Taylor Swift is under attack for this unthinkable reason

Being at the top means everyone is always trying to drag you down.

Pop megastar Taylor Swift is learning that lesson the hard way.

And Taylor Swift is under attack for this unthinkable reason.

Woke media attacks Swift for being anti-feminist 

There may not be a bigger “girl power” story in music history than Taylor Swift.

Riding nothing more than her pure talent, Taylor Swift became the biggest female musical act in history.

Swift’s “Eras” tour sold more than a billion dollars’ worth of tickets and is the biggest tour – male or female – ever.

Despite Swift being the girl who made good by working her way to the top, the woke media still found flaws to nitpick.

The Huffington Post went after Swift over releasing new versions of her “Tortured Poets Department Album” just ahead of new album releases by Billie Eilish and Charli XCX.

Fans Are Calling Out Taylor Swift For Being Anti-Feminist” was the headline of the article whining about Swift.

Swift dropping new versions of her megahit album ensured that she would stay number one on the charts in both America and the U.K.

Liberals are up in arms over the fact that Swift realizes this is show business and not “show friends” and will do what it takes to maintain her position on the top of the charts.

“I’m disappointed that Taylor Swift seemingly would try to block Charli XCX and Billie Eilish from achieving the top spot on the charts. Given Swift’s immense status in the music world, it feels unnecessary and somewhat selfish to use these tactics to keep rising to the top. She has already accomplished so much and has a massive fan base that ensures her success,” the Huffington Post’s Ty Cole.

“You’d think Swift would be celebrating and embracing new talent, not trying to overshadow them. Her focus should be on enjoying her well-earned success and supporting emerging artists. By doing this, she could help foster a more inclusive and supportive music industry where everyone has a fair shot at the spotlight,” Cole added.

The pressure on Swift

Taylor Swift stayed out of the 2016 election after arriving at the sensible conclusion that getting involved in politics would split her fan base.

When Hillary Clinton lost, the online rage mobs decided she would have won if only Taylor Swift had gotten off the sidelines.

In the 2018 Midterms, Swift made her first endorsement backing Democrat Phil Bredesen in his Senate race against Republican Marsha Blackburn in Swift’s home state of Tennessee.

Blackburn ended up crushing Bredesen.

Swift then endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, smearing Trump as a white supremacist.

This year, it’s expected that Swift will endorse Joe Biden sometime in the summer.

That way, Swift can use the domestic leg of her “Eras” tour as a massive voter registration drive.

Swift would clearly prefer not to be involved in politics.

She’s not one of the entertainers who makes their views known on every issue.

But Swift knows that the woke media will hound her online unless she does her part for the Democrat Party candidates come election season.

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