Ted Cruz obliterated this disgusting lie CNN told after the tragedy in Texas

Leftists believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

That is especially true after tragedies.

And Ted Cruz obliterated this disgusting lie CNN told after the tragedy in Texas.

A murderous 18-year-old madman killed 19 innocent children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

CNN and other corporate-controlled media outlets seized on the deaths of innocents to push their anti-gun agenda.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer spoke for many at CNN and in the corporate-controlled media when he demanded to know why the government wasn’t doing more to restrict Second Amendment rights.

“Every time there is an incident like this you hear about efforts to deal with mentally unstable people who can certainly go out there and buy a weapon of mass destruction, go out there and buy a gun or rifle or some sort of assault-type weapon, and go to there and eventually start killing wonderful, wonderful, people,” Blitzer declared.

Reporters swarmed Republicans at the U.S. Capitol to press them with the Left’s anti-gun talking points.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted the press and their allies in the Democrat Party for politicizing these tragedies to try and ram gun control through Congress.

Cruz then obliterated the lie that disarming law-abiding citizens would stop tragedies at school.

Instead, Cruz argued that the only proven solution to enhancing student safety is placing armed guards at schools.

Democrats and the media shy away from the gun debate under normal circumstances because they know the issue is a loser politically.

That’s why they lie and wait for tragedies to occur before launching full-court pressure campaigns to grab guns.

But Ted Cruz was willing to call out the Left for these shameful tactics.

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