Ted Cruz asked Joe Biden this question that sent Democrats reeling

Joe Biden finally left his basement and re-engaged in the Presidential campaign.

Biden instantly regretted that decision.

That’s because Ted Cruz asked Joe Biden this question that sent Democrats reeling.

Joe Biden has been making a big show of touring black churches and giving speeches about how America is racist.

But Biden has a problem in that regard.

13 of his staffers supported an effort to pay the bail for rioters and looters arrested in Minneapolis so they could get back on the street and torch businesses and attack police.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Biden for this radicalism by tweeting out a video of a black women whose business was destroyed calling out the left-wing rioters for ruining everything she worked for.

Cruz then asked Biden why he was giving cover by financially supporting domestic terrorists that targeted black businesses for destruction.

Biden and the Democrats look at black businesses being destroyed as a feature and not a bug of these riots.

The Left wants as much social and economic upheaval as possible to make the American more people frightened and panicked so they throw the President out of office and elect a group of radicals to remake America into a socialist third world country.

That’s why Biden’s staffers happily support efforts to get terrorists and thugs back onto the streets as quickly as possible.

And it’s why Joe Biden would never answer Ted Cruz’s question and condemn the financial support for anarchy and domestic terrorism.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Democrats bail out looters so they can continue to burn down black owned businesses what is going on with the Democratic Party. Are they the abusive parent Of the black community. The more the Democrats abuse the black population it seems the more the black population defunds them. This relationship between the black community is the same as that of an abused child. Remember that an abused child always attempts to Protect his abuser in hopes of not getting hurt so bad the next time that parent strikes.

  2. This should cause Great Concern for all voters ! Joe bidens last Statement was ” I want my Vice President to be able to take over from Day One” Obviously the “Donkey People”
    already have “Plan B” in place because they have a belief that he can be elected but
    No Faith in His Ability to Step up to the Task of Presidential Reality ! The choices for VP so far are ridiculous because none of them are even qualified for that position !

  3. I think once the rioting is over and these people need a place to stay they need to go to pelosi and waters and Schumer and oprah Winfrey to stay on their mansions. They have palatial places and just 2 people so they have plenty of space for criminals they want released to stay

  4. Basically, i prefer to comm 0n Article,blog,,, Butt to
    Scott27, You have a twisted’ thought process…

  5. Everyone agrees with prosecuting anyone who causes damage via riots. So don’t lie, doesn’t help. The bail idea also isn’t contrary to this… it’s the idea of throwing them in prison once found guilty instead of before they are tried.

  6. Sorry folks, I tried to put Scott27 down but renewed right did not like my comments so they blocked me. But I agree with all of you about him..we are living rent free in his empty head, kind of fun to watch him squirm……

  7. Finger print identification ? Any Illegal could be used . How about facial recognition , or a D N A sample be imprinted onto the drivers license or magnetic strip . Food for thought !

  8. This question is much too complex for Joe Biden. If it is not on his teleprompter, he has no chance of a cogent answer.

  9. All mail in ballots should be Required to have fingerprint for Verification of voting Rights!! No fingerprint, ballots are rejected!!

  10. butchy… no, there were more white supremists arrested just yesterday. And twitter has removed ws posts posing as protesters. You can look up both. Besides, why are you and others here so pro-fascism?

  11. Scott you are truely one lying leftist piece of shot.police across the country,DOJ,FBI are all finding antifa.nobody had found white supremacists.leftist suck bag

  12. Robert… you don’t know that. You just assume. And besides, not all black people are affiliated with black lives matter.

  13. The rioters are all BLM and ANTIFA. All of them are BLACK.
    There are no white supremacists involved in the riots.

  14. My goodness…. how do you people even find your way home in the evening? The looting and violence is not being done by black lives matter, who are protesting. There is a difference between protesters and looters. And why are they arresting so many white supremists posing as protesters??


  16. “It’s disgraceful that not a single Democrat has the courage to acknowledge an obvious fact: that Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.”

    “Antifa members are rioting and looting in cities all across the United States, and every Democrat pretending otherwise is grossly violating his or her obligation to serve the people of this country. We need to stop the violence, end the riots, keep people safe, and call out Antifa members for the terrorists they are,” Cruz continued.

    Earlier in the week Senator Cruz also laid into Antifa “Let’s be clear, these Antifa protesters that are organizing these acts of terror, among other things, they are behaving in a profoundly racist manner.”

  17. Why are the protesters still protesting if the cops have already been arrested and charged? And what exactly is Trump supposed to do about this? Trump doesn’t control the police.
    A better question is, if the democrat mayors and governors can’t even quell riots in their own states why the hell would you put democrats in charge of the whole country?

  18. It would so nice if those folks that are doing the rioting would be man or woman enough to say so. We also know that antifa stands for anti conservative not anti fascist.

  19. Democrats use black people the same way they did in the old days on the plantation.
    Democrats used to be slave owners but now they play plantation politics.
    Democrats are the real racists, and always have been.

  20. Once again, Ted Cruz “shoots, and scores”. He reveals the importance Democrats place on black people–votes, not people to protect and represent. Probably many black people who are business owners have left the Democrat plantation, realizing that Democrats will take from them, not do anything for them. Their business have just become revenue sources for Democrat vote buying from others, when Democrats are in power.

  21. Julion Richard Loredo – seeing your thoughts gives plenty of thought to the idea that abortion is a fantastic idea. Perhaps if your mother………

  22. Black Lives do matter to democrats, as long as they are not, of course, police officers,
    veterans, business owners, or Republicans. Sponsorship of Terrorism around the world,
    from Iranian Terrorism by current Dem Congresswomen, to Pres Barack Obama, to the domestic radical terror group Black Lives Matter has been a staple of the Democratic party.

  23. What did Biden say, 12 to 15% of people aren’t any good. He’s right, him & Julio are on the list of parasites…One thing about Demorats, their all phonies…

  24. Are there racist in America ? Yes, but not all of America is raceist. There are racist all over the world, are they the majority, no. Only the USA stands out because of our majority of Citizens who are judged by losers who are trying to undermine our Demoracy. All lives matter. The so called protesters are nothing more than dumb sheep being led to slaughter, the violent and looters are criminals and should be tried as such.

  25. Vickie I proudly support Trump. Go ahead and be an idiot. He’s going to win. And retard joe will be sitting in a rest home pretending it’s the White House. Sorry bimbo. Your guy isn’t going to make it.


  27. You people are stupid thinking Trump should be president. He is a psychopath and narcissist. Look up the definition. He is always thinking he knows best about every thing. Pathetic.

  28. Since Biden loves the antifa rioters, someone give them Bidens address and Pelosi, schumers,obamas,Hillary’s and let them see what if feels like being have your house VANDALIZED. TEACH THEM A LESSON. KEEP ON HAULING THESE LOOTERS OUT OF JAIL HOPE THEY DO YOUR HOMES.

  29. What the Trump campaign needs to do is continue to play that video where Biden is speaking, and he brags about threatening to withhold support from Ukraine (and only giving them 6 hours to make up their mind) unless they fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s company – Burisma. And replay over and over again Senator Kamalla Harris holding Biden responsible for supporting forced busing when she was badly affected by it as a child. And then there are all the gaffs.

  30. Nothing is being said about the many cops that been shot, beaten, knifed and run down by trucks! Don’t their life’s matter?? I’m sure they do to their families. One officer has died. Not a word about them…. Disgraceful

  31. Julio your mother insulted herself when she squatted and squeezed you out of her butthole

  32. Democrats are all worthless idiots and should all be thrown out of the government, they are all anti Americans and communist anyone who votes for them are total idiots!

  33. It’s no longer a protest against dirty cops killing a man unnecessarily. It’s about getting Trump. A Rasmussen poll out today shows 40% support for Trump amoug black voters. And that will increase. The commiecrats are using the same dirty tactics that they used to keep African Americans on the plantation for several years. But they are figuring it out. The commiecrat ran states and cities still have ghettos and poverty. Deplorable commiecrats only fatten their bank accounts and no one else.

  34. The lefty dems won’t even denounce the rioters. They love all this so they can try to fear monger the vulnerable to vote for them. Still have not heard ‘their’ solution. Only anti-Trump rhetoric.

  35. Joe Biden is a formally founded disgraceful movement that lets’s it’s staffers to say what they want said it does not matter to us, the american people shame on them for abusing this long time rep to their hateful ways.

  36. julio richard laredo, it is called being a grown-up in the room and Doing what is best for the country not yourself! I have respect for Ted Cruz because of this!

  37. What am I missing here, democrat govenors, democrat mayor who hires a democrat police chief who gets to pick his officers and the people are saying it is TRUMPS fault? The people are rioting in the streets protesting DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CITIES AND STATES?? THEY ARE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED…

  38. Every democrat I hear is blaming the riots on neo Nazis, and white supremacists.
    Like Nazis, and supremacists would be protesting a black man getting killed by a cop?
    Of course its a silly lie. We all know the rioters are BLM, and ANTIFA opperatives.
    Democrats are just not capable of being honest about anything ever.

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