Ted Cruz lowered the boom on Joe Biden with this devastating reality check

Joe Biden is completely disregarding the law to advance his radical agenda.

One lawless move is drawing fire from conservatives.

And Ted Cruz lowered the boom on Joe Biden with this devastating reality check.

President Joe Biden created the worst border crisis in the history of the country.

A literal invasion of illegal aliens is pouring across the wide-open southern border.

Biden set a grim milestone when the Border Patrol reported they encountered a record 2.1 million illegal aliens at the southern border for the current Fiscal Year, with countless others slipping in undetected.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) represents one of the states being overwhelmed by the chaos caused by the Biden border crisis.

Cruz told Fox News host Jesse Watters that “Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn” about the catastrophe unfolding at the border.

“Look, I know that Democrats have one card in their entire deck, and it’s the race card. They scream racist, racist, racist,” Cruz said.

Democrats screamed racist at Donald Trump until they were blue in the face because the former President actually enforced the country’s immigration laws.

“But you know what, President Obama, you know what, President Biden? You know what’s racist?” Cruz asked. “When Joe Biden sits by and lets four-and-a-half million people cross into this country illegally and he doesn’t care.”

According to Border Patrol figures, more than 4.5 million illegal aliens from over 150 countries have entered the country since Joe Biden occupied the White House.
“You know what’s racist?” Cruz continued. “When Joe Biden can’t be bothered to go down to the border and see the little girls and little boys being sexually assaulted by international cartels.”

Mexican drug cartels are sexual assaulting and trafficking illegal aliens who they smuggle into the country, creating a human catastrophe on both sides of the border.

“You know what’s racist?” Cruz said. “When Joe Biden doesn’t care about the Hispanic women being raped by the cartels. You know what’s racist? When Biden doesn’t care about the dead bodies that the cartels leave on Texas farms and ranches across the southern border.”

“You know what’s racist?” Cruz exclaimed. “That Biden will do nothing to stop the 100,000 fentanyl overdoses that happened last year.”

After Mexican drug cartels flooded the country with the deadly drug fentanyl, it is now the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-45.

Cruz slammed Massachusetts for quickly deporting the illegal aliens that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dumped off on the wealthy resort island of Martha’s Vineyard.

“’Send them to South Texas, they can deal with it.’ That is grotesque, it’s offensive, and even to this day Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn,” Cruz said.

After Martha’s Vineyard deported their illegal aliens within 24 hours to a military base, Cruz wondered why Texas couldn’t do the same.

“Can we send them back?” Cruz asked. “Oh, no, no, no, that’s just for rich billionaire leftists who the only time they’re willing to see an immigrant is if they want someone to mow their damn lawn.”

Joe Biden’s fanatical commitment to open borders is creating an unprecedented catastrophe for the country.

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