Ted Cruz asked Joe Biden this question that sent Democrats reeling

Joe Biden finally left his basement and re-engaged in the Presidential campaign.

Biden instantly regretted that decision.

That’s because Ted Cruz asked Joe Biden this question that sent Democrats reeling.

Joe Biden has been making a big show of touring black churches and giving speeches about how America is racist.

But Biden has a problem in that regard.

13 of his staffers supported an effort to pay the bail for rioters and looters arrested in Minneapolis so they could get back on the street and torch businesses and attack police.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Biden for this radicalism by tweeting out a video of a black women whose business was destroyed calling out the left-wing rioters for ruining everything she worked for.

Cruz then asked Biden why he was giving cover by financially supporting domestic terrorists that targeted black businesses for destruction.

Biden and the Democrats look at black businesses being destroyed as a feature and not a bug of these riots.

The Left wants as much social and economic upheaval as possible to make the American more people frightened and panicked so they throw the President out of office and elect a group of radicals to remake America into a socialist third world country.

That’s why Biden’s staffers happily support efforts to get terrorists and thugs back onto the streets as quickly as possible.

And it’s why Joe Biden would never answer Ted Cruz’s question and condemn the financial support for anarchy and domestic terrorism.

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