Ted Cruz made one bold move that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage

Joe Biden is always scheming to put America Last.

He’s trying to give the farm away to the country’s enemies.

And Ted Cruz made one bold move that sent Joe Biden into a fit of rage.

Soaring gas prices were a five-alarm fire for President Joe Biden before the Midterm elections.

After declaring war on American energy production, gas prices jumped to record highs.

In a bid to lower prices before the Midterm elections, Biden dumped nearly 200 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Although the SPR is meant to sustain the country’s oil supply in the event of a crisis, Biden used it to try and save his political Party.

Biden said the release of oil from the SPR was meant to help drivers who were being crushed under the weight of the high gas prices he unleashed on the country.

The Biden regime sent 900,000 barrels of oil from the SPR to the Communist Chinese-owned company Sinopec.

BHR Partners, a private equity firm partially owned by Hunter Biden, bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec.

Chinese business records indicate that Hunter Biden still owns a 10% stake in the firm through a shell company.

Joe Biden sold the country out to give American oil to China and potentially enrich Hunter while drivers were feeling unprecedented pain at the pumps.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) is putting his foot down with a bill that would ban selling oil from the SPR to China.

The Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act passed the House by an overwhelming margin of 331-97, which saw 113 Democrats vote for Cruz’s bill.

Even a majority of Democrats in the House realize that Biden’s decision to sell oil to China is pure insanity.

Cruz torched the Biden regime for his America Last betrayal in a statement.

“The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was intended to ensure that America had sufficient oil,” Cruz said. “Instead, Joe Biden sold oil to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) when the CCP was stockpiling oil for its own strategic use, and while Americans are paying higher and higher prices for fuel because of the Biden administration’s disastrous energy policies.”

The SPR is at its lowest level since 1986 in part because of Biden’s reckless giveaway to the Chinese.

“We need to immediately act to stop this from happening in the future and unleash American energy,” Cruz concluded.

Joe Biden is willing to leave Americans high and dry while he caters to the needs of Communist China.

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