Tara Reade stepped forward with another allegation that will put your jaw on the floor

Tara Reade continues to upend the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Reade’s credible allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 is threatening to envelop the Biden campaign.

And now Tara Reade stepped forward with another allegation that will put your jaw on the floor.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Clinton endorsed Biden despite claiming that women who made allegations of sexual assault deserve to be believed, but never commenting on Reade’s allegations.

In an interview with Fox News, Reade alleged that Clinton endorsing Biden and ignoring her allegations brought back all the bad memories from 2016 about how Hillary Clinton enabled Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior by attacking the women that stepped forward against him.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me,” Reade explained. “Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”

“I will not be smeared, dismissed or ignored. I stand in truth and I will keep speaking out,” Reade added.

So far, Biden has only denied Reade’s allegations through a spokeswoman.

But evidence piled up that Reade’s accusations are credible as multiple corroborating witnesses have stepped forward.

And Reade has made it clear that she will not disappear or be silenced.

If anything, Democrats’ attempts to ignore her allegations will only serve to make her a louder force on the campaign trail.

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