ass Murti, go back to your camel hump sand dunes you f’ing hodgi POS. You know nothing. It’s moron illegals like yourself that are ruining my country!

  20. Vasu the book writer, please go back to trying to publish books about marriage to cows on your own space in California. Means Nothing and no one gives a crap about your bulls_hit… Hajji the troll!!!

  21. No, conservative media is biased, ignoring similar accusations against Donald Trump. In 2016, evangelical leader Al Mohler refused to endorse Donald Trump, calling him a “sexual predator” and “the personification of what evangelicals have preached (and voted) against.”

    Conservative Christian Matt Walsh blogged about Trump in 2016:

    “He’s a serial adulterer who abandoned his family (twice) to shack up with younger women. His ex-wife once alleged that he ripped out chunks of her hair and violated her. We don’t even need to get into alleged ties to the mob or financial scams or his confession that he bribes politicians. He can’t speak semi-coherently about the Bible, he has no understanding of basic Christian teaching, he thinks Christianity does not require us to ask for forgiveness, and our relationship with Christ can be measured using polling data, but does he otherwise carry himself as anything resembling a Christian?

    “I see a guy who lies constantly and blatantly. I see a man who changes his positions and his principles at the drop of a hat. I see a deeply immature man who insults people on Twitter but lacks the courage to face them in person. I see someone who fashions himself ‘politically incorrect’ but is really just a cruel and bitter old man who thinks it’s funny to mock the disabled. I see a man with no honor who launches vulgar attacks on women and then lies about what he said. I see a phony who brazenly exploits the fears of the American public. I see a guy whose recklessness and greed drives his businesses into bankruptcy, and I see a guy who tries to silence journalists when they report on it. I see a guy who jazzes up the crowd at campaign rallies by bragging about his money and threatening to throw protesters out into the cold without their coats. And so on.”

    Conservative Christian pastor Max Lucado similarly commented on Trump in 2016:

    “He ridiculed a war hero. He made mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He referred to the former first lady, Barbara Bush as ‘mommy,’ and belittled Jeb Bush for bringing her on the campaign trail. He routinely calls people ‘stupid,’ ‘loser,’ and ‘dummy.’”

    And the pastor wasn’t done there. He continued, “Such insensitivities wouldn’t even be acceptable even for a middle school student body election. But for the Oval Office? And to do so while brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith? I’m bewildered, both by his behavior and the public’s support of it.”

  22. All of these so-called Democrats are a sorry, immoral, sadistic bunch of evil people lead by the Clinton/Obama Administrations. I warned president Trump to remove all of this scum the day he took office by email. They had tried to remove me years before with threats, bodily harm, and financial ruin. Just look at what Obama was, is, and will continue to be: a LGBTQ thing, just like Hillary is. Damn them all! Biden is one of the worst! Do your on investigation of this.

  23. I believe Reade 100% and I have not met her. Just by looking at her face I can tell she is honest. I’m a democrat, and she should be given all the support she needs. Democrats should attack Biden, like we did with Kavauna. Where is the MSM reporting?

  24. Robert… you are the typical blind intellectually challenged demo of today. You rant and rave about Oresident Trump and say odumbo would have been ostracized if he did things like him. Odumbo did and some instances much worse, surely you remember his famous line ” if you like your insurance you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep your dictor” and now the country is responsible for 12 BILLION DOLLARS to insurance companies for the failed odumbo care. You say that President Trump has the mental capability of a 5 year old…by your logic that must mean you’re still in your momma’s womb.

  25. Larry, it’s you that has no credibility. Being a male, you can’t begin to know why a woman would wait and sometimes never tell. People like you are exactly why they keep silent. I hope you have no females depending on you. With your attitude if they were ever violated I can promise they’d sure never tell you. The victimizer however will shake your hand in many thanks. They count on those just like you to help them get away with it. FYI. Stating one can get away with an action which is what Trump did, is a far cry from acting on it. If you haven’t figured that out by now it’s time to re-enroll in your local elementary school. No doubt about it, you people are evil to the core.

  26. Absolutely typical Dem hypocrisy!We need to launch some sort of public hearing, make sure the “ME TOO,UNLESS A DEM DID IT” group is their and apply the same disgraceful smear show they gave to Kavanaugh! Joe would lose it, and cunningly tell us we are “full of s**t.” Like he did to a construction worker in Michigan who asked why Joe wanted to take away our guns.

  27. Hi Dan, so even if he grabbed Ms. Reade in her pusssy, which only she and he know, we all know that our President advocated for grabbing women in their pusssies, So , it’s a wash. Ain’t no way after 27 years anybody can prove a groping or anything else similiar. Just like Kavanaugh. But one question, when Ms. Reade was interviewed last year why didn’t she bring up the groping then? No credibility. And if this was one of yours that’s exactly what you all would be yelling. Now, go back to your idiot, Big Orange, and go buy some detergent and ingest away, sarcastically. What an idiot! Live by the Golden Rule – Not The Golden Fool !

  28. I wonder if there’s any corrupt detectives in the Washington D.C. police department??? 😂 I’m surprised that report wasn’t deep six…

  29. The Washington police confirmed that a police report was filed by Reid in April 1993. Of course she didn’t have any wittiness. Why would a worker for the commiecrats file a police report? What say you, commiecrats? Julio? Justice for Trump? Snott27? Any takers?

  30. Well Tara its time to wake up & walk away from the Democratic Party of liars, pedophiles , rapists & criminals and come on over to the sane side. Vote RED!!

  31. Where is senator Hirano from HI on this? Didn’t she say to all men “Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing” with the Kavanaugh accusation? How come she’s silent when it’s Joe Biden that’s being accused?

  32. So who will the demoRAT candidate be? Between his mental issues and now this. If it were a Republican with these allegations, The demoRats would never allow him to run. What now?

  33. Lorrayne we don’t care about locking retard joe up. Guilty or not, just keep that idiot and any other commiecrats out of the White House. I don’t want anyone to be beaten by lies. That’s the commiecrats way.

  34. How about lie detector tests of the parties involved.
    Of course, not sure how dementia affects such results.

  35. There was no statue of limitations for Penn States Coach who will die in jail same as Bill Cosby.The double standard for the Democrats is what’s bringing this nation down. The party of abortions,child and women molesters and lyers needs to go to hell swiftly and never be returned to power

  36. With years of inappropriate behavior by Biden which was televised, I found Ms. Reade’s allegations credible. He is called Creepy Joe for a reason. Then the moron married to the Predator in Chief endorses him. No wonder he fell asleep. Only in America. Come on people use some common sense. Hillary is still angry and filled with hate. An endorsement from her is nod worthy.

  37. I don’t care what Senator Joe Biden, President Trump or Justice Kavanaugh are accused of doing 25-30 years ago. It is an accusation and all deserve Due Process of Law and innocent until proven guilty. Of the 3 above accused it is kind of odd that the only 1 accused that has not been questioned is the Democrat. Silence from the “me too” and “I believe her” movement. Double standard??

  38. I saw a news article yesterday that Kamala Harris, a woman who attained political power by bedding down powerful political men believes Tara Reade.

  39. First of all u legal retard idiots the statute of limitations bars any legal action at this such late date so even if everything she says can be proven to a legal certainty Joe Walks. The allegation may be paid for by trump or by her her bitterness that biden beat sanders. The only only outcry witnesses are her biased dead mother and brother. No one else supports her. Her mother’s phone call to larry king did not identify any names or that the problem was of a sexual assult nature. There is simply no evidene.anyone can say anything b3cause then r bitter. The #meetoo movement has gone to far and needs to be reigned in to be reasonable.

  40. Better Tara Reade should have waited until October to tell her story. Biden may be leading now, but I doubt he’ll be the Democratic nominee.

  41. I can’t believe that people still vote for party instead of for the person that will be best for the people of this great country. I am who,and what I am, and right now the democrats are the worst for this country. I have heard, and seen their lies and deceit against this county, and the hatred for we the citizens. My votes will now be ONLY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND ALL REPUBLICANS FROM NOW ON. UNTIL MAYBE SOMEDAY, A DEMOCRAT WILL WAKE UP, AND BECOME A MAN OR WOMAN FOR THE PEOPLE, LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS

  42. Doris, here mother called into the Larry King show back in ’93. It’s on video.
    You’re just a stupid twit.

  43. To Doris; but of course you believed Ford and all the other false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh? All this does is show your hypocrisy and all other democrats.
    All of you a hypocrites and liars.

  44. LJ, Trump did not say he grabbed anyone. He said one could get away with doing so in Hollywood and like it or not, that’s been a given for generations. You seriously can’t find enough to complain about without adding your lies. SMH!!

    Doris, so you say you don’t believe her. While I can’t attest to Reade’s claim, I do know I was in a similar situation involving the some of the same group of people during the same time frame, late 80s, early 90s. Not only that but I assisted in that person’s prosecution and they still remain in prison to this day. And no, I didn’t willingly come forward, I was even threatened with contempt charges when I initially refused to help. I know just why she’s kept her mouth shut all these years. You people are disgusting. I don’t personally care for Trump myself but I’ll vote for him over a sexual predictor every day.

    Just remember, you’ll be judged by the same measure as you’ve judged others. I fear for every female involved with either of you. It’s hard enough to deal with that type of violation, let alone to be violated again by those like you and your ilk. You people have shown yourselves to be evil to the core.

  45. To all the brain dead Democrats on this comment thread, how does it feel to be hypocrites? Democrats attacked Brett Kavanaugh with Christine Ford offering nothing in the way of proof. But that did not you imbeciles from attacking. But Creepy Joe Biden is different because he is a Democrat. So what? WTF!

  46. Just recently, Stormy Daniels admitted that she never had an affair with Trump and nothing had happened. as far as the remark Trump made goes it was in private, locker talk. However, a party with them decided to release the information to the media. Wwe all know what locker talk is specially men.

  47. I don’t believe her, why did she wait 27 years to come out with her story.I think she was paid to say this by trumps people because he is scared Biden will beat him. Dirty Politics.

  48. Even if Ms. Reade’s story is true that VP Biden groped and penetrated her , this is no different than President Trump telling us that he likes to ‘Grab Women in Their PUSSIES!’ And kind of funny that one year ago Ms. Reade had no recollection of this happening to her in an interview with a reporter. And President Trump has already admitted to doing the same thing – so what’s the big deal, even if it is just make believe or true? On one hand, we have an unsubstantiated claim from 27 years ago and on the other hand, we have President Trump, admitting to grabbing women in their pusssies. Where is the real story? More lies from the liar in chief and his evil followers! Have A Nice Day!

  49. In the Trump case the woman was a prostitute. She’s paid for her sex and knows that. She chose her profession so to me there is no rape. The unfairness in her case is unbelievable. Democrats were so adamant as they should be that Kavanaugh’s accuser had a right to be heard even though these allegations went back to night school. Still I believe they should be heard. For these same women now to say she shouldn’t be heard is disgraceful. It only proves the double standards. That these women are so desperate to becomeVP and excusing it is unacceptable. These women are a disgrace to every women’s on the planet and do not deserve to be VP. Now there’s a double strike in my book. Biden and these deplorable women who won’t let her be heard. Maybe if their daughters o e day are so unfortunate as to be raped and their accuser gets away they’ll have a change of hear. But we all know they support Clinton the champion of supporting the men who commit these crimes because her husband is the king of them. She supported 2 men who raped a 10 year old and got them off. Disgraceful. I wouldn’t vote for another democrat in my life because of the crimson activity going on in their party with no accountability.

  50. I feel Biden has proven our concerns about his loosing his ability to function. I also feel Ms Reade has the right to charge him with sexual assault but until proven we must wait to judge him. That being said who (states attorney) will step forward and file charges? Or is a politician above the law? Or is one that is running for the presidency of the United States of America. We need to address this, now. Someone file charges!

  51. Larry Burns, this is about Biden, not Trump. If another woman comes out with an accusation about Trump the media will be all over it. You can bank on that.
    The contrast is between how the media won’t cover the Biden allegation while it covered the Kavanaugh accusations noon and night, and democrats were calling for Kavanaugh to step down. The hypocrisy is staggering. Try to stay with the program here.

  52. SHe better be careful……..the ”Clinton Connection”makes her a target for ”suicide”….you know, a self inflicted gunshot wound to the back of the head.

  53. While I find Tara Read’s claims more credible than Kavanaugh’s accuser, Balisy-Ford, I really don’t care about something that may have happened or not happened over 25 years ago and that the victim did not push at the time. What I find despicable is the failure of the “me Too” and the “I believe her” activists to stand behind their stated beliefs and give Tara Reade the the benefit of the doubt. Biased hypocrites all of them.

  54. What happened to all the same accusations that have been made against trump? Haven’t heard any of you trumpeteers mention that. Are all of those women lying because it’s trump that’s being accused. None of you were there holding the light so you don’t know.

  55. Normally I would not always “believe” this kind of thing, but it REALLY BOTHERS me that the same DEMWITTS who bought FORDS allegations and then the other Avanati womens allegations with NO PROOF! At least this accuser has some PROOF in people around her at the time “and” she is a LIFE LONG DEMOCRAT and the DEMOCRATS don’t believe her, WHY?

  56. Tara, you sleep with dogs you get fleas. It was clear it was open season on women after the free pass Bill got for all his actions. Biden was a big part of his defense. NO surprise he figured he could get in on a little action. All of you women stayed working for these vermin and knew it was part of the duties of your position. You would have never said a word if Bernie had won the nomination. Democrats are dissing you from every quarter and yet you still support them. You are proving Dems are flat out nuts.

  57. I believe her. She is the biggest story on Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton and coverups. It is disgusting how the democrats and the press and media are ignoring this woman and her allegations. Outrageous. Suddenly it’s ok to not listen to women’s charges, believe them and get to the bottom of the issue. This is how we should treat the next Christina Blasey Ford, Spartacus/ Diane Feinstein/ fake letter in a pocket hurry and delay accusation by democrats. Why aren’t they all rotting in federal prison? We must hold those with false allegations accountable, likewise offenders like Joe Biden accountable, even if he suffers from dementia.

  58. I believe her. She is the biggest story on Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton and coverups. It is disgusting how the democrats and the press and media are ignoring this woman and her allegations. Outrageous. Suddenly it’s ok to not listen to women’s charges, believe them and get to the bottom of the issue. This is how we should treat the next Christina Blasey Ford, Spartacus/ Diane Feinstein/ fake letter in a pocket hurry and delay accusation by democrats. Why aren’t they all rotting in federal prison?

  59. So what’s this “jaw-on-the-floor” allegation? That this brings back bad memories? Don’t get me wrong: rape is wrong and I suspect that Biden is guilty as hell, but I detest clickbait. (But not more than Biden!!)


  61. Kavanaugh was accused with no credible allegations.
    Biden is accused with a credible allegation with witnesses.
    Trump was accused of Russian collusion with no evidence.
    Hillary engaged in Russian collusion but was never indicted.
    Trump was accused of bribing the Ukraine even though the Ukraine president denied it.
    Biden is on camera bragging about bribing the Ukraine with 1 billion dollars.
    See the difference here? See the hypocrisy?

  62. Tara Reid spoke up at the time (she told people), in 1993 about the assault – contrast that with Blasley Ford who made up her accusations once Kavanaugh was nominated some 36 years later….clearly political.
    Women who are sexually abused (rape, sexual assault, Etc.) DO NOT forget….and most of us do tell someone, even though we are often attacked and blamed for the rape, sometimes by who we confide in !
    What is very confusing to me is how democrat women still vote for the perverts that assault them, or their fellow women!

  63. There appears to be and endless stream of accusations against Republicans and a few Democrats. VERY FEW have any credible substantiation. Very few. The Dems are very hypocritical in this – Always believe the woman if it is a Republican accused. IF a Dem is accused – well not so much. In any event it is totally irresponsible for the fake media to give ANY credibility to such stories UNLESS proof is ALSO provided. It is extremely reckless to print and air such trash with zero credence. But, then that is exactly what the NY Times, CNN, etc have offered for years. ZERO credibility.

  64. SOUNDS to me like NUMB NUTS with mENTAL ISSUES will Bemieve anything printed in the NY TIMES….so where is the “ME TOO MOVEMENT” now that their Nominated MENTALLY DEFICIENT tool is accused of what they got all STIRRED UP ABOUT????GONE CRICKETS??

  65. The problem is the way these women are coming out. If they wanted real change they would realze that sex even for men is difficult talk. Reform depends on the corroboration of the perp. If all this were true it should be kept with parties involved or mental health professional counseling. Do they think the effect will be positive on the perp? Seems as in other cases in criminal justice these individuals getv kiki

  66. Robert, it is the goal of the dems to have total control over every aspect of our lives. Obama was all about division, as he hates this country and our Constitution. The dems threw God out and satan is their master. A nation without God cannot stand. And it is YOU who has no intelligence. You attack Pres. Trump who has done only good for this country. You deny the truth. Pres. Trump’s IQ is 162, far higher than yours

  67. To those of you who think they speak truth. SHUT UP! BECAUSE YOU DON’T! You were not there when it happen! God knows what happened! And Joe Biden know as well as the woman. But we don’t! Here we are seeing everything the DEMOCRAT PARTY STAND FOR! And it is NOT WOMEN RIGHTS! First there are more Democrat candidate who has done BAD AGANIST WOMEN! BUT MEDIA AND OTHER DEMOCRAT ONLY LIED AND COVER UP THE TRUTH! How can any woman VOTE for the party of sexual assault AGANIST WOMEN? Are you that dirty? Or do you feel shame? Or is it the MONEY these rich POLITICAN in the Democrat give you? Well guess we can call it SATAN CHILDREN AT PLAY!

  68. Robert Trump still has more smarts in his left nut than retard joe has in his brain. As for Trump belittling people, the commiecrats started planning his impeachment even before he was sworn in. He would probably calm down if the commiecrats and so called news media would get off his back. This virus isn’t his fault, but his enemies try to use it against him to play gotcha. So other than his mouth, which I like him fighting back, what is it about his agenda for the country that you don’t like?

  69. Tara Reade is an idiot that deserves for this to be ignored by the mainstream media.
    She claims to be a lifelong democrat yet she is witnessing first hand how democrats handle sexual assault claims. If you’re a republican you’re guilty until proven innocent but if you’re a democrat you’re never guilty ever. Wearing black face, racial slurs, sexual assaults are just fine if you have a D behind your name. Tara Reade deserves to be ignored as long as she is stupid enough to keep voting democrat.

  70. Actually, both sides are two faced. My jaw did not hit the floor. trump has lowered the bar so LOW that, nothing much, surprises me anymore. Both parties want to divide us and make us bicker. If Obama or any other Democrat had dome the things this president has done, Fox News and all of you would be torching him. I thought about this a lot and decided I need to change my tone and not be like attack trump. He only knows revenge and getting his way. If he doesn’t get it, he pouts or belittles someone like i expect him to since he has the vocabulary and brain of a 5 year old.

  71. James 75th regiment I feel that retard joe should be put through the same drill as Kavanaha, meaning interviewing the people whom claim to have first hand knowledge of Reid talking about this back in the 90’s. And Sean Hannity mentioned a police report. We need to see it.

  72. Thomas I agree that nobody has proven anything YET. But there’s the Larry King call and friends and relatives coming forward and claiming to have witnessed Reid telling her story around the time of the allegations. Perhaps retard joe is being lied on. I don’t know. I don’t want that idiot in the White House, but I don’t want to see anyone wrongly accused. But the point is that nobody in the commiecrat party seems to give a sh&t. Even if he didn’t do the things told on him, he’s too stupid to be president.

  73. Double standards as usual, they always preach women’s rights, but only when the woman is a Liberal. This poor lady may need a security detail since Clinton is backing Senile Corn Pop…

  74. Ms.Tara Reid probably is pressed for money now. For her, I don’t believe she has a credible allegation against Mr. Joe Biden on her sexual harassment claim dating back to 1993?

  75. It’s interesting to see the “must believe the accusations of victims of sexual assault “ people will look the other way. Come on Hillary. Didn’t you say that the women should be heard and believed? Unless, of course, we are talking about your rapist husband or some other high level commiecrats. What’s wrong with you people? Give Trump and Kavanaha hell, but hands off our commie perverts. Anthony Weiner, Al Franken. Remember them? You commiecrats are all two faced. Right Julio, Larry,Robert, snott27?

  76. Reade is a complete idiot in that she still believes in any of the principles the members of the Democratic party believe in.

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