Ted Cruz hit Democrats with an impeachment reality check that is really bad news

Democrats are staging a power play to hijack a Senate impeachment trial.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer believe this is their best chance to remove Donald Trump from office.

But Ted Cruz hit Democrats with an impeachment reality check that is really bad news.

Nancy Pelosi refused to send articles of impeachment to the Senate to try and bully Republicans into letting Democrats run the impeachment trial.

Senate Democrats are demanding Republicans agree to testimony from witnesses such as former national security advisor John Bolton and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney even though House Democrats refused to push for their testimony.

Republicans have countered that the President is entitled to call his own witnesses as a matter of fairness.

Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures and said alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella and Hunter Biden should testify if that is what the President wants.

Cruz said, “If the president wants to call Hunter Biden, if the president wants to call the whistleblower, due process mandates we allow the president to present his case. We should do so. That is the question for the president and legal team.”

Democrats claim they want a “fair” impeachment trial.

That is a lie.

Democrats want the same rigged process in the Senate that Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler used to steamroll articles of impeachment through the House of Representatives.

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  2. All those Republicans who were candidates ought to be up in arms,,so to speak, as kindreds…don’t they yet realize if Any of Them had gotten into the office of President,,they would also have receiived the same harrassments, gossiping lies, out n out commie tactics to hang them too..?

  3. I pray when all this scam impeachment is over that the likes of Pelosi?SCHIFF and chuck Schumer and all others that have done this to a great president can be sent to prison foe for obstruction of justice.

  4. McConnell and staff should read and evaluate the “Articles of Impeachment” to see if they meet the Constitutional definitions for Impeachable Offenses, if not, dismiss all charges.
    Keep this investigation wide open to let the American people know what the democratic party attempted. Then let the American people make a decision by voting in the election.

  5. Totally agree we need term limits no more than 2 terms Amazing how they become millionaires with the salary they are given

  6. I believe there will be a rebellion , pre plans have been made to get as much of true American guns as possible, and we know who’s behind it ! Demorats

  7. Term limits are the answer. People like Pelosi would be long gone. Careers should not be allowed for Congress men & women. Term limits – problem solved!!

  8. Pelosi has no real interest in controlling the Senate trial format. She wants to forestall a Senate trial completely. This way she can claim that Trump was impeached and that he was never found innocent in a trial. She knows that Trump will win in the Republican Senate. The idea of a “fair” Senate proceeding is a red herring. It is a misdirection, an excuse to serve Pelosi’s ends of avoiding a Senate trial completely.

  9. sewnate needs to run the trial the way the dim-o-craps did. if they dont like what someone is saying, cut their mic, thats what they did. never give in to those snowflake libturds.

  10. I agree with this. Schumer expecting Republicans to call Democrats, when they should have done their job. That they did not have time is obviously another lie. I say follow the rules Mitch is suggesting or the Republicans will follow the rules, that Schiff’s Schiff used.

  11. Anthony lukatella us people who know how to act and are not sociopaths shouldn’t have to give up are guns because they are brain dead ass####’# out their who kill people.

  12. Nobody needs to armed accept law enforcement. The reason we have so much gun violence is because there are guns everywhere. Even the police are afraid to go into certain neighborhoods because th there’s so many people carrying guns. Its really a shame there are so many braindead people walking around like you.

  13. People! The senate needs to do something now! The situation in Virginia needs the federal Government to do something or we are going to see war break out in virginia between a Nazi Govenor instigating insurrection by taking guns.
    What do they do. Change the Senate rules. Take impeachment out by doing what they should. Give Trump the authority to arrest the Virginia Nazi Governor for sedition to overthrow the constitutional rights of the people.



  16. Spot on! It is only about getting what they want, getting President Trump out of office (just like former FBI official Lisa Page said: “This man cannot be President!”)

  17. Agreed! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should send the Articles of Impeachment over to the US Senate for the “trial.” If she stalls here she receive one notice, having so many days to do so or else THAT’S IT! Null and void thereafter!
    Same as the Year 2000 Florida Vote Recount! (Florida Election Laws permitted seven days, all they have in order to get the count correct and certified.)

  18. Excellent line that you have submitted here, thst about it being easier in obtaining forgiveness than in seeking permission. I likes it! Thank you!
    Also, it is kind of explains the tactic that many politicians, with nefarious intentions, tend to operate so advance themselves or their agendas.

  19. The Democrats had their chance , now they want to control the Senate on how to vote ; that’s why we have parties let them do their job Miss Pelosi , blackmail is aginst the law look it up . You could be held in comtempt of Congress with your stand or they could just hold their trial without the Houses input, how would like that?

  20. You’re right, but the DEMs want to set a precedence for themselves. It’s on the same line of logic as “It’s much easier to obtain forgiveness than permission”. I would like to see the Senate give the House 10 days to forward the Articles of Impeachment or else they will be deemed null and void. This witch hunt has been going on too long already. Enough is enough.

  21. Yes Mary you’re right, Nancy is a drunk and not fit for office, just like Trump said, third rate politician. She’s not sleeping ? well right now, she’s really worried about the Senate trial with the minion of Ken Starr going to be sitting in the big chair(John Roberts). Conservatives #1. Demorats# 0.

  22. If she holds the articles of Impeachment, then it should be a done deal, and called off, with Trump being exonerated, because of lack of first hand evidence. Let the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot.

  23. Rudy Giuliani is the KEY witness, with many signed affidavits which is enough firepower (hyperbole my emphasis) to convict Joe Biden, in a court of law for six counts of money laundering in Ukraine, and corruption on both sides of the aisle. Giuliani got rid of the Mafia in NYC. He’s a bad azz dude, and the DNC is scared spotless of his findings, his witnesses, and his testimony. He may be holding the information, so the AG can act on what he has found, and the witnesses who have given testimony. This is way bigger than Watergate, and White Water. The corruption in the DNC is extant, and has been for years. This is why terms limits should be mandatory, and why career politicians should not exist.

  24. Linda just because they try does not mean they are going to go any where but away because you must have grounds and they have none.

  25. Pelois is not in charge of the Senate that was done so that there would be balance. She either sends the articular s or there is no impeachment either way impeachment is not based on facts and she knows it. I think she thinks she is President and running this country. She is a drunk that needs to be removed from office and soon. 2020 is here and time for the House to go back to the Republicans.

  26. The Dems will not win an argument by doubling down on stupid.
    On their home court ( as during the Obama years) anything and everything they said or did was gospel.
    Now that they must do a reality check, it’s driving them nuts.
    Please vote them out, I cannot take another four more years of this.
    If I hear them invoke national security one more time I’ll puke.
    When they subvert the commander in chief’s authority, they weaken the US influence on the global stage. Reminds me. Why hasn’t John Kerry been charged with violating the Logan Act?

  27. The democrats have no allegiance to the Constitution, this Republic, are the American public. Their platform is impeachment, obstruction, and Marxism. They, and the MSM as their mouth peice, are displaying their platform in everything they say and do.

  28. PJ you are right. The jews in New York needs to be armed. Unfortunately they live in NYC. That’s a commie city existing in America. The laws there demand good cause to get a gun permit. Being in danger of violence isn’t good enough according to the leadership in government. But the people there could change that.

  29. yea dems blowing smoke up everyone arse to gain our vote what lies they apply,but that will never happen, we all know dems are nothing but lies, spending our tax dollar instead of making this country better for everyone and safe!

  30. Vasu says his book is democratic-fascist-commie SPIN. THE ONLY WAY HE CAN SPIN IT!
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter. Read it “Vasu” for the French Reign of Terror & other Leftist-liberal “heritage.”

  31. DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter. Read it “Vasu” for the French Reign of Terror & other Leftist-liberal “heritage.”

  32. The concept of a fair trial is supposed to protect the defendant from exactly the type of crap the demo-rats pulled in the House and now want to pull in the Senate. Someone needs to tell those clown shoes that it’s supposed to be fair for both sides, not just for the prosecution. Oh, wait a minute I think I just did.

  33. VASU is a mouth piece for the DNC. He comes onto all these “posts” (for lack of a better word) and spews DNC talking points, word for word. I would love to know exactly who VASU is and I expect to find he is very involved with DNC.

    Another MAJOR issue. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…..get on TWITTER and find Ben Shapiro. See the disgusting violent attacks against Jews in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. These violent criminal acts against Jews ARE NOT being reported by the media and you will find incredibly shocking and repulsive. This is the reason why the 2nd amendment must NEVER be dissolved. The Jews in Brooklyn must arm themselves and be prepared to use those arms against attackers. Also, note who the attackers are. I will not say it here, but you MUST see this. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!

    We are seeing a new wave of anti-Semitism and it is sponsored by the liberal left. The “SQUAD” is promoting this with their anti-Semitic rhetoric and behavior, as is the entire liberal far left. Notice I did not say the DNC, as a whole, because I have no doubt that many Democrats, moderates and not so far left, would find this violence as abhorrent as any sane person should.

  34. The democrats are never going to abandon the pursuit of impeachment of President Trump. The republicans handlings of this impeachment trial is critical we need to come out of this with the President still standing tall and exposing the democrats for the scum they are and how the democrats have tried to subvert the Constitution.


  36. Do u even watch passed his first sentence? He said it was his assumption. That does hold up on court my friend.

  37. I am so tired of the Dumbcrats…and the liberal media. They started crying impeach as soon as Trump was elected – the Russia thing failed and they kept up thier silliness and are now trying to find a way out. Pelosi is the one who should be impeached- everyone should see the video of her in a Democrat trading session where she instructed them to make up lies , tell it to the press and they will believe it.

  38. I did not say Sondland said there was a quid pro quo you did not read my full comment. Sondland testimony totally clears Trump with no doubt.

  39. Vasu -sounds like you never took a course in government & the constitution is school. Don’t think these career democrat politicians ever did either. I think your just made because Trump won.

  40. In the meantime, the Democraps are going to squeeze every ounce of juice out of the berries trying to get something. They love burning up our tax dollars for their pockets.

  41. I watched the testimonies and I listened very closely to his testimony. Never said much less had any proof of any quid pro quo! You really need to change the batteries in your hearing aids or dump the far left media you used for your ridiculous statements! Get a life and face the facts that the Dems, along with the non- whistle blower/whistle blower, and the corrupted media, (get ready for it) LIED.

  42. No Dan – they will find or make up something else as another charge for impeachment. They are like little kids who can’t wake up and see what is really truth.

  43. I watched the testimonies and I listened very closely to his testimony. Never said much less had any proof of any quid pro quo! You really need to change the batteries in your hearing aids or dump the far left media you used for your ridiculous statements! Get a life and face the facts that the Dems, along with the non- whistle blower/whistle blower, and the corrupted media, (get ready for it) LIED.

  44. Watch your back Mr.President! If that rhino Ted Cruz is making noise he will most likely politically stab you in the back!!

  45. I can only guess that you must have gotten your listening degree in some foreign country. Sondland never said there was Quid Pro Quo I watched the impeachment hearings and he said there was never a quid pro quo from the President. The President held back aid until it could be shown that the money was going to go for what the US sent it for because of all the corruption in the Ukraine. Once it was shown to President Trump that the new ruler of the Ukraine was trying to do right the money was released. At no time did Sondland say the Trump gave a Quid pro quo. You are getting Biden and Trump mixed up. Get your facts straight or shut up. Do you even belong here?

  46. You are referencing the rehearsed opening statement that Schiff instructed him on. The came out during questioning. Sondland stated that he assumed quid pro quo. He said the President told him that he wanted nothing. No quid pro quo. Tell Zalinski to do the right thing. Do what he campaigned on. And that’s what Trump has been doing.

  47. Yes Sondland did testify that he presumed there would be a quid pro quo and he also testified that when he asked President Trump what he wanted from the Ukrainian leader. Trump replies he wanted nothing said that twice and said for President Zelensky to do what he campaigned on. As Harvey would say now you know the rest of the story. Your talking point narrative just makes you look real foolish

  48. “Everyone was in on it…” Whenever someone (you) writes or says the word ‘everyone’ when referring to a comment, an idea, a belief, a lie (you), a fact, an opinion… get the idea, then the reference in question is absolutely false. For example the statement ‘everyone knows that global warming is caused by human beings’. See the idiocy?

  49. MJ, concerning VASU. Ignorant? perhaps, FOOL? definitely, Stupid most definitely. Being ignorant is correctable by getting educated on the matter at hand. Being a fool and stupid, on the other hand, is a life sentence and Vasu like the democrats you are both.

  50. Hey Vasu…..you are the typical Low IQ voter that can’t comprehend exactly what the truth is. The truth is that you are turd from the Democrap party. The manure party representing the human waste in all the states. Keep up the good work and you can become a real POS.

  51. Your probably right but this time it won’t work, while the media is still carrying water for the democ=rats the I-net is not and to bad for Pig-loosi that the whole impeachment farce was televised, and exposed her and the other losers for the sewer rats they are.

  52. And that same gutless wonder Sondland later said that there was not any quid pro quo, so how do you explain that? also even the President of the Ukraine stated that there was none and i think he would be a better judge that than some butt hurt bureaucrat.

  53. Utter NONSENSE AND LIES, and YOU know this Vasu Murti, for TRUTH means ZERO to you.
    The Dems did NOT allow Ukranian Pres nor Ukranian Ambassador to testify BOTH who were in on conversation w Trump, which Sondland WAS NOT. All you have is lying BS Toilet Tissue.
    Use is on your A_____ And flush it down the toilet, with the Pelosi House toilet
    Impeachment papers.

  54. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony on November 20 was explosive. He testified: (1) there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, (2) everyone was in on it, and (3) Sondland worked with Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani at the President’s behest.

    There is no other way to spin this. Donald Trump committed impeachable crimes, and must be removed from office. It is time for Republican senators to acknowledge this reality.

    In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned after a group of Republican senators (including Barry Goldwater) visited the White House and told him his support was crumbling. It is time for today’s Republican senators to do the same: they can no longer defend the indefensible.

    Our message to Senate Republicans:

    Gordon Sondland’s testimony has revealed there was a quid pro quo, everyone was in on it, and he worked with Rudy Giuliani at Trump’s behest. The President of the United States needs to be removed from office. For the good of the country, it is time for you to inform Donald Trump he can no longer count on support in the U.S. Senate.

  55. The DumbocRATS want a “FAIR SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRAIL” ONLY AS LONG AS THEY GET THE ANSWERS THEY WANT. To hell with being fair and legal.

  56. Pelosi is playing her get out of trouble card. If she holds the articles for impeachment back, forcing the Senate to dismiss the case, she can maintain that she withheld the articles in order to ensure a fair trial from the Senate. In truth; she and her clan wants to conduct the Democrat partisan sham they thought they got away with in the house in a Senate trial. If she forces the Senate to dismiss, it releases her from the wrath of her constituents because she did not succeed in removing Trump from office, but was prevented in doing so by the Senate who would not cave to her demands – doing what the Democrats always do, blame it on someone else.

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