Ted Cruz just exposed socialist Bernie Sanders’ latest scheme

The Democrat Party’s mantra on taxes is all too familiar.

“Tax the rich.” Make them pay their “fair share.”

But Senator Ted Cruz just showed everyone what it would really mean for taxpayers.

Appearing at CNN’s “town hall” debate on tax reform, Cruz said when Bernie Sanders says “the rich” he actually means “the taxpayer.”

“Democrats have one talking point on taxes,” Cruz said. “It’s a tax cut for the rich. And they say it over and over again in response to everything. The most important thing for you to know when you’re at home is when they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say ‘rich’ they mean taxpayer.

Why is it? Because there aren’t enough of them.

When Bernie ran for president, he rolled out a tax plan. His tax plan was a massive tax increase. If you took every single person in America making over a million dollars, and you taxed them 100% of their income, you took every penny they earned — you came in in jackboots and confiscated it — it would pay eight percent of the cost of Bernie’s tax plan. You know where they get their money? They get it from you, they get it from the middle class.
This isn’t about taxing “the rich,” the Democrats want to tax the middle class.

He went on to quote Sanders in his final debate with Hillary Clinton, saying that under his tax plan, everyone would pay more.

Bernie tried to interject, and that’s when Ted hit him with a zinger:

“There aren’t enough millionaires and billionaires in the country to pay for all the socialism that Bernie and the Democrats want to give away.”

Watch the exchange below:

The simple truth of it is, the Democrat Party has become indistinguishable from the socialism of Bernie Sanders.

And at the heart of their philosophy on government is the belief that they can spend your money and run your life from cradle to grave better than you can.

What are your thoughts about the Democrats’ “raise taxes on everyone” extremism?

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  1. During the campaign hillary stood on stage, telling those people taxes are going up on the middle class, and all those stupid people stood there a clapped their hands, insane.


  3. To continue to finance programs that go far beyond governments ability to pay has a very unpleasant result. Republicans have been guilty of complicity in not reversing that trend. Bernie’s dream-world plan would have only hastened what is going to occur anyway if extensive cuts are not made to reduce our debt.

  4. theyre trying to get bernie involved in the chicago politics now they are shuffling the mexican candidates around so one will take over

  5. Bernie is old and does not really know what he is saying ! he is saying that all people making a very good income should pay more taxes , sounds good ? no Bernie you make a good income and remember you will pay more taxes too . however you most likely will not you have an expense account paid for by us the people you want to have a higher tax on

    • Folks for those of you who missed it . . . the TOP 10% of income earners pay a WHOPPING EIGHTY PERCENT of the total tax . . . 80% if you doubt me go to the IRS website and read it for yourselves FYI . . . talking heads also mentioned this fact debating the tax cut and not a single lib weenie challenged the statistic. You know if it weren’t true they would have been all over it.

  6. Ted Cruz beware. The democrappers and Bernie followers are ready to call you a racist because you just totally shut down their “free college” bullshit. They can’t refute the Ted Cruz claim of “tax the rich”. So therefore Cruz is a racist.

  7. Bernie and the democrat leadership don’t give a damn about the middle class or anyone but else but themselves. They will say anything to get a vote. Only greedy or ignorant people vote democrat. Sorry.

  8. I live in NH and have a democrat for a rep and both Senators are democrats. All three of them have ridiculed the GOP tax plan saying it hurts the middle class. I have sent all of them e-mails asking what THEIR tax plan is and how will it be beneficial to the middle class. I have received crickets in response. They plan to keep taxing the middle class all while playing their tired old game of class warfare. Today, my company was notified that our insurance plans are going up another $300 per month for the family plan starting in January. As it stands, each person who has this plan already pays $1000 a month out of pocket for coverage. With the added increase, they’ll now be paying almost $16,000 for coverage, not including the amount the company covers for them. There’s also a $4000 annual deductible. The democrats don’t give a damn about the middle class. Ted Cruz is spot on when he says they’re taxing us to death just so they can use this money for their core constituency, the non-working class and the illegal invaders. How’s that Obamacare working out for us?!

  9. You can always tell when Bernie is sitting down writing out his tax plans, he is smothering his brain with all that weight. This communist will help the Kremlin to smother these United States

  10. Yes, Bernie wants the taxpayers to support all the lazy, non-working welfare folks who have grown accustomed to that life style under the Obama Administration. Too bad he doesn’t understand that us average Joes don’t appreciate that he uses his campaign funds to drive a fancy sports car. Is that legal? I guess that it doesn’t matter to a politician.

  11. Like I have been saying is the dems are not working for the people. They are working for themselves. They have just about drained social security and it is our money. We paid into social security not them, so what gives them the right to take our money. They need to pay , into social security, get the same insurance we have and only serve 4 years. No they don’t need all that money they call retirement. I am so tired of being screwed by the government.

  12. Look at the national debt, under the last administration our debt increased by ten trillion dollars. I would ask young people that through the rich could pay for it, and were do they the get the money after that’s gone? No answer: still waiting.

  13. All the koolaid drinkers heard Bernie say was free stuff.. but what he didn’t say was a 90% tax on everyone working.. so that’s how he got the college students, they herd free college.. hmm they just saved t0 to 100 thousand dollars.. but they didn’t think far enough ahead to when they hit the workforce.. MAGA thank you Mr. CRUZ

    • My brother in law lives in France – their free stuff cost them a 40% tax rate – he is a printer with 30+ years experience – a master printer doing high quality advertisement work and can barely make $400.00 a week. Take away the damned 40$ and he can bring home $240.00 a week. Lucky for him he has also been in the same house all those years and had paid off his mortgage. These people who ONLY hear free have most likely never worked for anything – if they had they would no most of the time you probably cannot afford something that’s “free”.

  14. Vote out all the libs, dems and rinos in 2018 and 2020. Lets get back to americans running this country. The goverment works for the people not the other way around. Drain the swamp.M.A.G.A.

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