Ted Cruz made one prediction that left Alejandro Mayorkas trembling in fear

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is in the hot seat.

His lawless actions are in the crosshairs of Congressional Republicans.

And Ted Cruz made one prediction that left Alejandro Mayorkas trembling in fear.

President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have allowed the southern border to remain wide open.

The border crisis is spiraling out of control, as Border Patrol agents have encountered more than 200,000 illegal aliens at the southern border for ten consecutive months.

In less than a year, a horde of illegal aliens bigger than the size of Chicago entered the country with countless more slipping in undetected.

Mayorkas is flat-out refusing to do his job and secure the border.

The rogue Homeland Security Secretary is facing a potential impeachment from the new House Republican majority.

Pat Fallon (R-TX) filed three articles of impeachment against Mayorkas for his dereliction of duty on securing the border.

With a slim majority in the House, Republicans can’t afford to lose more than a handful of votes for Mayorkas to be impeached.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) made a prediction about Mayorkas’ fate on his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz.

Co-host Ben Ferguson asked, “Is there going to be any movement, you think early in this year, at least on the House side?”

“I believe the answer is yes,” Cruz responded. “I believe the House of Representatives will impeach Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Although Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has signaled his support for impeaching Mayorkas, several weak-kneed RINOs have spoken out against it.

Cruz predicted that it would occur in the first half of the year and said he would be shocked if it did not happen.

“We have never had a cabinet secretary so utterly refuse to do his job and in fact instruct his employees to actively defy federal law, to frustrate federal law,” Cruz explained.

While the border is a complete disaster, Mayorkas has repeatedly claimed that the border is secure and that Homeland Security has operational control of the situation.

“Federal immigration law requires that people here illegally be removed and deported,” Cruz said. “Instead, what Mayorkas has done is directed Homeland Security to facilitate and expedite people breaking the law.”

Cruz said that Mayorkas’ goal was to get as many illegal aliens into the country as efficiently as possible.

“His entire objective is to have even more people come here illegally,” Cruz explained. “He wants to make it even more efficient that when you cross illegally, Joe Biden’s travel agent will take you wherever you want to go and set you up.”

The lawless Homeland Security Secretary is spending his time actively avoiding his legal responsibility to secure the country’s borders.

If Mayorkas is impeached in the House, Cruz said that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) would try to “sweep it under the rug.”

Alejandro Mayorkas could be the second cabinet member impeached in American history because of his fanatical quest for open borders.

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