Tara Reade told Megyn Kelly the one thing she wanted Joe Biden to do

The American people were waiting for Tara Reade to speak.

That day finally arrived.

And Tara Reade told Megyn Kelly the one thing she wanted Joe Biden to do.

Last week, Reade abruptly canceled a Fox News interview after Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC in a disastrous interview to deny her claims of sexual assault.

Megyn Kelly shocked the political world when she announced that she scored an interview with Tara Reade.

This was the moment many were waiting for as Reade would tell her side of the story for the first time.

Kelly claimed the interview would be very newsworthy and the first clip Kelly released did not disappoint.

In the interview, Reade said it was long past time for Joe Biden to apologize and the only thing Biden could do to make this right was drop out of the race.

This will only put the squeeze on Biden in more significant fashion.

Already, 26 percent of Democrat voters want to replace Biden as the nominee.

Younger voters were never very enthused in the thought of voting for the senile, 77-year-old Biden.

Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault drove that wariness further.

Now, Reade going on camera to tell her story in powerful fashion will only see the number of Democrats who thinks Biden is a bad bet in November increase.

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