Ted Cruz lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this terrible tragedy

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a disaster for the country.

One major failure is creating almost unimaginable suffering.

And Ted Cruz lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this terrible tragedy.

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda is a magnet for drawing illegal aliens into the country.

He rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens by promising them everything under the sun if they can make it across the border.

This helped spark the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

While Biden claims to care about the plight of illegal aliens, he’s created unimaginable suffering for them.

The border crisis is now a full-blown human catastrophe.

The globalists at the United Nations named the border between Mexico and the United States “the deadliest land crossing in the world.”

Illegal aliens risk sexual abuse, death, or being sold into slavery when trying to cross the border.

Ted Cruz said that Biden’s open borders agenda is causing “modern-day human slavery” during an appearance on Fox Business.

“It is a humanitarian disaster,” Cruz said.

“There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of children who are being physically assaulted and sexually assaulted by human traffickers,” he continued.

“There are thousands upon thousands of women who are being violently raped by human traffickers.”

Illegal aliens often try to make the dangerous journey with the help of human smugglers linked to the violent Mexican drug cartels.

“If you go down to south Texas and you meet farmers and ranchers, they’ll show you picture after picture of dead bodies they find on their property day after day after day where the traffickers abandon people to die,” Cruz explained.

The country set a grim milestone after the Border Patrol reported a record two-million encounters with illegal aliens at the border.

That is double the number of illegal encounters from January of 2021, when Biden first occupied the White House.

“It is not humane. It is not compassionate, it’s not a response to our needs of unemployment,” he continued. “This is modern-day human slavery. It is horrific and it is wrong and Joe Biden and the administration know and they simply do not care. They are the cause of this misery.”

Biden’s open borders agenda is empowering the Mexican drug cartels and human smugglers inflicting suffering on the illegal aliens he claims to care about.

Previously, Cruz released a video to draw attention to the suffering caused by Biden’s radical policies.

“The teenage boys work for the gangs in every city in America. And the teenage girls experience much worse than that, with far too many of them human-trafficked into sex slavery,” Cruz said in the video. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in America since the Civil War.”

Joe Biden’s fanatical commitment to open borders is creating a terrible tragedy on both sides of the border.

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