Taylor Swift suffered this wardrobe malfunction that left nothing to the imagination

Taylor Swift’s record breaking “Eras” tour continues apace.

But in live entertainment mishaps are possible.

And Taylor Swift suffered this wardrobe malfunction that left nothing to the imagination.

Taylor Swift experiences wardrobe issues

The term “wardrobe malfunction” exploded into everyday use after the 2004 Super Bowl when singer Justin Timberlake ripped a piece of Janet Jackson’s top off during the halftime show.

Now every time an entertainer experiences a clothing flub during a live performance, it gets called a wardrobe malfunction.

And that’s exactly what happened to Taylor Swift during an “Eras” tour show in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the show, Swift experienced sound issues, which she could tell were coming from the device attached to her back.

Swift wore a blue wrap dress for this set, and the only way Swift could fix the problem was to unwrap the dress and reveal the bra top and shorts she planned to wear for the next set, where she would play songs from her new “Tortured Poets Department” album.

Fox News reported that “Swift seemed to notice something was off with her blue dress in the middle of the pop star’s nightly surprise acoustic set. The ‘1989’ singer-songwriter paused to make a quick fix.”

A fan captured the scene of Swift needing to disrobe and posted it to the Communist Chinese spy app TikTok.

@explorer.paris Stockholm n3 we did talk amongst ourselves 😂 #erastour @taylorswift #stockholmn3 #surprisesongs @Taylor Nation ♬ original sound – Travelparis

Swift tried to have some fun with the accident.

“Talk amongst yourselves,” Swift said to her fans as they cheered and laughed.

Swift keeps the “Eras” tour fresh

“Eras” is the biggest tour in history.

Swift sold over one billion dollars’ worth of tickets.

The theatrical release of the documentary about the tour became an instant hit, grossing $260,000,000 worldwide.

Swift’s now on the foreign leg of the tour.

In between the shows in America and overseas, Swift wrote and released the “Tortured Poets Department” album.

At a show in Paris, Swift debuted the new music as part of the Eras tour to a thrilled crowd.

“This is my 13th Grammy, which is my lucky number,” she told the audience. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you that.” 

Swift revealed to fans she would play the “Tortured Poets Department” material by saying she was “telling you a secret that I’ve been keeping from you for the past two years.”

“I’ve been working on ‘Tortured Poets’ since right after I turned in ‘Midnights,'” Swift continued. “So, I started working on it immediately after that, and I’ve been working on it for about two years. I kept working on it throughout the U.S. tour, and when it was perfect in my opinion — when it was good enough for you — I finished it.”

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