Ted Cruz filmed one video that Joe Biden doesn’t want anyone to see

Joe Biden’s administration has gotten off to one of the worst starts that Americans can remember.

The situation is even more dire than anyone could imagine.

And Ted Cruz filmed one video that Joe Biden doesn’t want anyone to see.

Senator Cruz led a group of Republicans to tour the southern border so they could see first-hand the crisis that Joe Biden’s open border policies have created.

Cruz toured a detention facility that filled to 1,500% capacity as record numbers of illegal aliens and their children surged the border in response to Biden’s policies and rhetoric.

The Texas Senator tried to document how the Biden administration jammed illegal alien children in pens by filming the appalling scene.

While Cruz tried to perform his oversight duties, a Biden staffer repeatedly tried to block a United States Senator from informing the American people what their government was doing in their name.

The Biden administration imposed a complete media blackout on the conditions of the illegal alien detention facilities.

Administration officials also banned border patrol agents from speaking to the press to prevent those on the front lines from sharing the horror stories of Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Ted Cruz tried to shine some sunlight on the Biden administration’s fiasco at the border.

And the administration is so terrified of the American people learning the truth that an official physically tried to block Ted Cruz from documenting it on film.

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